“Customer is the king” No doubt many of you may have heard of this since your childhood. Have you an idea about the depth of this saying and how much effect it can put on the products and service providers. There is such a relationship between a good sale and a good customer service provider. So I hope to discuss with you the evergreen topic of customer service and its benefits. A customer is the most important and valuable part of a business. You may be an individual service representative or either may be a customer service team leader, anyhow the most important part of your job is to handle the customer well.

Why Customer Service Is More Important?

Customer Service
Customer Service

Imagine you are running a business but your customer service is not in a good position. Do you think that success can reach you? No never. Until you pay your uppermost attention to your customer you will not go to be successful. Try some strategies to delight your customers and see how they can affect positively your sales. Each and every product or service market has been designed around a certain type of consumer base. So you have to focus on how to catch that market with your ultimate customer service. I can assure you that nearly 75% of the business success depends on the way, how you treat your customers.

We know front-line customer service representatives are the groups who directly face the customers and thereby they become the face of the company. Most customers get an idea about the company’s service via the first person they met inside the company. So my dear representatives you must be the ones who take the brand of your company to the rest of the world. The higher officials also should pay their attention to this point because the whole reputation creates here. Thinking of the customer service updating to the new tips is the smartest thing to do.

What Is The Exact Meaning Of customer service provide?

Customer Service
Customer Service

Have you been a customer today? Yes each and every one of us become a customer every day in our life. It may be in a supermarket or any other service-providing franchise. Anyhow, we need to feel the customer service either we provide customer service to others. So this is a circle. Try to memorize how you have been treated in the place you became a customer.

  • How the relevant representative served me?
  • Did that person gave his 100% to serve me?
  • Was I Satisfied with the provided customer service?
  • How I may provide exact service to me If I was there as the customer service representative?

Ask the same series of questionnaires from yourself each time you receive customer service. Eventually, you will get an idea of the real meaning of customer service. If we focus on the most equivalent definition of customer service, “Direct one-on-one interaction between a consumer making a purchase and a representative of the company that is selling it” is called customer service. So try to understand the deep meaning of this term and eventually you will find it really very easy to provide towards your customers.

08 Tips For Customer Service Representatives To Hone Very Special Skills.

Customer Service
Customer Service

01. Be A Good Listener.

Every customer finds the perfect fit when they forward to purchase anything. The customer is talkative always and it is the common nature of a customer. If not how are they able to find the perfect match for their needs. A customer service representative must be a good listener to understand what their customer ask for. Always focus on the speaker and try to get what is playing. The more you understand your customer, the more you can fill the requirements of your customer. Listen carefully and get the exact idea of the purchase what the customer is asking from you. If you are smart enough you may be able to sell some extra items other than the one customer asked.

Listening is the best practice to follow your customer. But always remember, being a good listener is not as simple as you think. Practice your ears with your friends and family members, Try active listening and try to reach a higher standard with your listening skills. Active listening can be a huge factor that can affect your career as a customer service provider.

02. Empathize with your customers.

Looking at the incident from the customer’s eye is the best thing to do. Empathize your customer as much as you can. Customers love to feel like they have been understood. Try to think from the customer’s point of view. Our first tip good listening can actually make this happen to a far extent. In here you have to understand that if the customer feels like they have been heard they will be more receptive. From that, points customer starts to be more supportive and the sale is definite. Think you are handling an angry customer, this tip can bring you a huge advantage in such type of a situation.

03. Appropriate and pleasant language.

Talking about the language the tone of voice is really important in handling a customer as a front liner. Any customer does not want to listen to a high tone voice because there may be many options to the customer in purchasing. So if the customer feels like negligence, higher in your tone of voice, or being rude they will no longer be ready to accept your service because most people do not like to destroy their self-respect.

Always be positive with your verbal practices and serve calm to your customer even if the person looks so angry. Speaking about signs and board in your premises they also should be customer friendly with the language. Do not use the word “do not” because most people do not like that. Instead of saying do not, you can use an alternative line. As an example “ Do not use this red button” and instead of this line you can use an alternative like “ Green button is the best option sir / Madam”. Use such types of language strategies to make your customer feel better.

04. Improve your technical skills.

Why technical skills? Because the current world is more related to technical options other than on-hand documentation. Think like a customer who wants to leave the premises immediately walks to you and attends to your service. If you will not be able to fulfill the needs of certain customers asap, which means a real issue. To get it done with no time you need to have the technical skills to a higher standard.

Try to absorb typing and system handling skills as soon you join your job. The more you learn, the more you will be able to serve your customers with confidence. An angry customer means a real scenario to attend, by arming with the skills you will never fail to provide the best to your customers. Try this tip and you may be amazed at the result you gain.

05. Know your ingredients.

This is a basic practice to follow through. It is compulsory to know your products and services soon you join the company. But I’m saying that just knowing is not enough to be a real customer service representative. Try to know it from the bottom hence you will not fail In front of a customer. Know it from the beginning, If you have any doubts ask one of your senior mates about the product or service and fill your spaces.

Customers love to purchase something with the right knowledge about a particular item or service. So try to become the one who gives that opportunity to the customer. It is a must to have wide knowledge about the product or service you sell so you can provide unique, awesome customer service.

06. Try to show your willingness to learn.

The good quality of a customer service representative is showing some dedication in learning. No matter from a junior only you have to do is learn. Add some value to your experiences day by day. Make your certificate even brighter day by day. With the experiences and education, you gain you can add value to your career path as a customer service representative. Take your own time and try to acquire the things need to sharpen yourself. Grow your value little by little and make the path to your dreams slowly.

07. Clear communication skills.

Communication is the medium we use to interchange our ideas with the customer. It may be verbal or else it can be through writing. Anyway, the communication should be transparent and clear with the customer. Most customers need It to be clear like breathe of fresh air because they are ready to spend some money or time on the purchase. We need to be aware of customers’ spending and clearly communicate with the customer is more important in such type of situations.

I think you may have heard of the ending “ Is there anything else I can do for you today”. This ending was used by many customer service representatives as a final line before winding up the service. This is because the customer is having the last chance to ask anything that they want to know. The customer takes this chance as a giveaway to attend and get to know about the purchase they did. You also can use that question as a wind-up line because it can make you a good service provider in front of your customer.

08. Always try to provide a suitable solution.

A solution provider is considered an asset to the company. Try to be the solution that customers always ask for. You know it, and you deliver it, that’s all. Most customers love to have a representative like that because no doubts will survive. There may be only a product-based issue within your premises, so try to be the number one solution to solve any issue in regarding. Your career growth will be fixed if you will be such a solver.

What You Finally Get as an Expert in Customer Service Providing.

If we can categorize the benefits of delivering good customer service, they can be as follows.

  1. Self satisfaction.
  2. Career growth.
  3. financial stability.
  4. Social knowledge.
  5. Social identification as a good service provider.

All the above benefits will automatically reach you if you can serve well as a good customer service representative. Try to do your work with passion and courage. So you will not have to put an extra effort into practicing the above-mentioned tips. Customer service is with us since the beginning of this life journey. All you have to do is sharpen your skills to become a great wall in the field. So go to your work with confidence every day.


If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.

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