As we recall, cryptocurrency has no master. Unlike a monetary system in a particular country, these digital currencies use as a decentralized system.

Can we touch these currencies with our bare hands physically?

No, we can’t do that because they do not have a physical nature like the ones we use under an authorized government.

If we can’t touch them, how we can use that currency to make purchases?

That will not be a problem at all because these are digital currencies and they have digital payment gateways to do the payments. Most developed and developing countries like the USA accept crypto payments.

Recently UAE released some of its rules regarding cryptocurrency and investing in cryptocurrency. This gives us a clue that, many countries are getting ready themselves to welcome this form of digital assets.

What is investing in cryptocurrency? 

First, we should know the exact meaning of investing. I have highlighted this in my previous sources as well. Anyhow, here we are again,

Investing is the process of buying assets that increase their value over time and they provide the return as income payments or capital gains.

Basically buying cryptocurrency through a recognized exchanger is known as investing in cryptocurrency. Here, the asset we have is cryptocurrencies and the time will decide the amount of capital gain we receive by investing in cryptocurrency.

The point is choosing a proper exchanger for the task. As most people use Binance and Coinbase, I recommend using those two platforms as exchangers in cryptocurrency.

Click the image to sign in with Binance.
Click the image to sign in with Coinbase.

Is investing in cryptocurrency worth it? 

We are living in 2022. But still, I have to say, it is worth buying cryptocurrency as the values getting calculated even at this moment.

As we heard the news most European, American, and even UAE countries accept cryptocurrencies as a legal payment. So the journey of cryptocurrency started in 2009 January has now reached a significant level of value.

People prefer to feel free. They use bank accounts, bank cards, and digital assets to manage their monetary. Nowadays, people like to feel free without carrying a purse filled with money everywhere they go.

Anyhow, we can’t say that people will stop using old-fashioned money soon. There are countries that still want to depend on old-fashioned money instead of going towards digital currency.

People like Elon musk accelerate the cryptocurrency concept, which really impacts the economy. We know Musk is an individual who can be an impact on the technical world.

elon musk about nvesting in cryptocurrency

As we can see it is 2022 but it is still worth investing in cryptocurrency.

Types of cryptocurrency. 

You know you should pay attention to investing. Investing in cryptocurrency usually starts with knowing the types of cryptocurrencies that exist.

I think most of you must have heard of Bitcoin. Bitcoin gets first place with the factors like market capitalization, user base, and popularity.

But there are more on the list that people are excited to use for a while. We know what happened to Bitcoin with time. Now we have to look for another alternative currency other than bitcoin that can gain its value with time.

Here are 10 other types of popular cryptocurrencies.

01. Ethereum (ETH). Ethereum is a pretty good cryptocurrency alternative to use. Most people follow this and can say this particular currency stands at number 02 in the list. There is a goal behind the currency and that is to create free usable globally recognized financially advanced currency for the use of people all around the world without being separated by religions, casts, ethnicities, countries, or any other. Ether was introduced in 2015 and as said Ether has occupied the second largest market capital amount of $169.5 billion. You know who is first.
02. Tether (USDT).  If you are searching for a stable one to invest in cryptocurrency Tether (USDT) seems to match your instincts while they are stable. While the most popular Bitcoin shows some volatility, Tether seems looks like staying stable in the market for a long time. USDT was launched in 2014 and it introduced itself as ” a blockchain-enabled platform to make it easier to use fiat currency digitally”. Tether has occupied a market capital of $67.9 billion.
03. USD coin (USDC). Looking for another stablecoin, here it is. USD (USDC) is another stable one that we can find on the market. USD coin has pegged its value to Us Dollars using fiat collateralized reserves, the same meaning it holds the amounts of fiat currency equal to USD coin circulation. The coin was launched in 2018. As of Sep 2022, the coin bears a market cap of $55.5 billion.
04. Binance coin (BNB). Meet the third strongest guy in the cryptocurrency market. Most people show interest in this Binance coin (BNB) at the beginning of their crypto investing. Binance coin was initially operated coincides with Ethereum blockchain. Eventually, it had its own mainnet in the market. As of Sep 2022, the Binance coin had $44.1 billion in market cap.
05. Binance USD (BUSD). The Binance(Exchange platform) created this coming as a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. As of Sep 2022, this coin was able to occupy a space of $20.5 billion in market capitalization.
06. XRP XRP was created as a payment system in 2012. Actually, XRP is the native token used in the XRP ledger. The ledger uses a mechanism called the XRP ledger consensus mechanism and has to remember that would not entertain proof-of-work or proof-of-take for validation. The client applications will be signed and sent to the ledger servers. as of Sep 2022, XRP had occupied a market capital of $19.6 billion.
07. Cardano (ADA). You can trust Cardano’s (ADA) eyes closed. The Coin was made using the extreme brains of engineers, mathematicians, and cryptography experts. As far as we know, Mr. Charles Hoskinson was among the founders of Ethereum and turned to Cardano as he was unsatisfied with the way Ethereum perform. The researchers have immense capabilities in the blockchain industry as they have done fully covered research on it. As of Sep 2022, Cardano had a market capitalization of $15.9 billion.
08. Solana (SOL). Founded in 2017, and designed to support decentralized applications. dApps (are “digital applications that run on a blockchain network of computers instead of relying on a single computer”). Solana got the name Ethereum killer as it ran shoulder to shoulder with Ethereum. Also, for your knowledge, Solana (SOL) charges lower transaction fees than Ethereum. With a huge jump, Solana raised its market capitalization up to $11.5 billion and became the ninth largest dude in the gang.
09. Dogecoin (DOGE). Dogecoin has made some impact on the cryptocurrency market in 2021. Some have identified this as the “meme coin”. Some major companies have accepted the payments using this coin and that has impacted positively the gain of the coin’s capitalization. As of Sep 2022, the market capitalization shown was $7.9 billion making Dogecoin the 10th largest share in the industry.
10. Polkadot. Polkadot is a Proof-of-sake cryptocurrency in the market. The protocol has been designed for both permission and permissionless blockchains to work together. Polkadot was created by Gavin wood, considered another member of the team who founded Ethereum.  As of Sep 2022, Polkadot’s market capitalization was recorded at roughly $7.5 billion.


So above are the most common and widely used cryptocurrencies. People use all the above in investing in cryptocurrency.

It is totally your choice to go o with the one you reached and found more profitable and more sustainable.

Bitcoin has the largest market share as we speak. So many people try to join the Bitcoin market while investing in cryptocurrency. They might think it reduces the risks.

But where there is more risk, there is more wealth hidden. You have to remember that too.

07 Things must know before investing in cryptocurrency. 

I mentioned it as things must know, because you must have an idea about some facts before start investing in cryptocurrency.

The end result should be profit, we know that. To reach those goals, you need to follow some practices with passion. Here are those,

01. Learn about investing in cryptocurrency. 

I think you may have heard of the slogan “Learn first, then remove L and earn from what you have learned” If you choose cryptocurrency, I’m telling you that you may have many things to study.

You should learn the mechanisms related to buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies. Investing in cryptocurrency means handling these mechanisms with expertise.

The productivity is within the extreme experience in the crypto ecosystem. The experience can gain through learning day by day. You have to know the exact ways to deposit and withdraw the fiat currency into the crypto blockchain.

Start your learning from the word Cryptocurrency and end learning after you heard profits. We are targeting profits and learning about the asset is the only way that we can have profits.

02. Diversify your investment portfolio while investing in cryptocurrency. 

This is a common thing among investors. Diversifying your portfolio can definitely reduce your amount of risk getting on a one-horse.

Whether you know it or not, cryptocurrency is a risky asset to play around with. the volatility is higher while you have some coins with small stability with time. But grab it or not, investing in cryptocurrency is a risky business.

So my advice is, not mine but every investor’s advice is to invest your fiat currency in multiple coins. Do not get on the same horse with a bag full of money in your hand.

There are varieties of coins. Use some research abilities to hit the odds. Invest part by part in multiple coins. A beginner should always think about reducing risks since the profit margin hit the ground second.

With the experience, you will know which is better to invest and you can hit the same horse with a bag full of money. But the beginning should follow with some precautions as crypto is a risky asset.

Getting on the popular coin or token is a tribal aspect. So give up your indigenous tribal thoughts and get going forward with a valuable coin after fine research.

03. Research will clear your path ahead. 

Even Mr. warren buffet has said this a million times. “Do research on your asset because it is your money that you are going to lose”.

While investing in cryptocurrency, do research on the following,

  • The origin of the coin or token.
  • From time to time marginal waves like profit margins and lost margins.
  • The impact of the currency on the world economy.
  • Market capitalization volume occupies by the coin you have chosen.
  • The rate comparison of fiat currency vs Cryptocurrency.
  • The accepted purchasing companies and dealers of the currency you have chosen.

Likewise, there are some important facts that you have to research and know well before selecting the right crypto to invest in.

You can build your knowledge about economics and cryptography. By doing that, you can predict the next probable event of a particular cryptocurrency. This would be more lucrative for the ones who are willing to invest in cryptocurrency.

Try some of the following tips too,

  • Join social media pages, groups, communities, and chatboxes related to investing in cryptocurrency.
  • Subscribe to email lists of crypto experts.
  • Look for online forums, podcasts, crypto developer email lists, and very valuable ones related to investing in cryptocurrency.

Now we know that research is more important than anything when investing in cryptocurrency. Keep in your mind, we should run research on any investing asset prior start investing. Wanted you to remind that how it is important to research before starting your investing career.

04. Choose the perfect Wallet. 

Choosing a wallet should have adequate attention since it has become one of the important steps to consider before investing in cryptocurrency.

What is a wallet? Normally we use our wallets to store our cash in it. Just like that, while investing in cryptocurrency, we use wallets to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.

The best wallet should do the following things,

  • Obviously, the designs should be favorable to use. I mean the interfaces should be user-friendly.
  • The wallet should support users in buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies with exact analytics.
  • You should be well aware of fees, commissions, and prices valid to the plans of each wallet.
  • You should be well aware of your wallet’s functions like as only trading, only selling, or whether the wallet performs all selling, buying, and trading functions. This is very important to know because the wallet should fulfill your needs in investing in cryptocurrency.
  • Know the number of supported coins valid for each wallet.

You can try some wallets like,

01.  04. Electrum 
02. Ledger.  05. Trust wallet. 
03. Coinbase.  06. Exodus wallet. 


I need you to act wisely at the time you choose your cryptocurrency wallet. Told it because the wallet can become your partner in progress. Most wallets provide the same options while some are not.

So choose your wallet wisely.

05. Watch out, you might become bait in fraud attempts.

This is a common mess that many newbies fall apart. Investing in cryptocurrency is a safe method to invest your money. But the grounds are not secure at all.

Cryptocurrency grounds are filled with scammers and I do not want you to fall into a trap by these scammers.

Many beginners might fall into a fraudulent attempt. Anyhow, there are incidents that experts also have cheated by these scammers. They usually play games through social media. Do you know, they have even used Elon musk’s SNL to cheat people?

The scammers use false giveaways and show another threat while you buy coins or tokens. So think like this, if anything is too good to be true, avoid such types. Be smart while investing in cryptocurrency.

06. Do not try to gamble. Avoid joining the Herd. 

A famous herd in the market is the newbie herd. They follow their own kind blindly. I mean they do trades, not after research but as a trend. There is a tendency among beginners to betting on the same horse following the trend.

This is a big mistake that new players do while investing in cryptocurrency. The issue is that they might feel like missing the trend.

I recommend doing your research, and buying the best one instead of buying the popular one. Suppose you feel positive about a currency, sometimes you might hear it from a friend or even saw on social media. Here, do your research first, pull out the previous records and see the chance of winning. Doing research instead of running behind the trend is always better.

If I tell you something here, most failing cryptocurrencies have recorded a 30% rise in late 24 hours by unaware beginners. Can you understand the risk of following the herd?

Try to be unique, analyze risks, research, and follow the records. You will do magic while investing in cryptocurrency.

07. Be aware of taxes, rules, and regulations. 

A major one to consider while investing. I’m not telling this affects only investing in cryptocurrency but also a thing to adhere to in any type of investing.

If you love or follow a path, being an expert is the only way to get the results. Tax information, rules, and regulations play an important role in anything.

Violating the above can cause a lot. Hope you would have to face the judiciary for violations. If that happens, you will lose your money as well as your valuable time.

If you are a USA citizen, go through the following link to know the rules and regulations related to investing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Rules and regulations related to investing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. 

Knowing every inch of your field will become an added advantage to becoming the profit digger. As I told above, rules and regulations as well as tax stats play an important role here.

Is cryptocurrency a good investment? 

Is investing in cryptocurrency a good idea? This is the core of the question above. I have to tell you this, investing in cryptocurrency is risky. Always you have to deal with the risk.

Even if you become an expert, you have to be aware of scammers. Most beginners face the consequences of following fraud attempts without proper knowledge. So my advice is to keep yourself under the carpet till you catch the proper path to success within crypto investing.

the things like diversifying your portfolio, and adhering to rules and regulations are the key to success in cryptocurrency.

Other than risk, investing in cryptocurrency is one of the best investments in 2023. The asset has a future as I said above. So try to attend and earn some bills by investing in cryptocurrency.


Very well, I think we had a good conversation about investing in cryptocurrency. At last, I would like to propose, making a portfolio in cryptocurrency is worth it in 2022.

But, maintain your own journey without following others and without falling into traps. This is not a dead end if you follow the above ideas as a beginner.

Well, If you think this article was effective give us a comment in the below comment section.

Also, I know that you have friends who are interested in learning about investing in cryptocurrency. Share these small pieces of advice on your social walls, so many people would benefit.

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Hoping you had the idea that I wanted to deliver, I wind up this conversation from here. Still, I want you to read more and more about cryptocurrencies before making a move. Love to see your success as an investor.

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