Is investing a must?. Sometimes, I use to ask this question myself. I usually like to clarify doubts that come to my mind as soon as possible. As a result, my last destination will be an expert in investing in this type of self-questioning situation. What could be the answer I get from an expert? Read below,

Do not want to invest money If you do not want to become rich. You do have to invest If you do want to become rich with money”. Some of you may agree with this statement while some of you may not. But you do have to agree because it is totally true. Let me explain.

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Perhaps you might be doing a day job or else a business. Both of these occupations can give you an income. It could be monthly or even daily. So no matter if you have the money to spend within the whole month. There could be two types, Investing folks and non-investing folks.

* Investing folks collect the crop by investing a small amount. They separate an amount for investing from the monthly gross income. At the same time this type, I mean investors are eager to save as well. So the people who invest, receive the benefits of their work after some time.

* Non-investing folks have no life other than spending their money on loans, essentials, and entertainment. They do not consider investing and saving as important. It will take some time, but they will understand the lucrative of investing.  Sometimes you might be late.

Investing questions, I think might be helpful to enhance people’s intensity about investing.FAQs are one of the recommended ways to make people acknowledge a certain subject. So I thought of bringing you these valuable facts in Q & A format. Follow through one by one you may find your answers to the investing questions.

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Most asked Investing questions?  

Well, I know this is a very fine discussion to have. So I try to give my best to my readers who desperately need more and more knowledge. I invite you to use the comment section. So I will have the opportunity to know your doubts and looking forward to answering them as well.

01. What is investing? Is it the same as saving money?.

This is one of the most frequently asked investing questions. I will give you the separate definitions for both the terms “ Investing money” and “saving money”. So you will understand the clear difference between these two terms.

Investing money – “An investment is an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation. Appreciation refers to an increase in the value of an asset over time. When an individual purchase a good as an investment, the intent is not to consume the good but rather to use it in the future to create wealth”. (Investopedia)

Saving money   –  “Savings refers to the money that a person has left over after they subtract out their consumer spending from their disposable income over a given time period. Savings, therefore, represents a net surplus of funds for an individual or household after all expenses and obligations have been paid”.(Investopedia)

It clearly shows that we can see a difference between investing and saving. The main difference between these two is that savings can increase their value if only you deposit your money in an account. But here the return is very lower compared to investing.

Investing seems more profitable than saving money because you will have a big value for the invested percentage at the end. This is because I say, investing is a must to do as an individual. You will not receive the pleasures of investing as soon you invest money. It would take time and also the values depend on your skills too.

Have some idea about investing before involve with investing. The field is a bit deeper. Arming with using skills will take you a long-distance than you think.

02. What are the best investing assets?

Investing assets is the medium we use to trade while involved with investing. This is also one of the most asked investing questions and have to answer this as well. Investing assets plays the main role in investing. Simply it decides the profit volume you receive through investing.

We can see some best investing assets inside the market. Below are some of them and I would love to know your assets too in case we miss any essential here.

* High-yield savings accounts.

* Certificates of deposit (CDs)

* Money market funds.

* Government bonds.

* Corporate bonds.

* Mutual funds.

* Index funds.

* Exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

* Dividend stocks.

* Individual stocks.

* Alternative investments and cryptocurrencies.

* Real estate.

Above are mostly used and still using investing assets since last few years. As we use more and more internet, we can see some assets like Real estate, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and savings accounts have a high voltage than others in this current world.

Another important thing, you do not have to use above all because I said they are more effective. Study and conclude the analytic belongs to one asset, follow that one asset to achieve your investing goals.

Read more about investing assets.

03. What main factors should consider when selecting an investment asset?

You should read well about this investing question. If you start investing, this could be a game-changing point. Selecting an asset is the key activity to be done as you need more profit via investing.

You will understand why I said this is more important as an investing question. Below are some considerations you have to follow prior to choosing an investing asset.

* Interest rates and market rates of the asset you would likely to use.

* You have to go through previous reports of your selection. ( Check at least 05 years back reports of the asset you love to use ).

* Find some industry experts to have advice before start investing.

* Try to predict the future by looking at the previous course records.

* Choose your own asset instead of choosing what many people choose.

* Discuss with bankers, authorized personnel, and other responsible authorities about starting and continuing your investing portfolio.

* Try to choose the best asset by comparing one by one the hand benefits as well as profit.

I think these tricks can definitely help you to find the path in investing. I and my fellow readers would love to know if there are any more to come under this investing question. Use the comment section as always to share your opinion about this.

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Once an investor has said, “If the investing opportunities are similar to a huge mountain of gold in a locked room, Investing asset is the right key to open that door. As soon you found the matching key, you will be rewarded”. Like that be good to find the correct key to success.

Get more knowledge about investing in stocks.

04. What is your investing goal?. Or else doing it for fun?.

You will be surprised by this investing question. Are there people who do it for fun?. Yes, there are. I have heard of people who invest money for fun just because to feel the risk in life. But many would not do that.

I know most of you invest to have some profit. To increase your wealth. Finally to achieve a life goal. The ones like you do not want to play with the investing opportunities. I numbered some investing goals common for many folks.

* To use the profits at the retirement.

* To buy your dream car in the next five years.

* To buy your dream house in the next couple of years.

* Use the profits in medical emergencies.

* What about the goal for a grand wedding.

* To become rich as hell within the next five years.

Above are some common investing goals which everyone should have. Life should have a hope to live. Hope can be kept alive with the goals we have. Investing can energize such goals, so finally a happy life.

I recommend keeping an investing goal, so no need for any extra motivation. Target your profit amounts and launch goals on those numbers. Investing to have a goal like the ones you have in your life. If you have those, the investment will become interesting.

 05. What are the most common investing Mistakes?.

Ups and downs, we have to accept both. It is common to lose some money in the middle of the journey. I’m not saying investing is just like gambling. But no matter how much you experienced in the field, downfalls are common in investing.

This looks like a better investing question because you have to focus on losses too. How the loss can happen?. How to avoid getting fail in the middle of investing journey. If you know the places with errors, You have the chance to come out of those situations. Below are some common downfalls which people undergo in investing.

* Not understanding the basics, concepts, and theories of investing.

* Going after one company because of scams or feeling unwanted trust in them.

* Taking decisions based on emotions instead of using your brain.

* Lack of patience which is more important and more helpful in making a fine investing career.

* Fail to diversify the investment portfolio. This is the same as keeping faith in one company. You have to diversify your investment portfolio to reduce the risk.

* Not giving time to grow up your investments.

* Not having clear investing goals.

* Bad social media influence inside your investing portfolio.

* Chasing trends unnecessarily.

The above-mentioned are the most common investing mistakes which can happen. I think this could be the most important investing question. Learning from the mistakes is the best way to learn the subject.


I see above are the most asked investing questions. Answering them might help to grow up your investing portfolio. Especially for the ones who like to start investing as a new activity.

Investing can play a key role in your life. Most people think investing is only a money-making thing. But you have to remember that, investing can use as a tool to fulfill your goals as I said above. Using it correctly is up to you.

Investing can be risky at some times. But you should know how to handle these risks. Experience can give you the necessary to fulfill your investing dreams. Most investors had to do it for years to get some momentum in making money.  So patience plays an important role in the lives of investors.

This is a world filled with questions. Investing questions are not the least. If you do have any more investing questions, feel free to use the comment section.  You might have different facts to share. We are here to answer your investing questions and to help you in using an investing asset wisely.

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So happy investing.




If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.


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