Okay, let’s jump into the topic soon because we do not have time If you have decided to get married within another 3 months. I said like this because getting married is a step-by-step process and you need at least 3 months to get everything escalated for a grand wedding. A budget for a wedding can play an important role in acting your drama as a bride or groom. I think you will not get angry with me for describing a wedding as a drama. The ones who already get married definitely know what it is like to get married.

I think the average total budget for a wedding may be more than $10000 and would be less than $35000. This amount was discovered by a random survey done by participating newly married couples. So you should have the mechanism to divide this total volume into categories so as to survive after the wedding without getting stuck in a debt trap. I would really think, the below ideas may help you in making your dream wedding come true.

Prior assessments to follow before concluding budget for the wedding.

Decide the related environment of your wedding.

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There are some prior decisions you have to make if you are in need of a fine wedding. A wedding is definitely an increasing budget meter. So a better prior assessment can help you a lot in making your life better after the wedding. A budget for a happy married life is possible only if you can manage this basic step accurately.

Coming to the point, you have to decide what type of environment you would likely choose for your wedding. That decision actually can affect your budget for the wedding.

There are options as well as favorites of people to held their special day in different types of venues. Some may like to have an outdoor wedding while some show interest in having an awesome indoor wedding ceremony.

An outdoor wedding can be held in places like seashores, in hotels with outdoor facilities, or even in a beautiful area with some pleasant scenarios. Usually, an outdoor budget for a wedding is lower compared with an indoor reception.

An indoor wedding can be held in a place like a hotel, or as most of the ones do, they can choose a church to get married to. A couple should take this decision at least before 3 months to the wedding. If only you can get all escalated to have a fine budget for the wedding.

Choosing the place can affect your budget for a wedding in many ways. It can make differences in necessary activities like serving food, inviting guests, reception activities, wedding photography, and many more. So choose it wisely if you are searching to have a lower budget for the wedding.

Held a budget discussion with parents and your fiance.

A budget discussion can make all clear about all the expenses on the wedding. As everyone says, the prior discussion is the best way to face an economic upfront in a life. I mentioned it as an economical upfront because A wedding can change your total spending pattern with effect from the wedding day. So when you are planning the budget for the wedding, make sure the participation of all your relates who I mentioned above.

This could be the first time you and your fiance sit at the same table to discuss something more valuable for your future. So take his or her ideas too because if it is a shared budget you have to listen to them too. Make a table of discussion, so it would be more advantageous in escalating budget for the wedding and also maintain a good future as a happily married couple.

Parents of both parties should have a chair in this meeting room. This is because they have the experience of conducting and managing a budget for weddings. Also, they have the right to know, where they are going to spend their money. So arranging a meeting table is better to escalate a budget for the wedding.

Most recommended criteria to spend money on each category.

Reception charges – 55%
Ceremony – 12%
Photography charges – 10%
Wedding planner – 10%
Dress and costumes – 8%
Other related – 5%

Although above is the most common wedding budget dividing list, one can change their dividing principle based on priorities and favorites. As an example, If you want a higher standard in photography other than ceremony and wedding planner charges, then you can decide to arrange a higher percentage for photography out of 100%. So likewise discuss all of it and keep the plan in mind about escalating the budget for the wedding.

What are the most progressive Budgeting tips for wedding?

01. Use skills inside your own crew.

This is usually a high-yield budgeting tip for weddings. If we take photography as an example, There may be one of your friends involved in this profession. So you have the opportunity to fulfill your photography space with a lower budget. Keep one thing in your mind, remember to pay your friend’s fee because most people ignore this considering friendship.

We only can lower our photography budget with the help of a friend. But if your friend or relative attends to give you a free service, you can accept it as a real boss. So as same as taking help try to maintain your personal reputation among the family or even among your friends.

02. Use resources own by your relatives or friends.

Skills are different and physical resources are another story. If you have friends who own, hotels, beautiful outdoor backyards, vehicles, or any other physical resources, use those, and by doing that you can get some relief in making a budget for the wedding.

Please confirm those attend because an important fact like a venue can make a huge difference in your budget for the wedding sheet. If it can be managed properly, this may be a huge advantage for your budgeting process.

03. Use a wedding budget format.

The budget format is a well-performing way of making budget marks targeting a special occasion. Start finishing your own budget planner format so you will have a rough idea about the total budget for weddings as well as the budget percentages for each category.

If you are in need of a budget planner format use the link to reach a very impressive and performing wedding budget planner format. Using a separate budget format is a better idea to keep things under control on the wedding dates.

04. Limit your guests.

This is work very hard to do but you have to turn your eyes on it. First, make a fully included guest list and then cross one by one so you have to cut off 20% from the previously prepared list. To be honest, a guest can increase your budget rates with a higher capacity so, 10 like that can definitely affect more in your budget for the wedding. The best practice is to limit the guest volume as far as you can.

05. Involve more in your wedding activities.

You can be the one who participates in each and every wedding purpose without appointing another person in business. Using this effort you can lower your budget for weddings from a huge value.

To be frank, you can even continue your wedding without a wedding planner. You may do lots of work yourself, or even you can appoint one of your friends to do all this stuff. Try this idea to end your wedding in a better way.

06. Choose your professionals before 3 or 4 months to the wedding.

Some of you may think that this could be a great tip in handling a budget for the wedding. Suppose you want a wedding planner and you are going on rounds to pick up a one. If you can start this process at least before 3 months, you have the opportunity to select the finest and cheapest one for your wedding. Still, you have the time to discuss bargains and negotiations.

Anyhow if you trying to look for someone just before a week or two, then you do not have the necessary time to pick the correct one as well as the cheapest one. So choosing the professionals for a wedding is a must to do before 3 or 2 months to the wedding. Fixing the spots may really be very helpful for you to handle a very fine budget for the wedding.

07. Manage healthy time schedules.

Talking about time, above I mentioned that you have to start your workflow before 3 months to the wedding. This is really very important to manage the work in a budget-friendly manner.

Apart from adjusting the time frame, you may have a lucrative from fixing your wedding date on a weekday other than on weekends. If I tell you how this is going to help, Weekdays means most of your long-distance friends would not attend a wedding because of tight work schedules. It may be an additional advantage you would receive and use those opportunities wisely to lower your budget for the wedding. So this is a real budget-balancing step, you have to be more attractive toward these steps.

Is it possible to arrange a grand wedding on a lower budget?

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Now we have reached the end of our successful discussion. I think and I wish you will have the most benefits from this little discussion. You would have received the answer to the above question. Furthermore, you have to be more aware of your spending on weddings. Try to be wiser from the point you think to make a budget for the wedding.

A lower budget is not an option but if you are not a millionaire, you do not have any other options. Most of the female parties need it to be grand because it is one of the most awaited moments in their lives. Male readers, you do not have the right to blame them but you can use the above tips to make it big with a smaller budget. Your ultimate goal should be to avoid getting into a debt trap in the end. So best of luck for couples as well as teens who love to become couples.


If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.

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