Behaving tips in any place may increase your personal reputation in that place. Youtube tips also can help you in making a better path inside this platform. As most of you know, Youtube is a world-recognized search engine more than a social media platform. So use the benefit of the below youtube tips to make ultimate use of the youtube platform which you use.

Why youtube tips are more important.

Those are the content creators who pick the maximum result of this platform. Hence tube is a video search engine, video content creators can afford in making maximum efforts to reach success within this platform.

01. Money-related platform.

Youtube content creators have the ability to make money through their content. Youtube is one of the leading monetization platforms in the space. Inside this platform, fine content can receive the levels to reach the money earning stages. I know most of you have an idea about methods of making money through Youtube. If I state some of them You tube Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Store promoting, and woo-commerce website promoting are among the top methods.

So especially youtube tips are useful for the people who are in need of money for their content. We have seen many people who got rich by using the youtube platform.

02. Entertainment-related platform.

Other than making money some users are there who use this platform only as an entertaining one. There are many who actually made content creating a passion.

I reckon these people want to showcase their talents to the outer world so they perform their skills in front of the camera and release them via youtube. It is just a better way to live because mental capacity through appreciation is the most important one to have In one’s life. These types of people are too in need of Youtube tips so they have the ultimate opportunity to reach millions of an audience within 2 or 3 days.


Here we have evidence that most successive are not the ones who run behind money. The people who follow their passion win the race and at the same time will be able to win the prizes.

Youtube tips can polish each type of the above personalities keeping them encouraged towards the plans they have with money. Positive results are what we can give you through this tiny discussion.

Best you tube tips for beginners to gather more subscribers.

01. Valuable content creating.

“Content is the king”, no doubt you all approve it. Content play as the key player role in making an emperor of the youtube channel. If you are a skillful content creator then the other factors are not much compared with the lucrative you have with your ability. Maximum results could gain through the experience and skills you have as a content creator.

content creating

Your content should be either knowledgeable or else should be an entertaining-focused one. Knowledge and entertainment are the two main factors that have positive vibes within the youtube platform. If anything is not important for yourself, think will you would hug such type of content as a follower.

As a content creator, you should be busy in the work of making your own audience who follows you as a role model or as a resource. Not in the beginning but with time you would get to know how important it is to focus on detail-wise content as a content creator.

Especially your knowledge within a certain sector may be an additional advantage in making your audience satisfied. If you do not have that knowledge about the particular field in which you are creating your content, then at least you should have the passion for what you do. So skills or passion on the creation should be there to gain the required attention to your youtube channel.

In here I must say within 1-20 contents you will not find the correct path to travel as you tuber. But going forward you will know exactly what to do as you tuber at the same time as a content creator. Believe me, anyone gets more experience by continuing what they love so they reach the maximum level of their channels within a considerable time period. Consider this youtube tip very important to make 100 subs within 2 or 3 months.

02. Youtube profile picture and channel cover photo.

I decided to pinpoint the tiny mistakes every YouTuber do at the beginning of their channels. Professionalism is one factor that has a big value in digital marketing and content marketing. The profile picture and cover photo are two factors that can display your professionalism to the rest of the world. Keep this tiny youtube tip in your mind because it is also very important.

People, especially the ones who are in need of some great content look closely at these types of detailed facts so it may be one reason for them to return back without contributing to your video. As always say, the first impression is very important in making a path ahead.

The decision, whether to watch your video or not can be taken by seeing your profile picture. The decision to subscribe to your channel or not can be taken by seeing your cover photo. My opinion does not let a small tiny fact decide the destiny of your valuable content. So this is a valuable youtube tip to consider right. Act as a professional in every chance you get either you may be or may not be.

03. Youtube thumbnail.

watching youtube

I kept this separate from the above 2 facts. It is because this is a youtube tip which you should give more attention than any other. I talked about the first impression above, here also you will get the chance to expose a better first impression to the people who watch your content.

Thumbnail, basically the face of your content can decide the number of people interacting with your video. If your thumbnail is not good that can waste the total efforts you put into one single content. Especially beginners should really be concerned about this because you have the challenge to introduce yourself to strangers. Most of them do not know who you are and what capacity you have in the field.

Thumbnails can attract them towards your content so they will decide the rest by subscribing to your channel. If you expect 100 views within the first 1k impressions, then you need to really good at making a progressive thumbnail. Do not let yourself down use creative thumbnails at each and every content creation so you will definitely have the expected clicks, watch time, impressions, and also subscriptions.

04. Avoid following paid subscriptions, use your own talent to gain subscriptions.

This is an issue with beginners. When the time passes without subscribers they look to pay some advertisers or marketers to bring themselves the subscriptions. Keep this youtube tip in your mind because this is also a very important one to consider.

Paid subscriptions or paying someone to bring subscribers to your channel is not practical. These paid ones will not be the genuine audience you receive through your talent in making brilliant content. So basically a fake audience would not support you in the path you follow as a career.

Showcasing an audience is not what we should do on a platform like youtube. If you use the other mentioning youtube tips you will not have the requirement to pay your money on fake subscriptions.

Youtube has now become a professional career path just the same as the other professionals in the world. Having a fake audience can damage your career as a YouTuber. The First 2 months are the most important, reach the maximum capacity of people within the first 2 months with 100% dedication. If you can maintain your genuine behavior from the beginning then you have a good chance to reach 100 subscribers within the first 3 months of your journey.

05. Follow one of your skills.

I have said this many times, online or offline money-making really required skills. People pay you for being served. Even to start a small business you need to have skills within a certain business field.

If you have the knowledge about any subject it would be so easy to acknowledge people about what you know. But at the same time think like you do not have the necessary knowledge, then at least you should have the passion to learn the things you need.

Skills make a person perfect and that perfection can lead you to a financially stable position. Taking experiences in a certain field is also known as sharpening skills. So if you can retain in the course for about a year or more, then you will automatically grab the necessary skills you need in improving your youtube channel.

Try to remember this youtube tip because it is most wanted when it comes to the matter of continuing a career path as a YouTuber. Someone must have a question like, what if I’m multi-talented. What I have to say is, it is better than anything because you can earn money through multiple youtube channels.

06. Do not forget about SEO.

We all know that youtube is a search engine. In a search engine following the SEO guidelines is the most important in optimizing your channel. Keyword research must be done related to your niche. In here your follow-up about the best niche keywords will be a benefit in finding the most relevant keywords.

youtube logo

You must remember to follow this youtube tip because in every search engine you have to follow SEO tips to reach a maximum audience.

Use SEO tools, SEO guidelines, Search tags, Referral tags, and trending topics, so you may have the ultimate chance to reach a maximum amount of people and thereby can increase the popularity of your youtube channel.

07. Concentrate on your descriptions.

This is again a professional-based youtube tip to consider when using the platform.

* Channel description.

In the process of creating your channel, you may have the opportunity to describe your purpose in making the channel in a few words. Use some power words and content writing skills within it to gain more attraction from people. This is a very important youtube tip to consider because many people focus their eye on your description before subscribing to your channel.

* Video description.

Video description is what we write below each and every one of our content. In this description, it is better if you can include the following essentials.

  1. Details about your content.
  2. Search tags and related tags.
  3. A short paragraph about your channel.
  4. Give the first owner courtesy if there are any.
  5. Invite viewers to subscribe your channel and to stay in connected with comments.


So we have come to the end of a very successful discussion. Use the above youtube tips to gain the maximum advantage of the youtube platform. You have to keep in mind that, yes youtube is a monetizing platform but do not follow only money inside this platform. Use your skills and showcase them inside this platform. So you will have the necessary money automatically with the time.

Keep becoming the best content creator related to your niche always. Try to reach a maximum amount of audience using the above youtube tips as a help. Youtube has the ability to make millionaires and the platform has proved it and keeps proving it for the future. Youtube is a great place to showcase your talents and skills so take the ultimate use of that opportunity.

Our discussion about youtube tips has come to the end. You also might have some ideas about the awakening inside the youtube platform. So I would like to request you to use the comment section so you can be a knowledge source by spreading it.


If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.

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