Is it Actually worth writing blogs to make an extra income?

We hope to Continue this valuable discussion as a question and answering type one. So you would find it easier and easier to grab the content. Grabbing the content will make it easy for you to act accordingly and use blogging as a side hustle to make money. 

Most of you may have the above problem in your mind before starting blogging as a side hustle. It is our responsibility to make things clarified as members of the writing community.

The simplest answer I can provide is “Yes blogging is worth doing as a side hustle. But,” The reason I ended with “but” is unless you do not have the necessary dedication, You would not succeed in your efforts of making money. So you have to be dedicated to what you do. The accuracy until you reach a certain level will allow for building a good secondary income other than primary income. Try to imagine the place you would be after 8 months of starting your blog.

If the plans are going in the right direction, you would get to know exactly. The improvement of the audience after 5 or 6 months of starting the blog is the main thing you may get to know how successful you are.

Beyond all this, the real worthiness measure will be money right?. If I tell you more about monetization through blogging, a person can earn an average income of $6000 – $ 10000 through a resourceful blog. But this may be different for the ones who involve in blogging as a side hustle. Part-time bloggers earn an average amount of $2000 – $ 5000 via blogging.

On the other hand, there is another benefit of starting a blog site. Most businesses require a higher amount of initial investment at the beginning. But to be real, blogging would not cost you a lot. The average initial investment to start a blog would be an amount between $35 – and $65. This may differ because of the rates you spend for domains and hosting.

Apart from the domains and hosting, there may be another cost for SEO optimizations, adverts, and other SEO services but these are not very important if you are on the right course.

What are the methods to earn money as a blogger?

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We had some discussions about this topic earlier in one of my articles about blogging. But each second is a new second, we have to concentrate 100% on every single fact essential. Full time or as a side hustle, there are some common methods to earn money as bloggers. You can follow the link “How to earn money as a blogger” to know more details about the monetization methods of blogging. Following are the categories you can consider in making money by blogging.

* Affiliate marketing
* Sponsored posts.
* Displaying ads
* Selling products.
* Selling online courses.

All the above methods are accountable for making money as a blogger. Practically we have to admit that efforts to put on blogging as a side hustle are two times bigger than the efforts of a full-time blogger. How there are some options why people choose blogging as a side hustle.

Why do people select blogging as a side hustle?

01. Flexible working hours.

This is the main reason why a person finds blogging effective side hustle. The schedule management will allow you to grow your primary income as well as secondary income evenly. The daily time frame of a worker is tight and sometimes you will not have time to do any other work. Blogging has no time frames, So you would find it easy to attend to blogging as a side hustle. The time you want to stand in both places is the main thing to consider when choosing a perfect side hustle to do.

Mostly primary income needs more time than secondary income. You have to pay primary attention to the main income and then balance the remaining time wisely with your side hustle. The time management ability will help you for a better future with main and secondary income as well. So flexibility in working hours is a better advantage you could gain when trying a new income stream as a side hustle.

02. Ability to choose your favorite.

Passion goes along with blogging. A person needs skills or even a passion to grab the subject while continuing a blog. Suppose you missed your favorite subject after your higher studies. This is a better second chance to restart your favorite through blogging as a side hustle. Do learning and writing at the same time but with a mind full of happiness. You should be happy because you are involved again in the subject you loved once.

We have another hand in this. Again suppose, you have a better career within a certain field as a worker. You have to do the same inside blog too. As an example, one of my friends is there who involve in blogging as a side hustle. He is a professional doctor and knows unlimited about the subject. So I gave him the idea of starting a blog related to the medical field. He started the blog above 2 years and now he is generating a good income through blogging. He said that he has the confidence to earn more from blogging than from his professional medical career.

So as above, blogging has the ability to create a platform for dream walkers. I have to say that, If you have a dream path to walk let blogging fulfill the rest for you.

03. Switch to full-time whenever you need.

Most of the people I knew started blogging as a side hustle. Of those, 50% of them have now turned themselves into full-time profiles. This is because they have identified the lucrative of blogging as a business. Starting a small business is also possible whenever you feel ready to jump the border.

If you have an understanding of monetization abilities, try them one by one to experiment with the results. If you can see a bright future through those results, it is time to make the decision. We can find many people who started blogging as a side hustle but now they have turned into full-time bloggers. You also have the same opportunity but my recommendation is first to start your side hustle. See the results and then change the gear.

04. A vast area of opportunities.

As soon you start your blogging journey as a side hustle, You will open yourself to a high-volume market with many opportunities. This may be a chance even your primary income fails to provide you.

If we consider some examples like writing a book, traveling, teaching or even selling courses can be taken under this influence. Your motivation to involve in such activity will grow as soon you decide to go on with blogging. A Youtube channel is also considered a better opportunity for you. Start acknowledging people about blogging and be very sure that more people will gather around you if you can give them the right idea. Blogging as a side hustle will give you many opportunities to involve.

05. Variety of ways to make money.

Obviously, this is our main target. Making money can do in many ways using the blog sites. I have already mentioned to you some of the money-making methods relevant to blogging. These ways are valid even if you choose to blog as a side hustle. Use those methods to spin the money wheel.

Many other side hustles do not have this variety in making money. So you have the opportunity to continue your blog as a business profile as well. No matter either full-time blogging or else as a side hustle. Your intentions about the future should be clear and that is all. Blogging as a side hustle is a better way to think more about some extra bucks.

What are the Disadvantages of blogging as a side hustle?

Another better topic to discuss under the main topic is blogging as a side hustle. People have the right to know if there are any things to consider before starting a blogging career. A person should swim to the depth to know what is hidden under the water. Blogging is also like jumping into a deep pool. You should know how to swim if not you will sink and no doubt about that. So let’s also consider what bad will happen during the journey to success as a blogger.

01. Take a long time to get succeed.

This is really very important to consider because most blogs do take some time to reach the audience. This is not a way of expressing results within 1 or 2 months. As I Experienced and lots of my friends said, It would take a minimum of 6 months for titles to rank on google. So the flow of traffic would probably be after 6 months of the start. Most the blogs reach a normal audience level within 1 year and mostly it would be after 1 year.

The niche you select should have things to write because you should have to post at least 100 articles to start performing. Get ready for the worst but try to calm things down within the range. Your hard work will give you the results within 6-8 months.

02. Many get the idea to quit in the middle.

This is not a good thing to do. Many people try to wind up their blogging journey in the middle. Getting time is the main reason for that. Here, your patience is the key to success. No matter what, try to keep pushing till one year. Blogging as a side hustle may take time, you should have to keep writing without stopping in the middle.

This is a very difficult situation for full-time bloggers more than the ones who involve in blogging as a side hustle. I said that because full-time bloggers keep their full faith in blogging and when all falls apart getting disappointed. They wanted to have better results for a beautiful future. So they give up blogging and try searching for job vacancies to rely on.

This is because I said blogging as a side hustle is better because you have another income to back you up. I’m saying try to start blogging while doing your job and leave the job after you reach a considerable level of making money.

03. The person should have a clear goal not to waste money.

This is not a big issue because unless other investments, blogging does not waste much money whether you succeed or not. But if you are not going in the right direction, you would not seek the benefit of the money you spend on starting and maintaining your blog.

I recommend keeping the target so you would develop your blog into a profitable business one day. The payments may be for Hosting, domains, paid promotions, and SEO optimization services. Most of the time-wasting money would not matter. But you should have to reach success within the field. Blogging as a side hustle can bring a lot more to you if you are ready to grab it. So I think it is worth spending money whether you get success or not.

End words.

I’m going to end this conversation and hope you had some knowledge about using blogging as a side hustle. An aim would never let you down in any task. So keep your targets for another 8 months. Achieve it first. Then keep the other target and achieve it also. This is a step-by-step journey. Blogging as a side hustle is better than full-time involvement. How after the investigations you can transfer yourself as a full-time blogger but it is better to have the side hustle experience first.



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