As people love to follow beauty, graphic design plays an important role in each and every corner of this beautiful world. We as humans, love to follow beautiful things. I think I’m correct If I say, beauty can bloom our mind with happiness and awesome. So why can’t we make the ultimate advantage of this option by being a graphic designer? There are people and also there will be people, who take the uppermost advantage of this designing skill. Being rich with money is not everything but also you get the golden chance to relax your mind through graphic designing. This skill is not for each and every one. There must be a destiny call to have a golden arm in designing. So the ones who are gifted with this ability know how to use it well in digging some money out of the den.

A question is there, Is it compulsory to have a degree certificate if you are interested in earning money through graphic designing. What do you think? I strongly say NO. Anyhow it is good to have a certified skill in the field but I’m saying that it is not compulsory. If you know exactly how to use the skills and how to gain the skills, then earning money is just simple as eating a donut.

I should be honest here to say that I do not have any degree certification in graphic designing. But anyhow I have been able to put my efforts together to reach a monthly target between $3500 – $4000 which I think is a bit impressive figure. I am a full-time designer and that’s the reason I was able to achieve an impressive target. You may have various calls or various ideas about this, but remember If you are able to transfer this skill to a passion it is definite money.

What are the ways to learn this valuable skill?

As I said before, this skill has no limits. Hence I do not have a degree certification for the task I had to work hard. So much hard work can fulfill your skills without any empty spaces. Use online facilities to feed your skill hunger or else you can follow a course related to the defined subject.

01. Own a designer digree.

This is the standard and most recognized way of having graphic designing skills. A highly recommended degree certificate can make you a true career path in graphic designing. It is exactly your responsibility to choose what you need and what you want most. Many companies offer a higher value to a well skillful, well-educated designer and your career path will be smooth with a degree certification from a recognized degree provider.

02. Youtube Learning.

What about youtube learning? Most people have a positive opinion about youtube learning while some have it negative. I think youtube learning is good, if only you have the correct dedication to absorb it. First, you have to choose the youtube channel which you find more understandable. Do not subscribe to all trending channels, because you might not be able to follow that lecturer. Take some time and search for the content that you need. Follow the course from the beginning with the practicals. You will never go to fail with the correct guidelines related to graphic designing.

03. Use skillshare to absorb some knowledge.

Skillshare is an online teaching and learning platform which has over 8M students. The skillshare community has more than 1000 classes to attend and you have the chance to choose the best you need. Skillshare is a good idea with this covid restrictions period. Go for the goal and make a stable economic path with graphic designing.

08 Ways To Earn Money Through Your Skills.


01. Be a graphic designing consultant.

This tip can be considered a very good income source. You should be an expert in the field to do this because consultancy is not an easy task to perform. There is a big hand in graphic designing in the current business world. This intention, interest was there for a long time but was not revealed so much. The technology was not so powerful as today. So we have a definite chance of emerging in this field and making some money. Make your own consultancy career by offering an hourly rate for your clients. You can reserve 2 hours a day or 1 day per week. This is easy money without any extra effort.

02. Creative template selling.

Template means a structure or else we can define it as a skeleton. So using a template a beginner can finish a design that they exactly want to have. These templates have a good sale in the graphics market. You can create posters, handbills, ebook covers, ebook interiors, Pinterest post designs, twitter designs, and many more templates to sell in the digital market. A cooperative world means it is filled with many offers for this template selling. You can be a permanent seller and earn some extra bucks using graphic templates.

03. Teach graphic designing.

teaching designs
teaching designs

Teaching can be considered as a stable income method as we know. You may get many opportunities with this work like sharpening your skills and earning money. Here you do not want to be an expert, because you have to teach what you know. Gradually collect some more skills from your skill factory while you teach others about graphic designing. Use online teaching, webinars, seminars, and institutions to make a brand with your name in the industry. So you will be an essential teacher for your followers. You will have an extra advantage with this, that’s what your knowledge will not be outdated because you will have to keep you updated in order to teach your students. You will be interested in catchup the latest technology to teach your students. So that is really good work for you as well as for your students.

04. Font designer.


Typography is an evergreen market for many years. Etsy is a valuable marketplace for font designers. Etsy sellers platform can be used to sell your font designs. Apart from Etsy you also can try selling your designs for the creative market. Handwriting designs and creative tool font designs both have a commercially stable market. The market is mature to sell a design worth $100 considering the creativity level of that font design. So this is money.

05. Try to make money through pre-made logo packages and pre-made branding packages.

Logo packages and branding packages are worth a higher value in this competitive market. A pre-made logo package means a pack of logo designs in which the client can choose what exactly going parallel with their business works. Pre-made branding packages are worth the most because it gathered together with pre-made logos, font designs, patterns, and ad designs. You will wonder that some branding packs can value $4000 or more with the capacity of each packaging process. No doubt about the money this is money.

06. Selling printables on Etsy.

Etsy is an online selling platform honored by many people around the world. Use the platform to sell your printables, that would be an amazing way to earn money. Try to make a customer base consisting of teachers, students, and travelers because they are the exact clients who need this market. Sending a detailed PDF version of the product has been highlighted in recent times. Use the automated PDF document to impress your customer, who ordered your printable through Etsy. Gain the trust of your service receiver always, and that would be a huge advantage in any of the sales activities you involve in. If you can put those marketing tips with skills together you can win a huge amount of customer base.

07. Target social media admins to provide your designs.

graphic designer
graphic designer

Graphic design can play an important role in energizing the people’s reach to a social media account. I also invite you to refer How social media can influence your online business to have an idea about the subject we are discussing. Design a valuable package of designs to use in social media and try to market it through social media. Boost your posts until they reach a genuine buyer and then try to value your package with the exact price tag you want to stick on your graphic design bundle. This is a really very good income source you can have if you are a skillful graphic designer.

08. Become a freelancer.


I kept this valuable topic till last because we need to concentrate on this a bit more. Most of the same pinch designers use this strategy to make the money they want. A freelancer means there are many platforms you possibly can use to swim and catch some money. As a freelancer, you should increase your patience and dedication to work because these freelancing platforms mostly focus on customer satisfaction, which means buyer reviews. They can even suspend our account to keep their buyer satisfied. Come let’s focus on some freelancing networks.

01. Upwork.

Upwork is a freelancing platform consisting of many service categories. This space has been reserved for many buyers from all around the world as well as service providers of different criteria. graphic designers use this network to get themselves to a financially stable position and it is a huge privilege for the designers to use this network.

02. Fiverr

Most of you might well identify this platform and how to provide service using this service provider. I also began my graphic designing journey with the help of this space and now I have been able to spread my branches to many other networks with the help of this Fiverr platform. Graphic designers have special recognition in this feed and you can begin your selling starts with $5 and gradually higher considering the quality of your work.

03. Flexjobs.

Flexjobs is a fine website that has allowed its workers to remote work from home. Usually, according to statistics, you will find 1000 graphic designer positions at a time within this website network. Your interest and choice can decide your future here. I think this place might be a good place to give it a go.

04. Facebook groups and Linked In.

When we consider the freelancing social media market, Facebook and LinkedIn are the best places to sell your skills. As I told you above you can be a freelancer to a social media activist and can sell your design packs to them with a higher margin of profit. This is good work to do If you are interested.

How much an artist can earn using this god gifted skill.

If I reveal myself, I earn $3000-$3500 per month and I think the number is a bit impressive when I match my budgets at the beginning of every month. As per the global statistics an average annual income of our kind is about $45,000 and it makes the number $22 an hour. So I do not think it is far difficult to estimate the income rate development of a proper graphic designer in this era.

What about some Pros and Cons of the Topic.

Pros of graphic designing.

01. Worldwide service.

This is the main advantage you gain by being a graphic designer. If you are a graphic designer you can imagine that you are a global service provider. You have an entire world as customers. No need to explain how interesting to have a worldwide customer base to serve and have money.

02. Own working hours.

As humans, we like to feel our freedom. So I would say that this is a real game which you can play taking your own time. The customer can be satisfied with a good finish before the deadline. That means you are free to work on your own time with a free mindset.

03. Mind freedom.

This is exactly an art, a meditation. So it can bring you nothing but a calm happy mind. So it is normal that you can experience a happy free mind by doing the service and also having money at the same time.

Cons of graphic designing.

01. Most clients are not easy to handle.

It has been found that the most annoying customer base exists in this field. It is really not easy to work with different tastes of art. They are different and it is natural and ok to be different. But we have to adjust ourselves accordingly to do any revision which customer request us to do. Remember that the customer base of this category can give you more pain than any other category. As I told you to keep in your mind that hard work, dedication, and patience are more important in this field.

02. A bit higher basic invesment.

Graphics design means it needs a higher level of performance in technology. You will have to throw more money in order to start the career path with higher confidence. You should not be disappointed and hesitate while working, to do that you need to give away some considerable amount for software and hardware which you really want to have.


So by following the above idea package you will be able to reach the ultimate goal of a stable income in the end. Some extra miles can be covered by using a free mind and a good eye in this graphic designing field. Try to be a unique designer apart from all because people love uniqueness. So all the very best to all my buddies who read this article with the intention of having a stable income through graphic designing.


If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.