You Can Involve In a Side Business Other Than Sitting Bored In Your Free Hours. Try Below Ideas.

What is the meaning of a side hustle or, in other words, side business? A side hustle is a task you can perform other than your main income job to reach a particular profit. This also can be one of your leisure time activities. You can turn your hobby into a side hustle, or even you can turn your side hustle into your hobby. A hobby makes money, and that sounds perfect for me. We love to do what we love. We are getting thrilled by doing what we love. I think you also can earn some money from that we can be double thrilled.

As ordinary people consuming money is a thing, we do. We should have enough money to consume. We need to spend them on our needs. If your main source of income is not enough to fulfill your needs, here comes a side hustle. You can earn some extra money by involving in a side hustle. Sometimes this side business can turn into your main source of income. I said it because there are folks who are now experts in their field who have begun the business as a side hustle.

I know most of you; I mean, most of you like to put some carrots (money) inside your bucket. So this is for you. You can have some idea about side hustles through this chapter. My aim is to make you rich. Suppose any of my ideas can make positive changes to your life that is what I want. So let’s see what types of side hustles you can use to make some cents in 2021. I want to say another thing here, most of these side hustle ideas fit for 2021 and also beyond 2021.

01. Try Selling Your Items In eBay and Etsy.

Become an online seller is a fabulous side hustle that you can proceed in 2021. Suppose you have products to sell, but you are still searching for the marketplace to sell those items; I can recommend eBay and Etsy as are the best places to start your online selling business. I can explain to you why I said that.

  • Etsy was found in 2005. Now Etsy is armed with 81.9 million buyer volumewhile sellers show statistics of 4.36 million in numbers. In 2020 Etsy was able to produce a worth of $10.6 billion in merchandise sales.
  • The released reports showed that eBay had 159 million active buyer volume up to the second quarter of the year 2021(Annual Statistics). The app records say us 66million users use the eBay app in order to buy the listed items.

So can you think of another online marketplace other than these two places? Selling your products online is a trending side hustle in 2021.

02. Uber Driving As A Side Hustle.

We all know uber is the world’s most popular and most recognized taxi service network. They have designed their business module in order to give you also chance in making money. You can register your own private vehicle using the uber application and use your vehicle to give rides to the passengers. If you are an employer in another company, you can turn on your Uber app while going to your office or returning your home. Use that opportunity to make some cents. So uber service is an awesome side hustle in 2021.

03. Try To Rent Out Your Spare Rooms.

Suppose you have a house with spare rooms. You can use those spare rooms to shake some money. There can be people who have shifted to your area without a place to live. So you can make arrangements to ret your spare rooms to those folks. I especially want to state something here. Do not try to mix this with your personal life and personal freedom. You can rent an outside room or a vacant room upstairs of your house. Be aware of the things going around you. If you can manage all those scenes, this is s good money-making process.

04. Business development through social media.

You know there are social media networks that are more powerful than media networks. There are millions of active users for each social media network. I can provide you with some examples such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and interest. Suppose you have your own business and no way to do advertising. Then these social media networks come to your help at the point. The most trending way of marketing is social media networks in 2021. You can create your own pages, groups, and channels and, through those, create a community to promote your business. You can also deliver your products to your customers, considering the orders created by social media. So this can bring you money as well.

05. Use Fiver Freelancer Space To Dig Money.

Fiver is a world-famous freelancer workplace with 3.42 million buyers. 3.42 million community means it makes a perfect space to sell your skills. Fiver is one of the world’s most recognized marketplace. You can create an account in the fiver network parallel to your skills and start freelancing. There are varieties of categories that you can follow, considering the hidden skills inside you. This method of side hustle is a well-functioning income source suits for 2021 and more forward.

06. Try Being A Skype Tutor.

A tutor is a person who teaches subjects to others. If you have the skill to teach others, then you can try this method. You need to be sure about your knowledge because people come to learn only the right thing. If you can give your students what they expect, that is your victory. You can earn some money through skype tutoring. This also can consider as a good side hustle.

07. Blog Writing.

There is a trend created in writing blogs these days. Most people write blogs as a hobby more than using the skills to earn money. You can create your own blog site. People love to read and learn. So you can find many folks following you If your blogs are interesting. So with the traffic, you can use your blog site in affiliate marketing and advertising. You can also apply for a Google AdSense program for monetization. So blog writing has become a trendy side hustle in 2021.

08. Sell your own online courses.

Suppose you are interested in finding new things. You can share those ideas with others and earn some money through it. You can do some courses, including your researches, and sell them via the internet. You can use your own website, social media pages, or Gmail network. This is a profitable side hustle you can carry out because people are very eager to know things. You can use the internet to make your courses more effective. So this also can be considered as a trending sie hustle in 2021.

09. Participate In Promotions.

Many business owners carry out some promotional campaigns in order to reach their customer base. So in this task, they hire individuals to do that activity on behalf of the company. There are outdoor promotion events and indoor events. You can participate in promotions and make some money. Through these types of promotions, you will have entertainment plus money. So a good side hustles to keep your mind stress-free.

10. Create your own youtube channel.

I think no need to explain the benefits of having a youtube channel with thousands of subscribers. Here I do not want to tell you how to create a youtube channel. But I want you to see some youtube statistics.

  • In 2020 revenue generated by youtube was $19.7 billion.
  • 2.3 billion people across the youtube gateway each month.
  • In 2020 youtube premium reached 30 million subscribers.

So you will notice how powerful is this youtube network. So the possibility fraction to earn via youtube is very high compared with other sources.

11. Logo designing through 99 Designs.

Are you a person with a creative eye? If your answer is yes, this method is the perfect match for you. 99 Designs is the world’s largest graphic design marketplace filled with many talented folks. You can join this community through the community. As per the reports, the people registered in 99 Designs submit their designs into the space every 7-10 seconds. So If you are interested in graphic designing, then 99 Designs is for you.

12. Be a language trainer.

Language teaching is the best most popular teaching skill which the world has identified so far. If you are fluent in English, then you can start teaching English to people. You can start a class in your area or else you can use the internet for the task. So you can become a language teacher in order to have a side income.

13. You can be a vehicle dealer.

Vehicle dealing is a good side hustle to continue. You should have some automobile knowledge to perform this task. You can introduce vehicles from sellers to buyers and earn a commission from the deal. You should keep an eye on the field and keep in touch with buyers and sellers. So you can have an extra amount of money by dealing with vehicles.

14. You can become a personal physical trainer.

A personal trainer is a subject which can help you to be healthy while making others fitness level. I said that if you are ready to e a personal trainer, then you should be an example to your followers. You need to maintain your personal fitness as well in order to advise others. So this can consider as a good side hustle to earn some money and to be healthy.

15. Social media affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate marketing? I can answer your question in this way. Suppose you are a person named A. Also, there is a businessman called B. We also need another person and let’s name the person as C. You send this person C to Businessman B to purchase an item. The deal is going across you (C). If C bought item B, he has to pay a commission from the profit to you. This is because the customer went to B across you. Simply this is called affiliate marketing. So you can register to the commercial websites which have the affiliate program. Then you can use your social media pages or groups to send people to those registered websites. This is also a trendy side hustle that most people use in 2021.

16. Become a part-time tour guide.

You can be a part-time tour guide and earn money. All you need to have is the language skill and knowledge about beautiful destinations. These are both skills you can improve if you have the need to do so. This is a good side hustle because you also get a chance to feel the freedom in a beautiful tourist destination.

17. Smartphone app development.

Apps are a technical marvel which has been introduced to make our works easy. So app development has a huge value in the technical world. If you can learn the subject, then you can make money in a short period of time. If you can think differently to create an app that can increase the interest of people, you win. There are app builders who earn millions of money. If everything goes right, you can be a permanent app builder instead of doing it as a side business.

18. Interior decorating advisor.

Interior decorating is an art. If your eye can catch the beauty easily, then this is what you need to do. Interior designers earn more money with their skills. You need to update your knowledge day by day. Make it your hobby, and then you can easily handle your side hustle.

19. Try to be a driving instructor.

If you are a person with patience and driving skills, then you can start to perform as a driving instructor. I mentioned patience because the students who come to learn are very sensitive about driving. The chance of making mistakes is higher, and that can increase your anger. So you need to control yourself in those situations. This is a good side hustle to handle if you can maintain the above qualities.

20. Food truck business.

Food is the ever-selling product in the world. So there is a big market for food products. You can try your own varieties of food inside your food truck. The advantage of having a food truck is you can change the business location as your wish. So food truck can be recommended as a good side hustle to do in 2021.


If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.


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