Stay Focus With Your Budget Means Staying Focus With Your Life Matters.

We all know budget handling is not an easy subject to start. But If you are able to keep your foot on the pedal it is easy going forward. Always the first step is what we find difficult. If you start the vehicle and accelerate it then even cops can’t stop you. I must tell you with the understanding you gain in the middle of your budgeting journey you will never stop again within your entire life. Once a wise man said, “experience makes everything perfect, mix a bit of skill and see the magic”. So you also should have the experience first and once you find the taste of budgeting you will be an addict. As I said get familiar with numbers and you will find it easy to play with numbers.

Do You Think Budgeting Is Difficult? Shall We Discuss It A Bit?

Many folks I met think budgeting is a difficult task to consider in their lives. I should say there is no rocket science here. Simply you have to focus on your income, expenses, and savings. In other words, balance your debits and credits. One thing I understood by talking with such types is that they do not know their capacity to make things done. Some people are lazy and they do not have thoughts to enlighten their lives.

We should identify the problem first and then we can step to find a solution. So I decided to discuss the main things that affect people to reject budgeting. These may be some factors that act as resistors of smart budgeting. So let’s identify the enemy first and the rest is up to you.

Enemy #1. No time to think about budgeting and all.

A common enemy within mankind and this enemy can involve in every life matter without selection. Every life matter means this thought can definitely affect to start budgeting. If you have this thought you must get rid of that because No time excuse is not a good thing to have within you. You must find the time to do it. That is how it going to work.

You can use two hours at the beginning of the month to plan your budget for the upcoming month. Then use about 10 minutes each day to see what you have planned and also to see what has to be changed in your plans. The time duration I mentioned is more than enough to make your budgeting plans for the next month.

” I have no time” Is a common excuse within us. If we can keep a tiny full-stop mark on that then you win. We should find time to escalate our budgeting plans because it is a life matter. Budgeting can affect positively you. So find time to get to work.

Enemy #2. I do not Earn Much To Have Plans.

If you do not earn much then you should have a budget plan. Many folks forward this enemy within them as an excuse. I’m telling you If you start to follow budgeting then you will absorb positive energy to search for money. This could happen with the feeling that comes to when you balance your debits and credits for the next month. If your debts are more than your credits then your mind starts to think about what I can do to make my income a bit higher. Your search for plans like plan B and plan C of earning money.

So a budget plan actually works as a motivator to dig some money out of the hole. A wise man once said, ” Motivate yourself using every incident you face”. So get rid of this cheap excuse and get to work to see the light.

Enemy #3. I Earn More Why I Need Budgeting?

Are you rich? Are you rich enough to use your wealth to live your whole life luxury? Then the above excuse is valid for you. But If you are a person with money and do not have money for your whole life to spend then I recommend you to think about budgeting. If you are not Mr. Zuckerburg or Mr. Musk I think you have to follow some budgeting tips.

Suppose you are getting old and you do not have any savings planned using a budget plan, what to do. Depending on children is a thing we can do. But what if they neglect us in our old ages. So If we can have something I say anything to rely on then that would be great. So plan your budget by thinking about these facts too. So I think If you are a rich one then you also must have a budgeting plan.

How About Some Tips To Handle Your Budget.

I bring you some tips because they may be helpful for you to plan your budget. Some ideas I have but you do not, Some you have but I don’t. So here I also like to remember my readers to use the comments section to share their ideas with us about budgeting. So let us see what are the tips.

01. Focus On Your Expenses.

You can say that we earn money to spend it. Yes, that is correct. But Is it appropriate to spend more money than we earn? No that is not correct. If your debits get higher than income then you have to aim at a loan to balance it. So depending on loans is not a good thing to do, you know that. I think you need to focus on your expenses first when you plan your budget. There are some common expenses we need to pay attention to.

  • House mortgage/ Rent.
  • Groceries and Food.
  • Insurance.
  • Gas/ Transportation.
  • Car payments.
  • Loans.
  • Credit Cards.
  • Gifts.
  • Savings.

Above are some common expenses which a person should attend. So try to focus on your expenses a bit more because expenses play an important role in budget planning.

02. Gather Your Family In The business.

I know most of you budgeting alone. I think it is not good work to do because If you have a family to feed you will make mistakes with your budget. There can be some other needs you do not remember but your wife or your family members are aware of. So taking their advice or ideas is the best thing to do. You should do it If you want to have accuracy in your plans. So you need to put the book on the table and gather all data to make an accurate budget plan.

If you have older kids consider their needs too. Because some times they also must-have expenses. It will be an issue in the middle of the month. So try gathering them too in planning your budget. If you are an individual you can take the help of your friend. So however you need to consider the people who can affect your monthly budget when you start budgeting.

03. Try to Start the month with Zero Counts.

Most specialists recommend continuing a monthly budget because most of you receive a monthly-based salary. It was identified not only because of the salary but also it can coincide with your loans/ mortgage/ rent/ car loans or insurance. So handle a monthly basis budget plan is the best way.

When you are getting ready for a monthly basis budget you need to start the calculate with zero. That means you need to settle all debits and if any remainings add them to savings within the previous month. Starting with zero will make it easy to make your calculations. The saved money will be helpful in an emergency.

04. Be flexible with your spendings.

I think you all know about being flexible. You should have the courage to reconsider your decisions. Suppose you have a plan to go on a trip to one place on your bucket list, But unfortunately, you had to spend the separate money for an emergency. So at that point, you should be mindful enough to give up or postpone your trip. This is called flexibility in budgeting.

Such situations should be balanced and adjusted using your mind. These steps can help you in managing your budget as you planned. So be flexible in handling the budget.

05. Give priority to paying debits.

Your debits should take into consideration before all other expenses. Debits such as mortgages, rent, car payments, credit cards loans should be considered at your first. It is a must because suppose you were unable to pay a compulsory debit then it can be dragged into the next month. Suppose because of an emergency you couldn’t pay it in the second month, If it was sent to the third month with the cumulative you will find it difficult to handle.

When you are able to clear all debits decided for the particular month you will also have some mental freedom. The relaxation can give you the time to think about other expenses.

So I strongly believe that budgeting is a good ladder to success.


If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.

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