Investing is considered as an option to reach a certain amount of money with time. The definition says, Investment is the dedication of an asset to increase its value with time. The sacrifice of a specific asset such as money, time, or effort, is what we do as investing. There is a result in each and every action we perform. The final result of investing may be a profit or else it can be a loss. This is like standing on a fence between loss and profit. You should exactly know how to perform on the fence to reach the profit side. The skills will make your profits even doubles or triples. However, you need to keep in mind that our skill and way of reacting to market changes can decide our profit for sure. There are certain key factors we should consider before putting our nose into investing. The economy of the country, the popularity of the asset we choose (see the economic statistics of our asset for about 10 years), the market of our asset for about another 10 years (analytics will give you an idea), and my current economic situation. These pre-investing criteria can clearly make a difference between our profit and loss margins. So always be wise to choose the best option as the asset and try to focus only on your profits without thinking about your losses.

Do You Know Why Gold Has A place In Asset List?

A good question, but the answer still seems simple. Scientifically we know that gold is a rear metal that is very hard to find without mining. The luminous factor has decided to give an extra value to gold in this world market. So these 2 factors have been able to put gold into the most wanted list which is the same reason why gold is a perfect asset in investing. Scientific nuisance is not so important here because we are not in a science class. However, I think you all know that gold has an evergreen market which rises up always. The price tag we see today will not remain the same after another month or two. That is why we called gold is a worthy asset with a good market always. The following graph can give you an idea about how gold can perform as an asset.

So the assumptions and conclusions are very clear, invest some money in gold and enter the evergreen rising market of the world. The money invest can be on physical gold or else in nonphysical gold-related bonds.No matter what, If your assumptions and calculation are correct you will receive the price you own. As per the statistics, gold has never cheated on its owners most of the time.

Gold Statistics
Gold Statistics

I think You want to Know Gold Related Investment Methods.

  1. Invest in physical gold, Buying gold coins,gold bullions and gold jewelleries.
  2. Buying shares in gold mining companies or else focus on exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  3. Invest by trading options and futurus contracts.

So above are the main categories to invest in gold. You can choose the right way of going forward with gold investing after analyzing the most suitable method. All these options are a bit risky compared with all the other investing methods. So choose wisely and act smart to be alive in this industry.

01. Invest in physical gold.

Investing in physical gold makes it more difficult for traders because online transactions and trading modules are not so transparent compared to the local market. The probability of scams has a higher rate, so you need to use an insurance cover for this physical gold till they arrive at your addressed destination. There are three main ways to touch the physical gold market with the help of dealers, but they will be there away from the traditional brokerage market. The three ways of physical gold can be identified as gold bullion, gold coins, and gold jewelry. The physical gold purchase is the most usual way of investing in gold by beginners. If they can exceed the purchase difficulty, that means they have no other challenge to face other than making money through their asset.

  • Gold Bullions.
Gold Bullions.
Gold Bullions.

Normally the gold bullions are bars ranging from a few grams up to 400 ounces. The latest gold price varies from $1900- $2000(as of December 2021) per ounce. Because the gold bars are high in price it is safer to use shipping insurance as well when you order the gold bullions from a dealer.

  • Gold coins.
gold coins
gold coins

The gold coins weigh about 1 or 2 ounces and can recommend as the best way to start investing for beginners. There are varieties of gold coins such as South African Krugerrands, Canadian Marple leaves, and American gold eagles. The gold coin market is subjected to changes often. Not like gold bullions, these coins can be purchased via reputed dealers in the local market.

  • Gold Jewelleries.
gold jewelry
gold jewelry

I think most of you have seen gold jewelry. These can purchase via a local market. The only thing you have to remember is, buy your need through a reputed well recognized local dealer. The jewelry can use to make money in local banks and local financial loan providers. Each and every loan provider can give different rates to your asset so you have to find the best rate and use that opportunity to grab your number.

02. Buying shares of gold mininig companies or ETFs.

This is usually a bit safer way than purchasing physical gold. Here you can use your brokerage account to invest in these types. I do not want to say there is no risk, because the usual stock market risk is applied here too. You should be skillful in stock market exchanges, trust your skills and work accordingly so as to reach a maximum profit in investing.

IF you are interested in changing markets, gold ETFs and mutual funds are very good options. This has a long-term capacity than individual stock investing because ETFs and mutual funds represent a get together of a group of investors. So if you are interested you can invest in an ETF or a gold mutual fund other than risking your investment using an individual.

03. Invest by trading options and futurus contracts.

NO doubt that this is considered the riskiest way to invest in gold. futures and options are derivatives, which means their value is based entirely on the price of an underlying asset.

A futurus contract is an agreement to buy or sell a security on a certain agreed date regardless of the current situation of the market. An option contract provides you the facility to buy or sell the security if it reaches the expected value on or before a certain agreed date.

You definitely need a broker to hold up your investment on behalf, but they might require account holders to sign additional forms acknowledging the risk of investing in these derivatives. So our openion is to study a lot more about this option before laying a foot into this investment criteria.

Is It Actually Worth Investing Gold?

This question has a positive answer because as I said earlier this market is evergreen. Gold had a really good past economy and also we are witnessing a good presence in this asset. Hence we do not know about the future, we can assume it can grow big with the unbreakable past this asset had for many years. It is all up to you, choose wisely which criteria to work with. You have the options physical gold, gold stocks, ETFs / mutual funds, or futures/options contracts. Hence gold is a business that should handle with care, try to be on 10% of your portfolio as other investing assets. A well-skilled, educated, and dedicated one can win any market very easily remember that.


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