What is a side hustle app? A small definition.

A side hustle app is more of a money-earning option. These apps can take you to the numbers which, are more than you earn through the permanent income. I think it is worth knowing these side hustle apps because we never know when an emergency can hit us. I thought of expressing my definition of side hustle apps as below.

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Side Hustle: If any person involves in an activity to make an alternative income method apart from the main income stream, it can be named a side hustle income. It is just not the same as a permanent income. That’s why I said,” Apart from the mainstream of income”. A side hustle could be a job, a part-time involvement, a hobby, or even extra money-making activity, whatever you like to do.

Apps: An App is computer software, or a program, most commonly a small specific one used on mobile devices. Mainly these have developed to serve, mobile phones and tabs. Somehow we can see some applications developed to use in desktop devices as well.

Well, I think you got the idea, of what type of advantage we can get from these apps. So simply, side hustle apps are mobile software, which we can use in making a secondary income. I think it is not hard to get.

Pros of using side hustle apps.

We are constantly speaking about the Pros of doing some activity, especially when it is related to our personal finance. It is more suitable to do an analysis on Pros because we can get an idea about the final beneficiary results of using side hustle apps.

  1. No need to manage any special schedule while you have the base in your hand. You can involve with our side hustle any time you want.
  2. Easy to swap using fingertips. Easy money indeed.
  3. Availability to use 2 or more apps within seconds of time. Obviously, multiple income sources.
  4. Instant additional advantages like cash backs, rewards, promotional offers, and shopping rewards.
  5. The spending on apps is worth it compared to the returned income it can give.
  6. Lower responding time to customers as you have the technology in your hand.

Cons of using side hustle apps.

  1. signs of a distraction if you use the side hustle apps at the same time when you are working on a permanent income.
  2. It could add to some additional stress more or less.
  3. Scams and fake side hustle apps can destroy your money as well as valuable time.

Above, are the pros and cons of using side hustle apps to make money. But you should know that it is worth using these apps considering the advantages they can give. So I have to tell you that, using side hustle apps is still a worthy medium for making some extra money.

19 Best, Legit and effective side hustle apps to make money in 2022.

  1. Fiverr.
  2. Upwork.
  3. Airbnb.
  4. Swagbucks.
  5. Free cash.
  6. eBay.
  7. Etsy.
  8. Inboxdollars.
  9. Uber or Lyft.
  10. Doordash.  
  11. Steady.
  12. Rover.
  13. Urbansitter.
  14. Postmates
  15. Foap.
  16. Robinhood.
  17. Taskrabbit
  18. Instacart
  19. Decluttr.

Above are mostly using side hustle apps we can see in 2022. We hope to discuss them one by one, so, you can have an idea about using them in making money.


Fiverr freelancing platform

Fiverr is an online platform developed especially to help freelance communities all around the world? We can see some services like software developing, graphic designing, writing, translating & transcribing, and audio services inside this platform.

If you have the skills, you can use this app as a side hustle app to generate some extra bucks.

How to use Fiverr in making money?. You will get the necessary knowledge by using this link. I have to say, Fiverr is one of the most helpful side hustle apps we can see in 2022.


Upwork freelancing platform.

If I say up wok is the same as Fiverr, I think I’m correct. Upwork is also a freelancing platform that has been energized with a proper mobile app. Upwork too has some common services like web development, graphic designing, audio & video editing, and writing. Another perfect one among side hustle apps.


Airbnb platform.

Do you like real estate. This is an app to use in making money for real estate lovers. Airbnb has launched to help the ones who like to rent their properties to another party. This is an app to connect tourists, travelers, and even people who shift from place to place with the rent parties.

No matter if you have a hotel, rent a house, rent rooms inside the house, or anything, you can just download this app and register to provide the service. An opportunity to make a serious amount of money. Airbnb is one of the best side hustle apps if you know how to use it.


Swagbucks survey for money platform.

Have you heard about the survey for money?. Well, if the answer is yes, you should know about Swagbucks for sure. A platform to fill surveys, play games and watch videos. These activities can give you some money back and the app has developed like that.

A small description of Swagbucks will give you the exact idea of how to use it in making money. Survey for money has been a popular topic for the last couple of years. Swagbucks play an important role in this category as a leader in the field. Swagbucks is another legit app among the side hustle apps.

Free cash.

Free cash
Free cash survey for money platform.

Yeah, this is also a survey for money platform, same as Swagbucks. Same as above filling out online survey forms, watching videos and playing games can provide you with the money you want. The money can regain as cash backs, cash or promotional rewards, and as gift vouchers.

A small description of Free cash will give you the exact idea of how to use free cash in making money. If anyone here searching for a secondary income, can recommend free cash as a legit, and also entertaining side hustle app to use.



I know you must have heard of eBay. If you know how to do an online purchase, then you must have heard of eBay, because eBay is a leader in the online shopping world. Well, you must know, if an item is to sell, there must be a seller, right. Here I’m talking about playing the role of a seller.

By using eBay, you have the opportunity to sell your products to a big volume of customers. If you want to make more money, this is a real opportunity. eBay also can consider a legit and effective one of side hustle app to use.



I think you have an idea about being an Etsy seller. Etsy is a commercial platform that allows you to sell many items to make money. Hence, Etsy also can be named as a legit and effective side hustle app to make money.



Inboxdollars is another app that pays you for the activities like taking surveys, playing games, and watching videos. They are eligible to pay you real cash for the activities I mentioned above.

Inboxdollars is also a legit app to use, if anyone has the idea you can proceed to make some extra dollars using Inboxdollars. Well, I have to tell you, Inboxdollars is also a fine one of the side hustle apps to use in 2022.

Uber or Lyft.


These are apps related to transport. Do you have your own vehicle to hire or to go to the office, If yes, this could be an interesting thing to do? Register in the app to get eligibility to transport passengers.

I recommend this as a good side hustle because you have the opportunity to give rideshare to people while going to the office or else while going back home. Try this, you will find it more interesting than any above.



Doordash is a perfect food delivery service with a well-developed app. This is also a better side hustle because you can do it after office hours or before. You need to register the app to take orders and get them from the named restaurants.

Here, no need to own a hotel or restaurant. But If you have a place like that, I think this is a better step to enhance your business volume. So Doordash is also a legit and effective side hustle app to make an extra income.


Steady app
Steady app

Steady a  is a different experience than all above. You have the chance to register this app and then look through it to take the opportunity for a side hustle. Steady is free to use.

Use this app to make money by having a side hustle more suitable for your skills. Actually, this can also use to find a new permanent income that matches your skills.



Are you a dog lover?. If yes, Rover is a place suitable for you. Especially this can do if you have free time. Pet sitting, is one of the most entertaining activities to do. Rover is a place if you have the free time to look after a dog.

It is just nice, looking after a pet dog and earning money. Especially, if you are not a dog person, think twice about this activity. Rover is also one of the best side hustle apps if you are interested.



Babysitting, If you love it, here is the place. UrbanSitter will give you the opportunity to connect with the ones who are in need of looking after their children. Register the app to find job places, if you do have free time involved.

Be careful with this activity, I have mentioned it earlier too. If you are willing to take this it means you are going to become the guardian of a small child. So a big responsibility. Do it right, you will have the money which you need.



If you are ready to get paid for a food delivery service, Postmates can give you the opportunity. Postmates will provide you the space to make your own gig profile as a food delivery person.

This app is for you if you have a ride to deliver food. It is fine if you can be involved with it after working hours. Use Postmates so you can earn some extra money without huge effort



Taskrabbit is a cute place to get started. You will get paid for your activities like assembling furniture, moving boxes, planting flowers, and cleaning.



We love to post our photos and videos on social media. What if I say, you can earn money selling those photos and videos. Yes, Foap is a place to sell your own photos and videos.

What about the profits?. well, the app and you can have 50/50 from the sales done via the app. It is also nice right?. If you are interested Foap too a better side hustle app to make some extra money.



Investing is fun, Robinhood is such a place to start your investing career as an individual. You can involve in crypto investing and stock investing as well.

I suggest investing is more effective than doing other work as a side hustle. No additional charges, free to register. Use Robinhood in your investing activities and earn a side income with the time.



Have you heard of making money by delivering groceries?. well, Instacart is a place you can do that. You can do both here. Shop and deliver or deliver on the way. Obviously, your destination will be informed by the Instacart app on your mobile.



.If you are searching for a place to sell used tech devices, Declutter can do it for you. You will find used phones, Blurays, DVDs, games, consoles, and many more here. A good one to start selling because you might have some flipping tech items at your home.

So declutter is one of the best side hustle apps to start your journey to make an extra income.


Involve with a side hustle worth it while surviving in this commercial world. Using an app for the task would be an added advantage as I said above. Side hustle apps are now playing a better role to settle the personal finance of an individual.

I have provided above the most commonly used and also legit side hustle apps to start your way in making some extra bucks. I also need to know your ideas about those apps, especially if there are any others, please let me know. Using the comment section is really good for the other readers as well.

Another request, you can share these ideas on your social media walls, so they can reach another person. Try to make people acknowledge these methods and they will thank you in return.

Finally, get the help of these side hustle apps to make an extra income. It can make your financial status strong inch by inch.


If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.


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