Some financial experts have determined that extra earning is the way that you can avoid getting into a financially unstable situation in this upcoming Christmas. We have to reach the milestones quicker in order to avoid ending this year with debt. An extra income apart from our main source of income can provide you with a happy Christmas. If you are eligible to use your skills in a perfect manner, money digging is a simple matter to consider. Use your free time, use your skills and use your brain, you can reach your money goals without an extra effort.

Follow the most probable and most trending needs separated to each season, and there you will find the thing which you were searching for. See how you can serve people in each season and do what your mind says, it is confirmed that you will be able to dig some extra cash into your pocket. People won’t pay us without receiving any service and also, on the other hand, we should get paid for what we served. So try different and unique, you will find some extra happiness at the end.

If you wonder why we need extra money, let me explain some facts for you. Christmas is a month which we all love to spend with high pleasure. Christmas celebrations, Christmas foods, Christmas gifts, there are lots of things we need to consider in this lovely season. So don’t you need money to spend on these needs? Earlier we have discussed a Christmas budget plan. So to increase the credit amount which means to increase the amount which we can spend, we need an extra income this Christmas. Also, I have to mention here, according to statistics taken considering last year’s Christmas, 22% of U.S citizens enjoy the seasonal happiness knowing that they are going to end up with a debt at the end of the season.

So when we consider the above facts I think earning some extra bucks within this pre-Christmas week sounds goods for your financial health. We would like to introduce 09 serious ways of making some extra money this season. Try to follow at least one of them sometimes you will recognize that the second income is more valuable than the permanent income this Christmas.

The Best Ideas To Carry Out In Searching Some Extra Money.

01. Selling Christmas trees.

Christmas tree has a higher demand in this lovely season. Each and every house celebrates christmas, use a Christmas tree as a tradition. Per the records in 2020 32.8 million real christmas trees have been sold according to U.S statistics. So you can imagine how much profit you can follow by selling Christmas trees in this season.

Use fir, spruce, or pine trees to make some real Christmas trees because the real ones have the demand. If you fail to find real ones you can try selling artificial handmade items which can impress other people. There is a price range of 20$ to 100$ for a Christmas tree which can be varied with the size of the tree you use. So this can be considered as a good income generator in this season if you can involve in the business with a positive mind.

02. Wrapping gifts and selling gift wrapper products.

Christmas is a season that is filled with gifts and decorations. Most people show some interest in presenting impressive gifts to their loved ones. If you can learn the skill of wrapping a gift in an attractive way there you have the chance of collecting some extra cash in this Christmas season. This is absolutely free time work and you can do the wrapping works while you are at home after your job duties. In the meantime, you also can focus on selling the wrapping products like ribbons, colorful papers, stapler pins, and gum tapes.

Just keep a little margin of profit through this activity because people do not like to spend more money on such types of activities. Even your profit margin from a single sale is lower, you could possibly get the expected profit because the selling amount will be higher. This profit you can graph with your working capacity. The more you work, the more you will gain. So if you can wrap gift items for others this Christmas you will be able to accelerate your profit meter to gain an extra income.

03. Sell out christmas decorations.

People love Christmas decorations without age limits. Sometimes I think there is a competition between houses to show their decoration capacity to others. We can see the advantage of this situation and start to gain some extra cash in this season.

You can purchase some online products with a profit margin and try to sell those items to other people. I mentioned here as online because you can find these types of decoration items at a lower price from the online stores. You can start selling those items in your own place or even you can use your home yard for the purpose. Try to search for some trending products because they have a big sale considered to other usual decoration items. Try to use some marketing strategies like banners, posters, and leaflets to promote your business. But the promotions should be done inside a specific budget margin because you need to calculate the final profit without all expenditure.

If you will be able to reach a considerable customer base, exact profit is there for sure. This is a good income source in the Christmas season as well as in any other festival season.

04. Rent out your spare rooms.


We know most people like to travel in the upcoming vacation period. You can rent out your spare rooms to foreigners or even to people from far areas. If you reside in a crowded area or in a travel-based region it is quite easy to execute this plan. Try some marketing strategy like hanging a board in front of your house or even you can try some advertisements. This effort can be considered as a good income source evenly throughout the year if you can make it happen.

In here have to mention something about your safety. Always keep in mind to follow the security protocols when you let someone live in your spare rooms. Keep up a documentation procedure because we need to be more careful these days when we trust a second person. People are various in types and we should be aware of our personal security more than the money we receive. If you can follow the correct procedure then, this is a good income method to follow in this festival season.

05. Sell some food and sweets.


Food is an essential need for us. So selling some foods especially in this Christmas season can raise your monthly profit level. Sweets mean a well-selling product in this season, so try selling some sweets other than daily food items. Try this idea in your home yard or else you can try selling the foods in a food truck. Using a food truck can be worth some money but If you can use your home yard or garden for this task, the profit will be yours. This is a fine profit generator in a season like Christmas.

You should have some skills in cooking and baking. So you will be able to attract some more crowd to your place. Even if you are a housewife you can try this method really very easy because you know about food more than any other. The seasonal food business also can be considered as a considerable profit generator in a season like Christmas.

06. Babysitting and kids care.

This can be considered a good income source if you are interested. People use to be very busy this Christmas season while finding money and in extra works. What if you can help them a bit in this happy season. You get your money and profit. Al you have to do is babysit and look after the kids of those busy personals. Also should keep in your mind that you need to have the patience and kindness 100% to perform as a babysitter.

In this income scheme, your intention should not only be profitable but also you should take care of the kids properly taking it as a huge responsibility. If you are ready to take the challenge, this can be considered the most profitable extra money earner tip.

07. Selling your used items.

Do you know there are people who cannot afford a big volume of money in this christmas season? So selling used items can be a good sale as well as a good work to do in a season like Christmas. You can sell some of your used items such as clothes, electronics, home appliances, and kitchen appliances. You can use some marketing strategies in your home yard to sell such types of things. Sometimes you will get thoughts like below,

  • who will buy my junk ?
  • How I can rate these things to another person ?
  • Where I can store these things to sell ?

Just keep those things away from your mind and see how you can profit through this effort at the end of this season. Your price tag should be always reasonable to the buyer. It is pretty sure that you will be amazed at the result you gain through this income source.

08. Hire your spare vehicles.

This is a good earning method because in a season like Christmas people like to travel a lot. Sometimes it may be a picnic or else even it could be a relational visit, no matter what they only want a mode of transport. Use that opportunity to hire your spare vehicle or even if you like your own vehicle and make some money. Here you should be more aware of the defects of your vehicle just before and also after the guest journey. Try to manage the task well and you will see a clear income inside this effort.

09. Part-time working in a shop.

Most of the shops are getting busy with the beginning of the festival season. To avoid customer returns most of the shops hire temporary staff to continue the workflow. Grab this opportunity and earn some money. Sometimes it may be promotional tasks or else it can be a sales task, no matter what if you get paid you can start to work. These kinds of shops hire people to cover nighttime schedules. So if you are free and want to earn some bucks, use the opportunity and pick some money to enjoy this Christmas.

So as a money digger you can try any of the above ideas to involve in this cool Christmas. You will be able to increase the credit volume of your budget plan with these efforts. This may be really very helpful for you to end up this year without debts. So try something positive on this cool Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all.


If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.

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