Are you a person interested in following some money? If your answer is YES, then affiliate marketing is for you. Affiliate marketing has been identified as a successful method of earning some money. You can use your free hours to hunt some money using an affiliate marketing strategy. The concept is not very hard to learn. You can make some money without much effort. I think it sounds good because many money-making opportunities are there but we need to shake our body or mind a lot to use those opportunities. The main thing you need to practice is patience. You should remain calm and wait until you reach the money-making stage. This is very important to remember because most individuals give up their efforts because of a lack of patience. So I like to advise you no matter what happens just stay in the course. Move forward day by day. If you can stay online with affiliate marketing, money is just a simple matter.

Suppose you are a beginner at affiliate marketing. You should keep in your mind this is a relationship between three parties. When you are following the concept you need to identify the role of each participant. I mean you should know exactly what you should do. So let’s see what are these three parties involved in this concept.

01. You ( in other words the Affiliate person)

02. Company ( The company which allows the participants to their affiliate
marketing program)

03. Buyer ( The individual you introduce to the company)

affiliate marketing

I think affiliate marketing is a simple theory to apply. Your main task is to introduce a person to the company. According to the affiliate policies, the company should pay you a commission as per your introduction. Here is the commission you receive only if the company is able to sell the item to the customer you sent through.

The company states the commission tag of each item in the main window of the affiliate marketing page. So you can jump into an initial calculation of the commission amount you gain by selling that particular item. If the main buyer goes across you and buys the item from the company the stated commission amount will be yours. It is compulsory, that the buyer follows your link to reach the main marketing page. This is the simplest way to define what is affiliate marketing.

What you can do to process some sales across you.

01. You can have a powerfull social media account.

Affiliate marketing is an online process of digging some money. So it is compulsory to have a crowded place inside the web to promote the products. Do you have any idea about such a place?

Social media sounds familiar right. Social media is a place that people use often. So we can use our strategies here. We cannot handle social media but we can own a place inside that huge space. The place we can own is called a page, a group, or an account. We can use some lovely attractive marketing promotions to attract people to our place. If people reach the place, taking them to the destination(commercial website) is easy. You can use some creative designs to take the attention. I can recommend CANVA as a design partner.

People like to follow a person who they know. So the probability of using your links by page visitors is high. You can use this opportunity in making some bucks.

02. Use your website to draw some attention.

If you own a website you can use that opportunity to send the customers to the destination website. If you own a blog site then you can write some related articles on that product and give external links to the separate product names. Thereby you can make an easy path to the commercial website. So If you have a blog site or any kind of site you can use that option to dig some money out of the hole.

03. Choose a seperate Niche to process.

You may have various opinions about this idea. One thing you may tell is having a social media network with multiple niches can focus on various product types. This is true I’m not telling that saying is wrong, But in my point of view having a separate niche can be profitable more than having multiple. Let me focus you on one example. Think You have a page related to fashion trends. People like to follow experts in the field. If you have a name in the industry then people trust you most. They follow your links because people think you know something about this. It doesn’t matter because eventually, you will gain knowledge about what you are doing. So I think having a particular niche is good considering the profit you gain.

04. Select the most selling products.

This is an important matter to consider in using affiliate marketing strategies to earn money. Selecting an item means you need to select an item from the list which they provide. The selected item should be a trending one because people’s attention is more important. You can go through the market using the web and find an item to promote in your place. There are seasonal trends and evergreen trends. So be wise in selecting the best products in affiliate marketing. I can show you some of the best-selling categories in 2021.

  • Jewellery and watches.
  • Mobile phones and accessories.
  • Clothing and fashion.
  • Health and beauty.
  • Automobile items.

Above are some categories that have a demand in the online world. Try to stick with those categories. Your sales will be good.

How does your seller website identify the exact sale?

You should know how they identify the exact sale you made using your social media page or website. The commercial website provides you a link when you select an item from the list they provide. Your promotions should be carried out by attaching that link they provide you. The affiliate program is powered by a bot. A bot that can separate the different gateways via the link they provided. So accordingly the calculation will be done. You also can be alert on the payments they issue. I recommend you to make daily basis files inside your device and keep records every day. Normally the bots never do any mistakes. But it will be good if you can count on it.

Can you name some world’s leading affiliate websites?

  • ShareAsale affiliates.
  • Amazon Affiliates.
  • Ebay partners.
  • Shopify Affiliate programme.
  • Clickbank
  • Rakuten marketing affeliates.
  • Studio press.
  • CJ affeliate publishers.
  • Blue Host.
  • Leadpage partner.

Hence above are world-leading affiliate marketing websites there are 80% of companies in the world have this affiliate marketing program. So this can be considered as a good chance for people who need money. Do you know there are people who earn millions of bucks using these affiliate programs?

This is only a brief about affiliate marketing strategies. I hope to bring you more because this is good money digging work. So stay tuned with me and best of luck with your beginning.


If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.