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Blogging tools Tools to continue your dream blogging.

Blogging tools have made every blogger’s dream come true. I know that most of you may have searched for excellent tools on the internet. Have you found them? I want the answer in the below comment section.

So to make this conversation easy, I have broken the essentials into a few main categories. You may find it easy to understand and follow the importance of each and every tool categorized below. So let’s have a look at the most essential blogging tools which we can find in recent times.

Blogging tools to manage content. (Content management systems)

Content management systems, In short CMS, are the platforms or interfaces we use to handle our content. We have to give our readers the best order, visualization, readability, and options. To do this, CMS can use it as a back-born to our website. Actually, CMS is the main part of our website. You will understand the importance of content management systems with the below examples.


WordPress CMS

The first thing I have to say about WordPress is that it is a website-building tool. Can you imagine the usability percentage of WordPress on the web?. yeah, WordPress has able to power 39.5% of websites on the webspace. Pretty interesting right? If we name it the market leader, I think no problem with that. Another thing, If you have knowledge about WordPress, you can build a high-quality website on your own which looks professional.

This particular CMS is very flexible towards website building. No matter whether you have coding knowledge or not. It would be better to have but without coding power, you can energize your website through WordPress.

02. Weebly.

weebly CMS

Another market leader to consider when it comes to content management. Weebly is the back-born for more than 50 million websites all around the world. 50 Million means pretty impressive right?. Weebly has taken 4 points out of 5 from the performance analysis done by

Most experts have recommended Weebly for beginners especially because of its SEO-friendly options. Weebly can use it for free and I know it is a piece of good news for you all.

03. Wix.


Wix is ahead of Weebly. I said that because Wix has powered 110 Million websites worldwide. Wix is a master for building professional websites and commercial websites in any advance or smaller levels. User-friendliness with hundreds of templates and tools inside. Wix has occupied the space in the top-rated website builders community because of its effectiveness. Another reason I have to recommend Wix as a good choice is that has given 4.8  out of 5 considering their good work in the field.

No need for knowledge about coding to play around with this blogging tool. So beginners also can find a way out of making fine websites.

04. Squarespace.

Squarespace CMS

Squarespace is an ideal builder tool to create professional-looking websites. Above all, You do not want to learn coding to build the website on your own. When it comes to sales, Squarespace process some incredible sales tools to ease your online sales through your site. It has been honored with 4.7 out of 5 from the research done by

Choosing the website builder platform is up to you. We can recommend Squarespace as one of the giants related to the blogging tools community.

Blogging tools to enhance visual enrichment.

Visual enrichment is a basic factor to consider when you suppose to reach an audience using your blogging ability. Recent research has shown that more people attract to articles with visual highs than articles without any pictures. This is even more important than perfect SEO in receiving people’s attraction towards the website. So let’s take a look at what we have,

05. Canva.

Canva Home page

Canva has a higher reputation within the blogging community as a creative tool. You can use it for free. At the same time paid canva is available as canva pro with enhanced options. I  will assure you that once you start using canva for free, you will feel the effects of using canva pro.

Another thing, you do not want to have graphic designing skills to perform on this platform. Even if you are not a professional graphic designer, If you do have a creative eye, that is more than enough to make the maximum yield using canva.

Use canva to design your blog photos and social media posts, and even you can create beautiful advertisements to promote your blog. So finally canva is one of the most useful blogging tools we can find on the internet.

06. Unsplash.

Unsplash home page

Most online money makers getting trouble finding copyright-free photos. No one needs to put effort and give them away because of some small issues related to copyrights. Unsplash is a place you can find copyright-free and also free images for your website.

Copyright-free and free, see how beautiful those words are. The only thing which a blogger looks for while making their own blogging business. I know any of you do not want to get into trouble after 2 or 3 years of your blogging journey. So use this free tool to have the images needed in making a resourceful blog site.

07. Pexel.

Pexels home page

Pexel is also the same as Unsplash. You can download copyright-free and free images via pexel. Pexel also contains thousands of images. I forgot to tell you something above, In using Unsplash or even pexel, you will have a level to pay gratitude for the original owner of the photos. You can give your votes or even you can donate a couple of bucks. I recommend, not always but pay your attention to this even once a month because the owners actually deserve it.

Blogging tools for research, analysis, and search engine optimizations.

I think this is the most important part of this discussion. You have to focus 100% on these tools in order to take your blog to a reputed level. Here I hope to discuss tools important in SEO. I think Keyword research, keyword difficulty, domain authority, back-links, and many more optimizations play an important role in making your dream blog come true. No more talks, let’s jump into the tool explore.

08. Google keyword planner.

google keyword planner
google keyword planner home page

First I want to give you the good news. Google keyword planner is a free product. It is free to use. Google keyword tool is a marketing tool handled by google to help new ad groups and ad campaigns. This tool brings to you by a google adverts campaign.

If we talk about accuracy, Google has said that this is a relatively accurate tool so no warranty about 100% accuracy.

09. Ahrefs.

ahrefs home
ahrefs home page

Ahrefs is one of the most accurate and effective data analyzers we can see on the internet. Founded in 2010 and now Ahrefs has a huge market of users who are eagerly in need of becoming successful as bloggers.  Overall performances of Ahrefs consist of below main things.

* can give you the best keyword suggestions exactly going parallel with your niche. Using these keywords, you will be able to appear within the first 10 results of search results.

* Keyword difficulty may show you the probability of your article showing up within the first sheet of results.

* You can do a technical SEO audit to see how long you have come along with your website to reach the expected audience.

10. MOZ PRO.


moz pro
Moz Pro home page

Moz Pro can be considered a leader in the blogging tools list. Some people may have a question here. Can MOZ use as a free tool to check domain authority ?. Yes, it can, but most of the new websites do not show any results in the free MOZ tool. Here you can use MOZ PRO to check your website D/A.

Moz Pro has 4 payment plans and they differ from each other in the services they provide. You can use the link MOZ Pricing to know more about MOZ payment plans.

11. SEMrush.

Semrush home page

SEMrush is another most famous SEO tool within the blogging community. Basically, SEMrush is a product that can help website builders to optimize their sites in a search engine. The tool was created in 2008 and as per the stats, there is over 7 million active user volume for SEMrush.

You will be able to find people’s searches on the internet. SEMrush also can help you to write your content to reach a maximum amount of reader volume. This platform has made it easy to use. Hence SEMrush can be considered one place which has useful blogging tools at home.

Blogging tools which I used for free from the beginning.

12. Portent’s SERP Preview Tool.

Portent's SERP tool
Portent’s SERP tool

I used this for free. This preview tool is a better illustrator of how your blog article will show on the internet. You will be able to see the same way another reader sees your content on google. URL, Meta description, title, and Bold keywords, all these can preview using this tool. Actually, you can have better help from this tool to reach out to the readers through organic search.


Another beneficial free tool to use. can provide you the suggestions for keywords. Suppose you are continuing a personal finance blog. If you do want to find a keyword related to the budgeting category, all you have to do is type and search it on will have thousands of keyword ideas to proceed with the help of this platform. See the following picture.

14. Keyword sheeter.

Keyword Sheeter
Keyword sheeter

This is also the same as I use it to obtain keyword ideas for my blog posts. I can receive thousands of ideas to proceed with my writings with the help of this tool. Refer to the picture, and you will understand.

15. Answer the

answer the public 1
answer the public 1

This is the kind of platform you would love to use as a blogger. Answer the public is a really good keyword planner tool. This can give you plenty of options to select your next title to reach the audience. I have used the category side hustles, so you will see how this platform can give you the keyword ideas and how efficient that to have keywords.

16. Google trends.

google trends
google trends

This totally belongs to google. Do you have the most viral news today? If no is the answer go to google trends and that will show you what is the answer. Not only that google trends can reveal the popularity of a relevant topic throughout the time. So you can easily find the way that topic has grabbed people’s attention. I have shown you 2  examples and see the variation of attention towards the below two topics.

17. Ahrefs Free keyword difficulty checker.

ahrefs free keyword difficulty checker.
ahrefs free keyword difficulty checker.

Keyword difficulty is the main factor to consider if we want to rank our website on the first page of google. I use Ahrefs free keyword difficulty checker to put the keywords taken from the above tools. Once I receive the answer, I start writing my articles on the topic most suitable. This is also a very supportive platform for beginners. Use this link to reach Ahref’s free keyword difficulty checker tool.

Blogging tools for writing.

I felt like, this conversation is not complete without this most important part. Writing tools can play the game in both ways. So using the best is the most appropriate action to take as a blogger.

18. Grammarly.


Content readability is a factor that can decide your site’s user volume. Grammarly can help you to clear the barriers to your language handling. A reader can leave your site with no time because of these language issues. Grammarly is very helpful to focus on your grammar in writing articles. Grammarly is a free tool. You can have paid tool with enhanced options than a free tool. I would say it is worth paying a few bucks for this tool because of the below cases.

* Grammarly can correct your spelling mistakes for you.

* Grammarly can direct your attention towards grammar mistakes in your content.

* This helper will show you the most suitable sentence patterns, sentence forms, and sentence structures to gain more readability.

* Punctuation marks are very common mistakes and Grammarly will not allow you to do it.

19. Yoast SEO.

yoast SEO
Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is actually a WordPress plugin that contains tools to enhance your search engine optimization scores. You can use this for free as well as for money. The free tool is enough for a fresher. Yoast SEO will take care of your technical SEO side. This is more like an indicator. Your overall SEO score will appear and it is better to have 80+ marks. 80+ means your content is SEO friendly.

20. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.
CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.

 We all know headline becomes one factor in turning impressions into clicks. Many bloggers have this complaint that they receive the impressions but not the required clicks. Not paying attention to headlines may cause this. In the beginning, you can seek the help of this headline analyzer. With time you will understand the way you have to insert the title of your blog.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer has two main overall score values. Headline score and SEO score. Try to reach at least 70% when you are selecting the most suitable headline for the blog article. This may definitely create some influence on your clicks to the site.