If I tell you like this, see if you can agree or not. There is a new trend in the world about resigning the day job to involve in a business. I think I am correct to some extent. People love to take some risks in order to make their future life happier. At this moment you also might have an idea of starting a new business other than your day job. I may be right when we consider your interest to read this article. Most people in the current world love to take risks and because they love challengers they do not hesitate to involve in a business.

Although the above is true we have to admit that most people find their true success via a permenent job. They love to settle in their career path in the same place or shift to another place. So in these two situations, you need to rely on a resignation procedure if you want to resign from your job. There is a world-recognized process to follow if you are willing to end your career path in one place. This is so important because it can affect your personality, career path, your future, and also to your mental freedom.

What Environment Should Be Prepared Before Resigning The Job?

01. If you hope to continue your business.

Let’s see first if you focus on a business what should be considered. If you continue your existing business then you need to stable that particular business to some extent. That means you need to feel satisfaction or confirmation about a successful future business. I am saying that if you can save some money to depend for about 2 months that would be great. I said it because If the plans do not work in the right direction then you will be lost your faith in yourself. So If some money is in your hand then you can forgive your own mistakes. If you want to continue your own business then do not drop your courage. Stick to the goal and work hard because the first two or three months after resignation will be the most challenging.

02. If you hope to change your career horse.

What if you want to move to another workplace that values your skills than the current place? Here also the confirmation is important. You need to have confirmation from your new office about your job. Do not try to tell any of your office colleagues about your leave until you get confirmation from the other company. This is more important because If anything goes south you need to remain in the duties of your current position and current office. So remember not to tell anyone about your resign till everything gets confirmed.

What should Be Included In an Official Resignation Letter?

01. Include your current position and clear reason to resign from the duties.

Including your current designation in the company is an important fact. You can include your designation also your appointment date in this document. This can give an idea about you to your higher management. It is ok if you can state how many years you served the company. Also, you can include a clear reason for your departure and the reason should be a valid acceptable reason. The reason should be acceptable because it can affect your personal reputation.

02. Effective dates of your resignation are important.

You can include the effective dates of your resignation in the document. This is so important because many companies have separated effective dates mentioned in their company policies. Some companies have 30 days while some companies have mentioned it as 15 days. So you need to contact your human resources department before entering the effective date of your resignation. Get some advice from the officials in your human resources department.

This is also important for your manager to train a new employee instead of you. If you give prior notice about your resignation they have the time to interview a new person in your place. This can be considered as a good step officially as well as for your personal reputation. You also can have the service letter from the company If you follow these official steps.

03. Use business letter format.

The letter format you should use here is the business letter format. If you are not aware of that You can use the link Google Forms to get what you need. I mentioned this special because it is not appropriate to use personal letter formats in these types of official works. So this also should be considered as an important step.

04. Reqest for your certificates and a service letter.

You can request your certificates through the letter if only you have handed them over to the head office. This is important because if you have to choose another job opportunity you need those certificates. Also, you can request a service letter that mentioned your service experience. This document also will be important in your future.

What Should Not Be Included In The Document?

01. Inapropriate Language.

Do not use unofficial language in your resignation letter. This will cause damage to your personal reputation. Use formal language to address your higher managemet and all other official staff. Do not take your bad experiences in your office into consideration. So always remember to use decent language to include in your resignation letter.

02. Do not criticize your office mates.

It is not a very smart move to blame or judge your manager or office mates. No matter what, do not try to judge anybody’s behavior through your letter. You need to stand on your values so judging someone through your letter is not good. If you can maintain your pride it will help you in your future activities.


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