What is Freelance Work?

Freelancing is providing professional work or service by a person or a company individually or independently without being committed as an employee. Many people are there who got lucky to handle their income as freelance workers. The bunch of services that can provide through freelancing websites are blogging, graphic designing, programming, web designing, writing, music, video editing and etc.

01. Common service providing freelancing websites.


Upwork is a leading freelancing platform on the internet that provides a space to multiple talented professionals. Most importantly service providers like IT, networking, data management, translators have a big chance to work for money in Upwork.

Statistically, the Upwork process has the cooperation of 145.4 thousand clients who spend at least $5,000 per year. Upwork is a well-reputed freelancing platform especially for beginners in each and every field mentioned above.


Data Entry is the most famous freelancing category inside freelancer. Apart from data entry, this platform is home to content writers, product sourcing, sales and marketing, accounting translators, and human resource managers. This platform provides you a well qualified expert assistance to seek your client inside the website.

Freelancer knew as a famous freelancing website with the above qualifications and customer certification. The hiring process starts with bidding on customer requests and then you have to put forward a proposal. With expert advice, freelancers can become a place more suitable to have your freelancing income.


Fiverr is one of the best freelancing websites suitable for multiple talented folks. Graphic designing, blogging, programming, video editing, music, translation, and many other services can be provided via this gateway.

3.42 million buyers use this Fiverr platform to find their best match professionals in the field. Fiverr is playing a leading role among freelancing websites so can consider as a high-level reputes platform with its performances.


A fine freelancing website that mainly separates aside for finance experts and product managers. The main industries aligned with this platform are healthcare, e-commerce, banking and finance, and more. Here need to mention especially applicants will be subjected to a test before hiring because well-reputed companies have shaken hands with this freelancing website.


One of the best UK-based platforms which play a leading role in the industry. Anyone interested in freelancing can join and work as a fine freelancer also can guarantee a well-deserved future with hard work.

The ones who showcase their talents and posture can definitely be hired inside this freelancing platform.


A website that allows their signers to create a smooth professional portfolio. The categories like finance, administration, engineering, and marketing are available to perform inside this awesome freelancing website. One important thing in here, Guru deducts 5% to 9% of your total payment as a service charge from each and every work you complete.


Flexjobs is a well-oriented platform to help freelancers. The platform always intends to assign its users a flexible schedule so as to define the true meaning of a freelancing job. The first time signs up can provide you unlimited access within your job role so performing is up to you.

As per the customer feedback, Flexjobs can be rated as one of the leading freelancing websites which can help you to perform as a freelancer.


Cloudpeeps is a well-designed freelancing platform specially prepared to benefit the freelancers involve in marketing, social media influencing, email marketing, and writing. This site allows you to work remotely as a freelancer which processes thousands of professionals as freelancers.


Truelancer is a freelancing website that allows you access to the browser via android and iPhone both OS. A very helpful platform for the freelancing community who really shows some interest in marketing jobs, virtual assisting, and many more categories.


Servicehope has made it easier for their user volume to connect with their clients through email, messaging even via phone calls. The best example for a finely generated freelancing platform.

Most importantly many professionals in graphic designing, marketing, content writing, editing, and translating fields work here as freelancers who can give you a pretty good challenge as well. But the interface process by servicescape is more friendly with new arrivals so the beginners can have the kick-start they want as a freelancing earner.

02. Writing services providing freelancing websites.

Special note – how to earn money as a blogger.


Blogging pro comes to you by giving you the opportunity to work as a freelancing blogger. This freelancing website processes services like copywriting, article writing, and much more writing-related. The most awaiting opportunity you seek as a blogger will find you within 2 or 3 days after the registration in blogging pro. Blogging pro has their specialty in making careers as bloggers.


Not the same as above but the same service provided by giving an opportunity to hidden blogging talents. Content writing, blog writing, and copywriting jobs are available on this platform. You can use this freelancing website if you are interested in writing so you will have the opportunity to make some extra bucks at the end of each month.


Due is a freelancing website made for technical writers. In here you have to join with freelancer’s category in due.com. People who show interest in technical writing, designing, and automotive writing are here. A good platform to identify your specific experiences and filter the job types you want to have.


Publoft is a freelancing website that provides you with payment every other week. The question you had about monthly income may lose with the above mentioning. You have to go through a vetting process so as to be hired inside Publoft as a writer. The platform considers more about their clients so the ones who apply for the job should go through the professional checker procedure.


Freelance writing is a well-developed platform to filter your job role and give it to you as per your preference. A free website for content writers, designers, and other writing professionals. If anyone is interested in a freelance writing job this gateway is well recommended among most professional writers.


A better experience for freelancing writers who do want to make their career goals successful. A better place to start your career as a freelancing writer. so no limits for the earnings with the amount of effort you put on. There may be some payment conditions with this platform when you deliver your order however not so strict. We can identify this as a better freelancing website that gives more space for talented writers.

03. Designing services providing freelancing websites.

99 designs

99 Designs is a famous freelancing platform among designers. The foundation was put from Australia. They have created this freelancing website with the intention to broaden the connection between the client and the designer. This field is more appropriate for the designers to showcase their skills and impress the customer with what they got.

Many varieties of designing skills are gathered here so the best place to showcase your skills and talents as a designer.


Envatostudio is a freelancing space for graphic designers, logo designers, website designers, and landing page designers. A better freelancing experience for beginners and a fine earning platform for the performers.

The ones who love designing join the Envatostudio community so they have the opportunity to enhance the designing skills inside them for a great career. Envato studio is one of the best platforms for designing individuals to showcase their talents.


Corofot is a leading freelancing website that provides web designers, fashion designers, art directors, creative directors, and many more to light up their talents. This platform has been designed in order to keep your credentials and salary information a secret so no need to worry about your personal income file inside this freelancing website.

04. Developer services providing freelancing websites.

Angel list

Software development, technology, and also marketing are the main criteria which angel list in to. Anyone who has an interest in developing a career path as a developer can join this platform to sharpen individual skills.

The email notification method will give you the message about your custom request inside this website.


If you are a personal interest in WordPress development then Codeable is the right place to start your freelancing journey. Here you have to fix the issues related to WordPress. Your work will be evaluated before being put into the service-providing section of the website. Codeable is a fine freelancing website for freshers to start their work with WordPress.


Gigster is a freelancer community that provides jobs to software developers and web developers. Gistaer team is there to handle the sales and payments part so your role is to focus on your core job.

05. Video editing services providing freelancing websites.

Production HUB

Video editors can use the services through the production hub to launch their freelancing careers. Production HUB has the capacity to enroll you as a part-time worker or a full-time worker. You have to create a profile hanging your all qualifications and then bid on projects to earn it. Here also bidding procedure is followed by the production HUB team.


This platform has dedicated itself to get interacting with TV and Film production works. The freelancer’s interest in jobs like composers, casting assistants, editors, and more movie-related, can use this as a freelancing website. This platform will assign the most suitable works for your skills in the editing industry.


Assemble is a home for directors, creative videographers, editors, motion artists, and many more editing-related. Assemble has their spaces for both employers and as well as for freelancers.

Pros and cons of having a freelancing job.

Freelancing websites

It is better to make you acknowledge the Pros and cons of having a freelancing job as an individual. So first we can showcase the Pros of having a freelancing job.

Pros of having a freelancing job.

  • No official ethics or uniforms.
  • You can decide the time you work.
  • Unlimited earning opportunity.
  • Can have the benefit of choosing your customer.
  • Flexibility in work hours and work schedules.
  • Can have the opportunity to select the field which you most passionate about.

Cons of having a freelancing job

  • No extra benefits to receive as office employees.
  • Multiple customers to deal with at one time.
  • Inconsistency of income,
  • Has to work and earn more.
  • No special leaves granted.

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