Why does a couple need a budgeting committee?


Being a couple and balancing the budget is a lot more complicated than individual budget managing. A subject like budgeting should handle with care because unstable finance can always lead to an unstable relationship. Income sources can have some diversity with the factor employment.

Sometimes you may have a job but your spouse doesn’t. It can be reversed and it also can be like both of you have a Job. This only can determine the income percentage inside your house but not the total finance inside.

Incoming money volume is also important because thereby you can have the freedom to classify your income into the categories, debt, savings, emergency expenses, and other definite expenses. But remember in order to have a strong relationship you should have to manage any income volume efficiently. It is not a difficult one if you have the correct idea about couple budgeting.

We know chemistry is more important in a relationship. But remember that financial stability also plays an important role in developing a relationship. If we balance these two factors on each side of a scale, Budgeting and finance take more than 35% of a value in keeping a good long-term relationship.

People are 10 times more likely to break up with their partner if they think the relationship is financially unstable.

Recently Insurance site policy genius conducted a survey with the participation of 2000 U.S citizens, about how financial status affects a long-term relationship. The results showed on on five (20%) their significant other is financially irresponsible.

Communication Based On Money is the key

Before or even after the marriage mutual understanding is the key to a strong bond. Clear communication should always be in the middle of the two participants in a relationship. It can be finance or chemistry.

You can ask your spouse about the previously planned and also future plans on budget management. See how your partner responds to your questionnaire. Try to tally the answers with your thoughts about the same question. You will have a clear idea about your partner’s budgeting common sense with this little activity.

This is even better to do before your marriage, communication practice can reveal your partner’s budgeting history as well as can forecast the budgeting future. Following are some questions you can ask from your partner,

  • How much of debt do you carry with you per day ?
  • How much do you have in savings ?
  • Do you have any retirement plans ?
  • What are your usual spending habits ?
  • Do you get any stress with money ?

Do not hesitate to clarify the above with your spouse or to be spouse because it is not suitable to arise a financial incompatibility in the middle of your life journey. Communication and clarification before destruction are always better.

Budgeting Tips for a long term relationship.

If you are done with your honeymoon, then it is time to live with your honey partner. Finance will never let you be calm unless you pay special attention to the topic. So we brought you some tips to help you with a strong long-term relationship.

01. Get to know about your essentials.

There are some essential needs for an individual as well as for a couple. These are also known as basic needs. If you can identify and separate the money needed to essentials it will be easy to manage the other budgets easily.

Mandatory expenses are food, mortgage payments, car loans, gasoline and transport, parking, utilities, student loans, insurance, credit cards, etc. Think like this, You and your spouse can raise your monthly income to an amount like $7000.00. It is common to spare between $3500 – $4000 on the basic needs I mentioned above. Let’s think your remain as $3000. This can be put into savings, entertainment, or investing (good Idea) as your preference.

Discuss regarding with your spouse at the beginning of each month. Then try to make arrangements to separate the volumes as I mentioned above.

02. You definitely need a budget plan.


Most financial experts recommend having a Zero-budget planner to ease your budgeting activity. Start every month with a Zero budget and this could be done if you can separate the last month’s debts or credits with this month. Do not add last month with this month.

Try your best not to go for any debts, If the plan is finished with a credit add that particular amount to savings and continue the plan with zero budget for the next month.

This can affect positively your life as a family man or woman. Try to find a specific budget planner format which perfect for your budget categories. An app or a handmade budget format can fill this space if you are interested.

Budget planner formats are always a good option to make your married life a better one.

03. Share your goals.


If life is to be more realistic we should have our own goals for sure. A goal gives us a reason to accelerate our success. Even we are married it shows no difference in our desires. To have a vehicle, a beautiful house, and to finish the travel bucket list, these can be some little goals inside your mind.

A couple also should definitely have some goals which we couldn’t able to achieve. Have some long rides and have a chat with your spouse, sometimes he or she may have the exact idea to work along in achieving the goal.

It is always better to do it as a couple, so you may be able to reach a certain goal in no time. The basic things need to attain your goal are time and money. Time, you can adjust but with money, if you can have some help, isn’t it great.

Always work with your spouse to achieve any goal and to do that your selection should be more convenient to have a helpful spouse in any situation. It is not budget it is all about attitudes. So a couple of goals is the best to achieve instead of personal goals.

04. Categorize your expenses.

Here I didn’t mention it to categorize the expenses as husband and wife. You should categorize your expenses based on amounts and based on budget categories. Following are some options you can think of,

  • Payments between $0 – $500 category.
  • Payments between $500 – $1000 category.
  • Payments between $1000 – to above category.
  • Food, transport and sanitary category.
  • Entertainment category.

Above are some examples but you can make your own choices in categorizing your expenses. Categorizing can bring you some benefits like can calculate the final saving easily, will not forget any payment or installment, and also can reduce conflicts between the couple. So start today to categorize your expenses in a friendly manner.

05. Start to save as a One

Most couples save money in joined accounts. This can provide more flexibility and transparency to your relationship as a spouse. If you are interested you can contact your bank and open an account in less than 10 minutes.

The uppermost advantage of joined account is that both of you can live with trust and transparency in savings and spending. Continuing a joined account seems like a good idea if you are in need of a trustful relationship.



A couple should have most things in common in order to maintain a strong relationship. Money handling should have a transparent manner to develop trust among each other. While budgeting as a couple is not easy you have to rely on clear communication. Discuss with your spouse about savings, debts, goals, expenses, credits, and each and every money related so you will find it very easy in couple budgeting.

The stats showed that 72% of couples say they have clear communication and understanding about budgeting as a couple although 43% have found it more irritating subject to handling as a couple. The above report was published based on a survey done by Fidelity Investments and it showed more accuracy in most of the situations.

Finally have to say be more trustworthy and transparent with your spouse about budgeting so you can walk to the end of this journey without any conflicts.


If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.

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