Skills always matter. The ladder on the way to success has made using skills. Sharpening skills means it has the same meaning as preparing for the next step on your ladder. Your passion should direct towards grabbing more and more skills namely life skills as well as career skills.

Gaining skills is a common procedure for each and every person living in this beautiful world. I said that because skills only have the ability to feed you via working. Even a beggar has the skills to learn to make money as a beggar. So this topic “skills to learn to make money” has a major influence on one’s life. This influence gets its value only If he or she understands the importance of sharpening skills.

Suppose you have to rebuild broken technical equipment or else even a small chair at your house. You should have the necessary skills to do that work. Education also gives us the necessary skills to perform as individuals in the world. We have seen different types of educational systems in various countries. Whatever the educational system, the final result should be a skillful citizen. Skills have the ability to raise up your value and personal reputation as a citizen.

High yield skills to learn to make money.

new skills

Over the past few years, we are witnessing some high-yield skills to learn to make money as people. Some skills have come up flying, and we have identified them as highly profitable in the past few years.

We know that more than industrialization, digitization, and technical revolutions have caught the global market. Because of this reason, skills related to that field have high yields than in other commercial fields. But still, we have some profitable skills to develop as people without any differentiation with the field of expertise.

So my message to the young generation is, to try to spin the wheel at an early age. Find the most suitable skill you want to develop as well as you are passionate to develop. Find the most suitable path and that should be the first step at your early young age. This discussion may have the ability to acknowledge you about the right thing to do as a youngster or else as an adult.

If you are an adult and have thoughts like, “ My time has gone”. It is not that simple to live in this world without a proper income stream till the end. So my opinion is that you are never late. We do learning minute to minute, day by day, and year by year to the end. So no more talking, let’s move on to the topic.

01. Blogging.

First I choose this skill to elaborate and it is not only because I am a blogger. As I represent the community I know how people earn money through this skill. Blogging is one of the highest profitable skills to learn to make money.

Not so far, but above 5 or 6 years, blogging has been considered one of hobby and people did blogging as a free time activity. With the involvement of service providers and as a result of digital marketing, blogging turned its colors more as an earning stream other than a free time hobby. Now it has reached the top level within the category “ high yield skills to learn to make money”. How to earn money as a blogger this link can direct you towards more facts on this sub-topic.

You have to consider and pay attention to a few very important facts, before starting blogging.

  • Finding the most suitable niche.
  • Content creating skills, passionate to grab knowledge about niche and research.
  • Traffic management on your website.
  • Off-page SEO, digital marketing social media influencing.

I assure you, with the above factors getting consideration your blog will never fail as a career path. So it is a skill, a skill within the skills to learn to make money. Below are some money paths you can be sure of by maintaining a valuable and resourceful blog.

  • Google Adsense and Ad networks.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Self-promotions, personal career promotions, courses, and other essential sales.
  • Paid reviews from third parties.
  • Sponsored advertisement with financial rates.

Above are some financial benefits of having a popular blog site. If you can watch videos about being a blogger, you would know how good is to become a professional blogger in the hand of personal finance. You would also know why blogging is among the most profitable skills to learn to make money at present.

02. Graphic Designing skills.

I know many votes are there for this skill and hands up If you are a full or part-time graphic designer. If a designer read this, he or she knows exactly how lucrative is to become a graphic designer in this global village. You have many options and many stands to represent this wealthy community as a high-yield skill bearer.

How I earn money as a graphic designer, a topic I discussed before but no need to discuss it in front of a young crowd who are already aligned with technology. Most of you know what an opportunity to become a graphic designer is. This is an opportunity that can give you food for your entire life. That is why graphic designing is within the skills to learn to make money. Not a few but thousands and even millions of money.

Our eyes are more sensitive to colors, no doubt we all know that. Using this color sensitivity people have created this combination and now it has aligned with digital technology to reach infinity using the software. There are graphic designing soft-wares that gave birth to this skill and now it has developed as a high yield industry in this commercial world.

There are many ways people can earn money by being skillful graphic designers. The effective area within this category is huge so earning money may not be difficult under this skill.

  • Freelancer graphic designer.
  • Work as a company representative in all design activities.
  • Logo designing has the opportunity to create your own portfolio.
  • Small business through graphic designing. ( Additional lucrative: How to develop your small business )
  • Professional career as a graphic designer.

If anyone has the idea of being a graphic designer and going along with the decision, have to tell you that a wise decision to take. No matter being a part-timer or a full-timer, grab the skill first then you will see the financial door open within the field. Graphic designing is also one of the happening skills within the better skills to learn to make money.

03. Programming (coding from basics to advance).

No doubt, this is it. Programming is a skill that does not let you down at any point. Earlier we noted that the world is desperately going towards a digital era. Whether you admit it or not, we are in the middle of that journey. Getting skills related to programming means you are investing in the future.

Data systems, Data soft-wares, developed soft-wares, access soft-wares these all programming-related soft-wares has made it easier for people to work. The business community and commercial community are the people getting used to programming.

If you need an academic qualification, then you have to follow a degree course that would last for about 3 to 4 years with the qualification levels. But a basic coding structure can be followed for free and trust me you would be able to grab the subject as well as perform as a professional even with these free follow-ups inside the skill.

Below are some programming-related service-providing criteria.

  • build systems for users to handle their business and services.
  • Develop applications and software to be used in technical devices.
  • Introduce software solutions for technology users to uplift their technical experience.

Above are some programmer tasks related to the money-making principle. Programming can be considered a top-rated skill within the skills to learn to make money. Start from your young age and get the ultimate benefit of time to become a rich folk within no time.

04. Website development.

You would know with the name If you are a tech guy. Website development has a vast area of expertise and I think you may have some knowledge about website development. Website development is not only about building site platforms. Then what?

Website development also represents site management, website themes, and graphic management, developing websites with coding as well as using WordPress.

WordPress website development has reached a certain considerable amount of people because it does not need more coding knowledge. If a person can boost their skills using the WordPress platform, then that individual can develop a website using WordPress. Not only develop but he or she can also develop a website from mini functioning levels to multi-functional levels.

If you are more of a coding guy, then use programming languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to enhance the performing ability of your website. The core of any website has been designed using these languages, so If you have more skills in the above languages, You will find it easier to work with WordPress as well.

Methods to promote you as a website developer.

  • Use freelancing platforms for self-promotions as well as to work as a freelancer.
  • Use email marketing programs (Email marketing are the most efficient marketing criteria in the current world.)
  • Use social media for promotions.
  • Use local promotional activities using friends and digital campaigns.

If anyone is interested, website development is an evergreen skill among the skills to learn to make money. You have the ability to learn WordPress platform using classes as well as through YouTube lessons for free. Developing inside skills is tough but earning across the skill is easier when you get into it.

05. Investing in real estate.

You may surprise how investing came across under the topic ‘ Skills to learn to make money. You know, investing is a tough call and it needs more attention than any else. I agree, that real estate is a low-risk criterion compared to other risky calls but more or less investing has a risk. Obviously, to handle a risky earning stream, you would have to be more skillful than using other make-money options.

How to invest in real estate would give you more data, information, and knowledge about investing in real estate. You have to pay more attention to paper works, legibility, and legal work if you have ideas on making moves in real estate investing.

Real estate investing is a high-yield skill among the skills to learn to make money. We are not going to debate on that topic because it’s a fact. Investing is a must to maintain our financial stability for years ahead. So why not start to invest from the easiest way among the investing categories. Real estate investing is a skill that can provide you with a wealthy life from a young age to even old age.

Methods of real estate investing.

  • Buying real estate investment trusts.
  • Using an online real estate brokering platform.
  • Investing in rental properties.
  • Flipping investment properties.
  • Rent out spare rooms.

Above are the methods you can try investing in real estate. Join the high profit earning category by investing in real estate. If you have an idea, I would say the best one is to proceed with elegant skills.

06. Fashion designing and Tailoring.

A bit diverted from the above skills but still a highly profitable one to involve as an individual. Fashion designing is not only about tailoring and knitting, but also about fashion-related accessories and equipment as well.

Clothing is a huge industry and being part of that industry would be great in the hand finance. Do not get it wrong, fashion designing is not only about clothing. Fashion designing has a vast area of contact within the field and being skillful in fashion designing means touching on a treasure.

There are technical assets used in fashion designing but the demand is higher for hand-made more than technical made. We can see still that people in Asian countries demand their clothing designs and their main export markets have fallen across the textile.

Fashion designers get an ultimate opportunity on world stages like fashion shows, award ceremonies, and many more gatherings because people’s attention has fallen on those ceremonies. If the skill can be sharpened, no one can stop you from getting rich using the skill.

Fashion designing and tailoring role inside skills to learn to make money.

  • work in a reputed company as a fashion designer.
  • Start your own company to invade local as well as foreign markets.
  • Participate in world events as a fashion designing professional.
  • Participate in local events as a fashion designing consultant as well as a designer.

07. Language and translation skills.

Language is the gateway to access across countries physically as well as non-physically. The international language is English but you have to be skillful to learn more languages other than English. There are many benefits of being able to speak and understand more languages.

This can be considered one of the most effective skills within the skills to learn to make money. Learning multiple languages can be helpful in translation activities. Below are some language-based earning methods for your knowledge.

  • Act as a tourist guide and earn money.
  • Use freelancing websites like Fiverr, and Upwork to give translation services.
  • English language skills can help you to continue your blog with correct language habits.
  • You can work as a freelancer in a call center.
  • Become a language trainer in a language center.
  • Conduct classes related to teaching different languages.

Above are some ways you can earn money as a language professional. You should also have a passion to learn another language other than your mother tongue. The behavior is the main key to using unknown language like your own language because this skill should come from inside.

08. photography.

A fine, creativity-focused skill goes with your eye. Photography should have an open mind to capture marvelous scenarios of nature. People see the world in different ways from different angles. If you are able to create the most creative outcome with your camera, You will be honored and you would create your own audience.

Try to make your own culture inside the art and photography. Then attract people who see your arts as creative to make them an audience. Try to be unique with your skills because those only have a future within the photography field.

We can see more people involved with photography are very passionate about what they do. Some may not have the only intention of earning money. I said that because photography can calm a human mind and most photographers love that feeling so they involve in photography.

Professional photographers earn more than $4000 per month as per the statistics. To earn such an amount, your eye should be photographic and creative. The photographic industry has been able to reach a top level within the skills to learn to make money. You can try using the below methods to earn money as a photographer.

  • Become an event photographer.
  • Become a wedding photographer.
  • Sell photographs through online platforms.
  • Participate in international and local competitions to showcase your capacity.
  • Wildlife photography has a special place to become famous as a photographer.
  • Conduct online and offline classes and courses related to photography.

As I mentioned above, those are some photographic income sources for a fine photographer. If you have missed any of the above, start today and try to obtain the most benefit of the skills you process. I have to say most people love photography and love to learn the subject. Be the master and grab some flying money.

09. Mobile App development.

We are discussing the skills to learn to make money, so I have to state the essentials under this topic. Mobile App development is another result of the world’s digitization. I think you all know about mobile applications in other words Apps. The world is smart, we know that smart gesture has grown up with the market overtake of smartphones.

We see some similarities between web development and Mobile App development. To become a skillful app developer you have to learn UI designing, back-end computing, and programming. Using these skills you have the opportunity to design Android or iOS mobile applications.

The world is moving towards hand technology more than table technology. I mean smartphones are used more than laptops and desktops. So it is a good chance for the ones who seek opportunities to enter the app developer community.

This is a fine money-focused skill and I do not think it will be hard to learn some coding activities to develop your skills. It is worth spending time on this skill because mobile app development skills have a pretty high demand in the technical world. So the choice is yours I only have to say, you would never regret the decision-taking on developing your skills under this criteria.

Methods to promote yourself as a mobile app developer.

  • Use social media platforms to reach your clients.
  • Use email promotions to showcase your portfolio.
  • Use freelancing platforms and work as a freelancing app developer.
  • Build a local reputation as a mobile app developer.

10. Farming and gardening.

I choose this one at last because we have to promote farming as a better skill since farming and gardening getting away from people. We should focus more on this skill and you won’t regret the decision because this is also a highly lucrative skill to grab as a person.

If I’m correct food science and agricultural science are the most recommended degrees in the current world. Most countries allow migrants with these degrees to their country seeking the advantage of using their agricultural brains.

Farming, in other words, agriculture, is a science that not everyone is interested in. But if a person gets involved with agriculture, he or she would never stop studying and practicing agriculture for a whole lifetime. So agriculture is a very fine skill that comes under the skills to learn to make money. Do not underestimate the power of agriculture as a skill at any time.

Final words.

So we have come to the end of a successful discussion about skills to learn to make money. I think you will get the correct idea about the skills I mentioned above. Most youngsters would love to go through it because this discussion can give them a path for the future. Starting a small business using the above skills may be more productive than working in a company. So may this discussion help you in making life decisions and all the best for your bright future.


If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.

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