Do you think career growth only measures using the unit money, No got it, the wrong dude. A successful person is a pack of many things more than having money. Skills, happiness, freedom, Money of course, and all these things should be tightly packed together to make a successful person. No one could invent a measuring tape to measure the length of success. But you will get to know at the exact point when you reach success and till then you have to climb the ladder upper and upper till the infinity because there is no exact end to the word success.

I was able to interview two of my special friends and proud to say that both are on the way to success when I met them. Alex is going forward in his path as an executive officer and while Carl use to continue his career as a software engineer and as a successful businessman. Both of these players showed some similarities in passing milestones and facing challenges in the middle of their journey. I keep those factors later to discuss because we have lots of positivities to take from those success tips. I was able to understand one thing here, whether it is a business or even it may be a day job you have to follow the same path to success.

What does our Executive officer say about his career path?

career growth
career growth

Alex is involved in a 9 to 5 job with dedication and passion. He joined his company 05 years before and his first designation was a Marketing Executive. Can you imagine his position now? Now he is a regional manager who takes control of 20 sub-branches within the estate. He was very proud of his achievements and why wouldn’t he. So his achievements have brought him the joy he expected.

He was a good team player since his childhood and he know the best way to travel alongside his crew. By making the ultimate advantage of his childhood practices Alex has been able to finish a considerable distance of his success journey like an achiever.

Alex’s time management was unbelievable for many years. I think I do not want to say you how important is this time management to the growth of one’s career path. Time management can make a solid personality who can easily receive others’ respect. With these Practices, Alex is now in a good position by achieving some important milestones of his journey which others of the same age couldn’t do. At the end of our discussion, he said me like this,

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”

What types of thoughts do Carl has about his career achievements?

career growth
career growth

Carl works as a software engineer and other than programming he uses his free time to acknowledge online marketing navigations and strategies to small businesses. He has many clients because the online world is what we experiencing today. His adviser work takes him to a monthly income of about $5000 – $6000 as he said. As per the discussion I had with Carl I got to know that he is more than happy with the service he provides to small businessmen as a marketing adviser.

The social media character inside my friend is also performing 100% with effort, passion, and dedication. So Carl has been able to make two easy income sources which are most needed in this world’s current situation. Both of these players have stable financial stats and had no worries about their family life too.

I understood these two personalities had similar focus patterns on their field in making these success rates.

What are the tips suitable for any type of career growth?

01. Time management.

Giving a word related to the time is what we usually do in our life. As it is a must we also should attend the right venue at right time in most of the situations. This can affect very positively your career growth as well as your personality.

Punctuality is the main factor that we can use to measure one’s career growth. If you are badly in need of a successful career path then perfect timing is a must to be practiced.

02. Leadership and teamwork.

career growth
career growth

Think your senior officer provides you with a very important task to do, your responsibility is to make that work happen by giving your 100% on the task. If that is teamwork try to get them involved with your work. Be the leader to guide the people who follow you. Be the leading role which everyone likes to see. So it is worth doing because this effort can develop your path as well as can develop your partner’s career.

03. Develop your skills.

career growth
career growth

Skills are the most important throughout the journey because 60% of your success depends on the skills. You may join your career path as a junior without more skills but you decide are going to continue as the same for even years. Lack of skills only can bring you failures but not success. Do something to enlighten yourself and to develop your values. The filling up-skill spaces can be done via online courses, certificate courses offline, and many more other options.

If possible try to follow a world-recognized course which can provide you with a valuable certificate. This is so important to your career growth because most companies honor some piece of paper more than the real skillful individuals. At the same time level up your personal skills without being limited to a piece of paper. A person with skills can handle any situation inside the job role and it is a real benefit to a skillful man. To add value to your skills day by day.

04. Financial Balance.

You may think about how financial stability can affect real career growth. Yes, there is some relationship which we do not think about often.

* Mental Freedom.

You might agree that If I say we should have our mind freedom to 100% on our job. So financial stability means it can vanish 70% of our most burning issues. Eventually, we get the chance to concentrate 100% on our career responsibilities.

* Interest To involve in Job.

Some people attend a situation to rethink on their Job because of the increase of the debits in their accounts. If you get paid well that means no worries only salaries. So in here also you can understand that a person starts to attend on the career growth as much as possible.

05. Documentation and Updation.

This is a good move to make your career a favorable one. You can update your customer relations, important meetings, and special schedules via documents or technical applications. This important step will not let you forget anything about your career path.

Try to document your future plans, next month’s forecasts, last month’s achievements, next meeting schedules, last month’s highlighted points, and everything you feel like important. This step can take you to a higher level up on the ladder of success.

career growth
career growth

So the above 05 tips definitely can make some changes in your brilliant career path. Do not let yourself fall down at any point in your life. Nobody knows what’s going to happen after another few minutes. Think as you are performing well but didn’t receive the suitable appreciation. No never give up because you will receive what you are eligible for sure. So keep working on your goals and be the person you really want to be.


If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.