Low-cost business ideas, I hope to drag this topic along with a meaningful discussion as more than 50% of people in this world struggle to start their own business portfolio. These low-cost business ideas will definitely help you to, start your personal portfolio as a businessman.

We could see that the main reason for this struggle is the lack of initial investment to start a business with trust. You will get yourself a decent start if you do have the financial power to do so. But what if you do not have enough money to start your career?

Well, from here we can start talking about low-cost business ideas, hence those ideas are likely to be your new partner in progress.

I must tell you here that, these low-cost business ideas will only give you the kick-start which you need. Accelerating and pushing yourself to climb the mountain is up to you as a businessman or as a businesswoman.

As I said earlier, we see, that the lack of initial investment has become the main reason for the struggle. Even you could be a person who fails to start your own portfolio because of a lack of money.

Why regret becoming a failure while you have the opportunity to start a low-cost business as a beginner? I need a better answer for this in the comment section.

In the meantime, Get some knowledge about starting your own small businesses we have discussed earlier. Thought it might help you, as we are in the same alley while discussing low-cost business ideas.

I do not want to explain to you, how lucrative it is to have the opportunity to start a business with a lower initial cost. Most probably you know it, and that’s why you are reading this sitting in front of your laptop or mobile.

Typically, I know that I have to answer some of your FAQs while conducting a discussion like this. I think you may have below-highlighted questions in your mind which should be answered. Also want to tell you that, our comment section is open for anyone to ask questions, give comments, and even complement.

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Below are some important points that we are focusing on,

  • What is a low-cost business Idea?
  • Is it possible to start my own business with less amount of money?
  • How to choose the best fit low-cost business as an individual?
  • Tips to begin your low-cost business idea. 

Hope and wish this to become a valuable discussion for all our readers. So let’s scroll down to know more.

What is a low-cost business?

First of all, we should have a clear understanding of the term “Business Idea”. A business idea goes parallel with the meaning, a concept that can be used for financial gain that is usually centered on a product or service that can be offered for money. 

In a business, costs are calculated in the beginning, then the value you receive by selling your product or service is the total gain. Finally, the simplest profit can be calculated as below,

Simplest profit = Total amounts received by selling products or services – Total costs spend                                  to start your business

This is a rough idea, do not take it as a theory or as a principle in economics. Have a rough idea,

Accordingly, if you can lower your costs of starting a business, the profits may become higher as per the above equation.

However, not only profit, there is another advantage as I told above. It is way too easier to start a low-cost business than a regular high-end business.

We have seen, that most business ideas need a huge amount of initial investment while the ones I mention below are not. Many talented folks do nothing in business because of this same reason. It is the damage they do to themselves as a person.

But there are some businesses that do not want to sacrifice a total of your savings to start such a business. They are called low-cost businesses.

Is it possible to start a low-cost business? 

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Yes, of course, it is possible to start your own business at a lower initial cost. That is the straight answer. But, you should have to choose the best path to run along with a target at the end.

Try starting a low-cost business as a side hustle. Drag that with your day job till you reach a decent income from that side hustle business. Then you have the ability to give up the day job (If only interest) and become a businessman for the rest of your life.

The cost is low, no problem with starting from a corner.

Another thing, suppose currently a businessman but do not have money to spend on another. In such situations also you can start a low-cost business to back up your main business.

Lower initial cost and lower initial effort, so nothing to work more in a business like that.

How to choose the best fit low-cost business as an individual. 

Whenever a selection gets more interesting, passion involves in that right selection. I’m going to give you more than 20 examples below, choose what you can do for a long time till it can generate the expected revenue.

Not following your passion can definitely lead to messing up your career development. The first tip which I want to give you is, to follow that which you are more passionate about. The willingness to do something can prepare you to make money.

So it is time to choose the best low-cost business for you.

Examples of low-cost business ideas. 

01. Online tutoring. 

Online tutoring is going to be a better business to start for people who do not own much money. But you should have the skills to perform as a tutor. You should know something to teach as a tutor. There are people who make more than $150 per day, using this way of making money.

Suppose you have a better internet connection and a device like a laptop or a computer. Those requirements are more than enough to start your work as an online tutor. Obviously, this is a low-cost business idea to get on with.

02. Ridesharing. 

Most of you might know what is ridesharing. A  perfect method to earn some additional money, and is called ridesharing. The word can give you an idea about the process of this money-making criteria. Ride-Sharing, if you break the word into two, then it will give you the idea, of sharing your vehicle ride with someone else, but for money.

We have discussed ridesharing apps earlier. This is one of the easiest ways to make some money for the people who own a vehicle. You should have one, No matter if you have your personal vehicle. You have the opportunity to use your personal vehicle in ridesharing activities.

We can recommend this as a good business to do as a side hustle as well.

03. Become an event planner. 

Event planning is becoming one of the most trending businesses to start by an individual. Here you can sell your planning and decorating ideas for money. So no more costs. Your initial investment is lesser compared to other business opportunities.

Event planning is a huge area of expertise and I have seen millionaires who serve in this industry. Weddings, parties, ceremonies, sports functions, and many more events can wait for your presence as an event planner.

You have to focus on some things like schedules, guests, agendas, time management, people management, resource management, and creativity. These gestures can get you millions of money with a little bit more commitment.

04. Become a music trainer. 

If you love or if you do have any certification in music, then this chance is for you. The only cost it takes will be your skills in music. Obviously a better low-cost business idea to start with.

If you know music, have the ultimate chance to use your skills to make money through music side hustles. You can start it as your business or either as your secondary income like a supporter.

05. eBay seller. 

eBay is a world-famous store where you can purchase many kinds of goods in one place. There is space for buyers as well as for sellers. You can become a seller on this platform to sell your goods at a perfect price.

All you need is a seller account on eBay, after that, you will charge some bucks as shipping charges to send your item. You have to be more careful when you list your item on eBay. You have to include all details there and make it a profitable business without getting hammered by selling.

Watch Ebay.com for more information.

06. Graphic design. 

You might think, that graphic design is not an easy task to start. It is not like that anymore. Youtube is a learning asset to sharpen your graphic designing skills and that can help you to start your own business as a graphic designer.

There are many freelancer platforms to begin your work. You also can start a new graphic designing store in your area to help locals as well. Both of these can do at a lower cost while all the resources are present on the internet.

Earning money in the graphic designing business is one of the trending earning methods in the current world.

07. Vlogger. 

Uploading the videos to a platform like Youtube. Youtube has its monetization programs to help its users as they pay them for the views of user videos. This is a better opportunity to start your business at a very low cost. Most people earn money even though some rare videos like using washrooms.

If you are a traveler, you can make your own audience on youtube. By doing that, you can earn more money for your video views and I’m pretty sure that it could be a better low-cost business idea after all the above.

08. Personal chef. 

The chef is the one who cooks meals, the professional one for that task. This is a really good career opportunity for most people, even if they are following some courses to learn cooking. However, becoming a personal chef is a better idea where you can start it at a lower cost.

If you love preparing cuisines, you can join as a personal chef at family parties, family ceremonies, families special occasions, and on any other personal chef invitations. I said this as a low-cost business idea because you will only need your cooking skills to make money here.

09. Digital marketing service provider. 

Most companies search for guys to handle their digital marketing campaigns because they want to compete in this competitive world. This is also can consider working from home opportunity and it depends on the company’s decisions about your job role.

However, this is a good opportunity for the people who search for low-cost starts. You should have some knowledge about social media platforms and digital marketing platforms to do that. A kind of work to do with dedication, but a low-cost business opportunity for sure.

10. Petsitting. 

You might have done petsitting or sometimes not. Anyway, most people love this opportunity as they love to look after animals. Petsitting is an opportunity to start with almost zero cost, where you will only charge some money to reach the pet’s place.

Petsitting is a better side hustle too. If you have the interest, you can do it as a side hustle as well.

11. Become a social media fashion influencer. 

Social media is an awesome place to work and earn. The reason is, that there are lots of people out there to show yourself.  If you do have a considerable volume of followers on social media, then start working as a fashion influencer, which can give you tons of money just within a couple of months.

You need to have some skills in fashion or even if you have a decent volume of followers on your social account, try this. This is a low-cost business idea for each and everyone with a better social media following. You can start your business as a fashion side hustle. With time try to convert it into a mega business with a remarkable profit.

12. Real estate business. (Airbnb). 

Everyone thinks that the real estate business is only for the rich folks. But technology has been able to change that with some platforms like Airbnb. You don’t need to have a separate property to rent if you are using Airbnb. Can rent your own house’s spare rooms with the help of this platform.

Hence this is a low-cost business idea, and many people use this way to make some money as a small business. So why not, you too can try because nothing to lose from it.

13. Create digital products and online courses. 

Digital products like budget formats and printables have a high demand in the online world. It is not very difficult to sell them. You can use one of your own websites or even try selling them on a platform like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. This is a fine method to use as a low-cost business because the initial investment in the business is negligible.

Just like digital products, courses too have a better market on the internet. If you do have any skills, for example, let’s say, you know A to Z about affiliate marketing, then try selling some courses online and you can hop into the business. This is a perfect one with the hand profit.

14. Affiliate marketing. 

You know what affiliate marketing is, But if you do want to know more, read my previous article about it ” How to earn money through affiliate marketing“. Affiliate marketing only needs a compatible digital device with an internet connection. Yeah true, you can do it and bring thousands of dollars with some effort.

Special tip – 07 tips to grow your affiliate marketing business. 

15. Video editor. 

Videography is one of the main industries in this world. Video editing has a major place in the industry while video editors are getting paid high amounts. It is a truth that you should have money to become a high-end video editor, but to make small videos like youtube videos and mini videos, would not cost higher with free software like Filmora.

16. Blogger. 

We have talked about this many times before. I had to include it because it is another low-cost business idea that any of you can try. Becoming a blogger should come with passion. You should be passionate about what you are doing, so after that there you go. To have more knowledge about blogging, read the below articles.

How to continue blogging as a side hustle. 

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Tips to begin your low-cost business idea. 

Tips are very important to consider in anything which aligned with your life. So I hope to detail some important tips for starting a low-cost business.

  • Begin yourself with a detailed plan for your low-cost business.
  • Surround yourself with resourceful people.
  • Try to balance both your job and business till everything gets stable to some point.
  • Chase your passion and work etiquette.
  • Work hard and work with dedication to achieve goals.
  • Balancing your finance is more important.


A low-cost business is always better to start with because you can neglect losses while you pay less to start the business. Most high-end businesses are carried out with partnerships to reduce one-man risk in the business.

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You can even focus on another business while doing the regular 9 to 5 job. A low-cost business is the best idea in such situations.

I would like to know your idea about this discussion at the end. Also do not forget to share this with your friends who are eager to get some knowledge and also extra money. Feel free to use the comment section below.



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