Investing apps have made a remarkable play in making people more aware of investing money.  Those investing apps play the role of being a pathfinder to becoming wealthy for young adults with an investing mindset.

I believe that investing apps have made the way for many worthy investors. As a result, we can see some wealthy folks who achieved their investing goals at a younger age. I would like to separate this particular web page for the ones who love to know more about investing apps.

Becoming an investor is essential to making the way to million-dollar dreams. Read some investing quotes to get yourself motivated as a new investor. Knowing investing apps would become easier to handle your investing portfolio.

Let’s see how scattered paraphrases join each other to describe the meaning of investing apps.

Investing money – The process of buying assets that increase their value over time and they provide the return as income payments or capital gains.

Apps – The software programs that are designed to perform a specific function for the user or in some cases to another application program. 

A simple definition for Investing apps.

A software program designed to perform activities related to investing and investing assets, So you can obtain the yield over time using that particular software program. We also call it investing apps. The final result is still the same, a payment income or a capital gain.

Investing apps usage chart. 

If we see, how the usage of investing apps has increased over the last few years, you will see a slight enhancement in the gradient. That means people’s need of using investing apps has increased. You will see it clearly in the below chart.

01. Stock trading app revenue (2016 – 2021) ( The Year Vs revenue in $bn chart). 

stock investing apps statistics

02. Stock trading app user volume (User volume Vs year chart). 

stock investing app statistics

You would clearly see that usage of investing apps has increased recently. So no doubts about profit margins, ease of use, or any other favorable fact of using investing apps. Above are mostly stock investing app statistics. You have the opportunity to learn more about stock investing, especially if you are a beginner, through one of our previous discussions you will have the most out of it.

Benefits of investing apps for beginners. 

We are living in a tech-based world. As with the circumstances, we are not going towards one but we are experiencing some marvelous tech wonders in this world.

To win the world as an investor, investing apps do have the ability to serve you with immense benefits. So I have pinpointed some benefits of using investing apps for beginners.

  • Easier to use investing apps as the younger generation titled tech trackers.
  • Mobility can play a big role when using investing apps on a phone.
  • Easy to go through the records and reports while you have them in your hand.
  • Many investing apps provide the opportunity for In-app learning and that seems like a chance for beginners to learn and start investing.
  • The world is going through a technical tunnel. Adhering to tech means always lucrative.

Likewise, we can list the benefits of having investing apps for beginners. You should pay attention to investing. To know why?. Go through the link.

Best 10 investing apps for beginners. 


click here to download Invstr app

Invstr is a free-to-use app for trading services. If you do need to activate the pro service, it is $3.99 per month. If we introduce this particular app as an investing app as well as a learning platform for beginners, that is the truth. The following services will provide to the users by the Invstr platform.

  • Gives the chance to access stocks.
  • The chance to access ETFs.
  • The chance to access American depositary receipts (ADRs) and fractional share investing.
  • Features virtual stock trading, games, and investing fantasy league.

I know most of you consider the Pros and Cons of using a service. Especially when it comes to an investing app like this. So drive through the below table.

Pros – 100% legit trading with minimum risk.

–  Low fees while the pro version only costs $3.99 per month.

–  Do have better mobile app ratings

Cons – Customer services have limited to email and in-app messaging.
Best for Best for beginners while the app performs some learning features.


Features summary of Invstr. 

  • As I mentioned above, this app has its gaming platform. The ones who play the game will have $1 million not real but virtual money. But the subscribers do have the chance to win cash prizes by playing the game.
  • When a customer opens and starts to fund it with $100, Invstr will provide bitcoin worth $30. You will have com free trading for cryptocurrencies.


Click here to start working with Acorns

Acorns is another name to remember if you do have an interest about involved in investing. This app has been designed especially to encourage money saver folks. Acorns have given you the chance to start your investment portfolio with a minimum of $5. Anyhow you will not charge a penny to open an account in Acorns.

As most people love let’s see how the pros and cons work for this particular investing app.

Pros – Automatic saving features can help you to encourage your saving and investing goals.

–  Friendly interface on the app.

– Low-cost investment options to build up a proper portfolio.

Cons – Fees depend on total balance and look a bit higher comparatively.

–  While others have Robo advisors, Acorns charge to access the checking account.

–  No tax-loss harvesting

Best for Best for the ones with the desire to save money.


Features summary of Acorns. 

  • The facility to link debit or credit cards. Acorns have designed to round it up to the next dollar for the purchases and have the ability to invest that difference in one of your ETF portfolios.
  • The retirement (considered to be in 59 on Acorns) is the targeted time inside your Acorns app and will be more conservative as you reach that age little by little.
  • For a little of $5, you can start an Acorns family which allows you to start tiers as well as investment accounts for children.

Like that, Acorns comes to you as one of the most beneficial investing apps while people have more awareness about using an investing app.


click here to sign up for Robinhood

Robinhood has a glowing name as a smooth investing app not just because of its commission-free intake but also because they provide a smooth interface to work with investing. You may likely to involve in stocks, trading, ETFs, options, or cryptocurrency, no matter what, you will not be charged any extra commission. Robinhood had a serious rising gradient as a growing investment company still they are within the top 10 of investing apps market.

It always matters, the Pros and cons. Let me take you to the usual table.

Pros – Simplicity inside the app will give you an exquisite trading experience.

–  No hidden trading fees or commission as I said.

–  Direct cryptocurrency access and fractional share trading.

–  Sweet cash flow and investment functionality.

Cons – Investment offers and account types have limitations.

–  Limited educational and research content.

–  Bit low transparency.

Best for Best for free and active trading.


Features summary of Robinhood. 

  • Accessing vital statistics has made it easier to follow with the search bar in the upper corner of that app.
  • On-screen navigation is easy like eating a piece of cake. As I said, the interface is unique and easy to use.
  • A feed for news and investing websites to keep you updated about what is happening in the market.

Robinhood process more eases to access features while beginners would like to start the game with such type of a platform.


Click here to sign in for Wealthbase

If you do want to dive into the world of stock market games, we see that Wealthbase provides the perfect space to do that. You can start your trading game inside the platform and invite your friends to compete. With $100,000 of virtual cash, people get the chance to create their own portfolios of stocks, ETFs, or cryptos. The game duration can be varied from a day to weeks as you can hold up the games with your friends.

The charges are $0 up to 5 players while it can be enhanced from $5 – $20 for players up to 1000. If we focus on the Pros and cons of this app,

Pros – You will never be bored with this platform involved with investing.
Cons – Higher cost for more than 5 players. If $0 can be enhanced up to 10 players, that would be great.
Best for Best for trading games and contests.


Features summary of Wealthbase. 

  • With the facilities to see updates, you can be chatty inside the platform with your friends. So can consider an interesting place to involve with investing.
  • The app has a smooth flow and you will find it easier to involve with investing while playing games as well.

Wealthbase is a one-investing app that will never feel bored with what you do. So interesting to have one like this on this top list.


Click here to sign up for the Betterment

Betterment, this particular app should have been on the top of the list, but we are not discussing the ascending order of popularity. Mentioned that because Betterment is on the top of the list when we consider overall performances at a glance.

Betterment is one of the most popular Robo advisors and is very good for investors. Betterment is clever to produce socially preferable portfolios counting on climate or social changes.

Betterment provides low-fee investment management for beginners while dealing with sharks in a professional manner.  The minimum balance required for the digital service is $0 while the premium service is offered for $100,000. Management fees can vary from 0.25 – 0.40 percent of assets annually.

As usual, if we can consider the Pros and Cons of using Betterment. See the below table.

Pros – Multiple portfolio options and customization.

–  Lower account minimum and fees.

–  All your cash will be invested.

–  A popular Robo advisor to connect with.

Cons – No direct indexing.
Best for Overall the best app with a popular Robo advisor.


Features summary of Betterment. 

  • The high potential returns are available for the ones who are in a fever of taking risks. If you prefer safe drives, then the options are available as well.
  • Betterment is one of the most legit programs and you can step in and see how it works with efficiency.
  • You will charge a few compared to hiring a traditional financial advisor.
  • No minimum account holds, the app will give you the targets to achieve.

So as we discussed, Betterment should have one in the first 3 places on the investing apps list. However, it is your choice after all to purchase the most perfect one.

Fidelity investments. 

fidelity investments
Click here to sign in for fidelity investments

Fidelity investments, better to say all in one. This particular app can provide you with all the facilities like an investment account, checking account, an IRA, a business retirement account like SEP IRA, bill paying, a savings account, a Robo-advisor account, and also a credit card account.

As you can see, they have missed nothing here. You do not want any minimum balance which means the minimum availability is $0. Fidelity also has introduced many resources like educational materials, reports, calculators, and portfolio analysis tools.

We do have to consider the Pros and Cons of having this app with us. So refer to the below table.

Pros – Excellent research, report, and analyzing screens.

–  Low costs with the all-in-one feature.

–  Great trade executions to apply with the use of awesome educational content.

Cons – No crypto, futures, or commodities are encouraged.

–  Restricted accounts for U>S and main island residents.

–  options and broker assistant fees are a bit higher

Best for All in one intake


Features summary for fidelity investments. 

  • All in one place as I said earlier, no chance of missing out on your personal finances.
  • Plenty of space to learn, research and analysis.
  • Assistant of fidelity rep in short terms.

Fidelity investments too considered to be a better one among investing apps. Recently the usage has increased as per the statistics on their website.


click here to sign in for Wealthfront

Wealthfront has energized with the largest scheme of independent Robo advisors. This could give you sophisticated portfolio management. Wealthfront is with a top cash management account as well as a better planning tool.

Management fee of 0.25 of assets annually while a minimum account balance of $500 should be required. If we focus on the Pros and Cons quickly,

Pros – Low ETF expenses.

–  Tax lost harvesting.

–  Portfolios for ETFs and cryptocurrencies.

–  Tax loss harvesting daily.

Cons – No online chat or human financial advisors.
Best for Best for portfolio management with independent Robo advisors.


Features summary for Wealthfront. 

  • Wealthfront considers taking the most out of ETFs depending on how much you would like to take out. They consider hundreds of ETFs to construct your portfolio.
  • They have an attractive cash management account. How about getting early access to direct-deposited paychecks and a debit card for no rental?
  • 0.25% of assets as an annual fee is considered to be the standard. But they provide tax loss harvesting which anonymously covers the annual fee for most of the Wealthfront clients.

Likewise, we can categorize the special facts to consider when going forward with the Wealthfront investing.


Click here to get started with Ellevest.

Ellevest is a social investing promotor platform. Although they market themselves as women, anyone can get started with this platform. This particular platform has high-end Robo advisors while most people value it.

No need to have a balance in your account. Which means $0. The fee could vary from $1, $5, or $9 per month. This has special features to help women investors in making investing decisions.

Let’s drive within some of the Pros and Cons of the app which you really love to consider.

Pros – No minimum to start a portfolio.

–  Low monthly rental fee and they focus you on an investing goal.

–  More women favor investing features to help them. Should appreciate it.

Cons – Only plus and executive members can have retirement accounts.

–  No tax-loss harvesting.

– No tax-loss harvesting.

Best for Best for socially responsible investing and for women’s interest in investing.


Features summary of Ellevest. 

  • Lower lifetime earnings, like the ones most of the women have, mostly Ellevest has their featured portfolios to plan for the earnings like that.
  • Impact portfolios to help mostly the social investment plans and women leading companies. They have even higher standards for sustainability while also having low costs.

So Ellevest is one of fine among the investing apps. Mostly they consider socially responsible investing with beneficial plans for women’s powers.


Click here and get started with Webull, Earn bonuses.

Webull provides some attractive tools for active traders with brokerage companies. However, their lower standards in learning can disappoint a beginner and that is the reason for me to take it down the order. But people with some capacity in investing can use this platform to enhance their wealth with a higher margin.

Webull does not act as a fully supported broker, so the clients should involve with some DIY acts to deal with this app.

The Pros and Cons will give you an idea about the behavior of this investing app.

Pros – Cryptocurrency accessibility.

– Lower costs compared to others.

–  Easy to use and advanced tools to use.

Cons  – a bit advanced for beginners while they have thin educational support.

–  No mutual funds.

Best For Low-cost options trading.


Features summary Of Webull. 

  • Free stock trades, $0 commission option trades, and no per contract fee while you use Webull. Looks like a better option compared with other investing apps.
  • Advanced graphing and screener tools can ease your work with the app.
  • Webull has some more features to consider like in-depth charting, technical indications, advanced orders, level ii marketing data from Nasdaq, and favorable customization. These features can directly help advanced traders.

So Webull is likely a better app to use the hand low costs. But instant beginners should have something better than this in hand learning.

Charles Schwab. 

Charles schwab
Click to get started with Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab can be named as the best one for beginners while it processes more learning and investing opportunities. They provide tons of research and education to newer dudes in making their personal finance stronger.

No minimum balances are required and also no fees are acquired to use this platform. A large selection of mutual funds is inside to enjoy as an investor.

Like to take you through the Pros and Cons of using this particular platform.

Pros – Above average mobile app with no fees at all.

– Commision-free stock, options, and ETFs trade.

–  Exquisite research and learning tools.

Cons – Low default cash sweep rate.
Best for Best for beginners.


Features summary of Charles Schwab. 

  • They provide fractional shares, so you can invest all your money in your stocks without being idle.
  • Commission-free ETF and stock trades as I said above.
  • Mutual fund investors also can make benefit through this platform.

So like that, we can count the most effective and efficient investing apps in a list of 10.


Investing apps has been able to fill the gap between investors and investing assets. They play the role of a bridge in between investing folks and the assets use in investing. Talking about the assets we have previously discussed about most useful assets in investing. Hope that would some gaps of your memory as well.

At the end of this, I would like to share some previous discussion with you about investing. Hope you would love them as well.

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So finally, If you do think that this relative discussion helped to gain your momentum in making value of investing assets, you can share this knowledge source with your friends in social media.

Also if you do have anything to clarify about investing or personal finance, I would like to help you in the comment section. So happy investing and keep your good work up.


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