Make money hacks, not ethical hacking or software hacking. Make money hacks are way easier to understand than the other two hackings which I mentioned here, I guess. 

An individual should be really concerned about following them because, if there is a way to make easy money, I think no doubt about what I said for an individual. 

We have to clarify one thing here, Can we give a definition for the term make money hacks?. 

Yes Indeed, 

What is the simplest explanation for making money hacks?

This would not be a so long paragraph because just like making money, the definition is too simple to elaborate on. 

First, we can see what is a money hack, 

Make money hacks

You would wonder whether, why this person has 2 separate definitions for money hacks and make money hacks?. 

Since money hacks have the above definition, make money hacks should have another angle in the perspective of making money. So, 

make-money hacks are the “ways to fill your wallet with effective, legit, and easy ideas without more extra effort”. 

Like that, we should know the explanation which can give to make money hacks. 

What do people think about making money hacks, I think you should know it. Below are some tweet ideas of people on make-money hacks. 



Simple make-money hacks for easy money. 

So without any further due, we can move ourselves to read on make money hacks. You would love to have an idea about making $150 daily and how much is $15 per hour after a year. 

See below, 

How much is $15 per hour after one year? 

10 ways to make $150 per day using effective and legit ideas. 

Above are two posts that I published, so people may have an idea about the numbers which they make at the end of a year or even after a month. 

I wanted to connect it with this discussion because most of the below make-money hacks will point you to make such an amount of money I mentioned above. 

Well, no more hitting around the bush. let’s get to the points. 

Below are some make-money hacks that are legit and also effective as well to make more money. 

Make money hacks #1: Survey for money.

Have you heard about surveys for money sites or about surveys for money sites?. Let me explain a bit. 

Survey for money sites is there to fill online survey applications. You have the chance of making money through those sites. below are some money-making activities you can do inside those platforms. 

*  Make money by filling out applications.

*  Make money by watching videos.

*  Make money by playing games.

You have the chance of receiving cash backs, cash rewards, gift vouchers, and gift rewards for the activities you do inside those websites. 

If I provide you with some examples, we can see Swagbucks, free cash, survey junkie, and Inboxdollars in the top places of the list. 

I have discussed Swagbucks and free cash briefly, If you love to read, 

The best survey for money app is Swagbucks or free cash. 

What do people really think about surveys for money apps, see below, 

survey for money01


surrvey for money 02

Well, I think this is a better hack to make money by not exposing more energy. This means you do not want to waste more effort and more time as well.

Easy make money hack if you know exactly what platform to use. 

Make money hacks #2: Using investing apps. 

Investing is a long, tiring process and I do not want to talk about that here. I have a separate investing category to discuss that. 

I do not think using an investing app is a more complicated and tiring process to make money. That is the same reason to categorize it under the “simple money-making hacks”. 

Robinhood, Stash, Personal capital, M1 finance, and Acorns are the most popular among the many. 

best investing apps
best investing apps

As states, the above are the best investing apps as of July 2022.

As people love to make money without trying a lot, the above apps could become friendly for each and every one of you. 

Make money hacks #3: Make money through email subscriptions. 

Do you know the easiest way of making money?. If I tell you, you can earn and save money by subscribing to an email list. Can you believe it?. 

Yes, my friend, you have the opportunity to make money as well as to save money by subscribing to an email subscription.

All you have to do is, subscribe to the email list of your most used shopping website. 

You have the chance to get cash rewards, promotional offers, cash-backs, gift vouchers, and other promotional offers by subscribing to their email list. 

But, you have to be more aware not to fall in with scams. There are many scams on the internet regarding this email subscription rewards. Below one is an example from social media post. 

scam email

Another very important fact to say is you could lose more money other than earning. This could happen if you try to buy unwanted things from the various subscriptions you have made. 

As per the stats, email marketing has a higher success rate than any other promotional method. So do not fall in because you will lose more money than earning. 

Make money hacks #4: Maintain a Blogging profile. 

I know there are people who do this as a full-time income-gaining activity. But what if I tell you, blogging too can be considered a make-money hack. 

Below are some ways to make money by blogging, 

  • Using ad networks like Google Adsense.
  • Guest posting.
  • Maintain your own WordPress website for blogging. 
  • Freelancing.
  • Use monetization-eligible blogging sites to make an income.  
  • Maintain your own blogging portfolio. 

Likewise, there are options for a blogger if you do have the courage to continue your blogging profile. 

I mentioned this as one of the make-money hacks, If I say why, you can involved with blogging in your free time. Believe me, you would love to do it. 

This means, an activity with efficiency, without more effort and profitability like blogging should really be under the category make money hacks. 

I would like to present to you some previous discussions I’ve had regarding this blogging portfolio. Think you would love to follow them as well. 

Blogging is fun, no any doubts. Also, it can consider one of the make-money hacks, also no doubt.

Make money hacks #5: Create and sell online courses. 

An online course, in other words, a downloadable file stock on the internet that can use for educative purposes. 

If you do have skills or knowledge about any subject, you have the opportunity to sell them as an online course. 

Below are the best platforms to sell your online courses to grow up your business.

Selling online courses has become a worthy business on the internet. Indeed, it is a better make-money hack if you do have the interest to involve. 

Make money hacks #6: Create and sell ebooks online. 

Do you have the writing ability?. If yes, this is for you. Ebooks have been the most popular way for writers recently. 

Use platforms like amazon Kdp, and Ingramspark to do your work. This is a better make-money hack if you are really interested in making some extra money.

amazon kdp

Make money hacks #7: Use the Airbnb app.

Above we talked about investing, Airbnb is a kind of app to use for real estate investors. I mean if you own a property like a hotel or even a rented house, you have the opportunity to make some sales via the Airbnb app

Airbnb states that over 150 million people users and hosts are active inside this app. This app serves more than half a billion world people per year.

Simply, this app does the connecting task of a host with rental property and a foreigner or local traveler who is in need of accommodation. 

So simple, as I said above, whether you have a hotel or even a rental property you can register with Airbnb to make some money. 

Make money hacks #8: Mainvest for local business. 

I have talked about investing apps, but this is different. Mainvest is a business platform for local business holders. Which has the ability to start the business with less investment, usually $100. 

This might become a good chance. If you do not have the intention to collapse with large businesses, then I recommend you to try Mainvest as a beginner.  

Mainvest stands with local business personalities with their tagline, “Invest in the main street”. 


You will have the below favorable options as a Mainvest user,

  •  Ability to diversify your portfolio.
  • Profit margins of 10% to 25%+.
  • Have the opportunity to identify the local business environment by investing.
  • You will be protected against inflation.

So, thanks to Mainvest, local business owners have the chance to find investors, and the opposite, investing parties can involve with investing as well.

Make money hacks #9: Work as a freelancing graphic designer. 

Graphic designing, personally I also love this skill and I have identified many people who love to involve with graphic designing. 

No matter if you are a professional graphic designer or, even passionate about colors. If you love this activity, I have to tell you this, can earn an amount much more than your permanent income. 

Fiverr, and Upwork can be named as leading service providers in this category. You can register on these websites as a freelancing employer, then start your make-money hack like a pro. 

One of my friends has his own experience with earning money as a graphic designerAs I always say, people love to see beautiful things with their eyes. They love to examine beauty. So, 

Graphic designing seems like an evergreen money hack. 


If you love to design, then you would also love to handle money because making money using designing is a definite work to earn money. 

Make money hacks #10: Design and sell T-shirts online. 

This is just like customizing a design. A website like Teespring gives you the chance to establish your own store inside their platform. 

Here, you can design T-shirts, mugs, and other designs to sell inside your Teespring store. I have tried it but still do not have any orders because of my busy schedule with other work. 

Teespring dashboard
Creator step

If you have the interest, you can earn more than $50 a day using this platform. Teespring is known as one of the leaders in this category while we can see some other platforms as well. 

  • Printshop by Designhill.
  • Threadless.
  • Bonfire.
  • Spreadshop.
  • Sellmytees
  • Cafepress.
  • Spreadshirt. 

above are some competitors for Teespring, thought you would love to try them. So you would see, this is one of the make-money hacks that many people have the chance to use. 

Make money hacks #11: Use Rakuten to earn cash back on purchases. 

Shopping and purchases we consider essentials in our lives. We need those purchases to maintain our lifestyles. 

What if you can earn cash back while shopping for the essentials?. Do not want to miss it right?.

Rakuten is a safe and legit platform to make you money while doing purchases. If there is anyone using Rakuten, I need your honest answers to one question. 

Do you feel Rakuten is a worthy platform to use?. Use the comment section guys.

Rakuten Sign in today to receive a bonus from Rakuten.

As we need those purchases, I think it is worth using a service like Rakuten to make money while shopping. Especially ladies will see the worth of this platform.

Make money hacks #12: Use Coinbase to buy and sell crypto Currencies. 

You may have heard of virtual currencies right?. Cryptocurrencies are the ones people use on the internet and also trending. 

Coinbase is a platform developed on behalf of selling and buying cryptocurrencies. You can convert your money into cryptocurrencies and sell them on this particular platform. 

Is anyone here using crypto trading?. I would like to say, Coinbase is a legit and effective platform with a mobile app.

You will have the opportunity to start a portfolio. Do you have a desire to invest in cryptocurrencies?. This is a better path to start. 

Make money hacks #13: Dogsitting using Rover app. 

Do you love dogs?. If yes, It is your opportunity to make some extra cash through Rover (Petsitting platform). 

You can sign in to become a dog sitter. Dog walking and dog boarding can earn the price inside the platform. 

Boarding, house sitting, Drop-in visits, Doggy daycare, and dog walking, such activities are there to do. You even can enter the size of the dog when you register on Rover. 

cat and dogs

If here anyone likes to watch dogs or cats, Rover can consider a better make-money hack. 

Make money hacks #14: Online proofreading jobs. 

Proofreading is a fine opportunity for the guys with language skills. If you do have grammar skills, vocabulary skills, and language usage skills there you go. 

If I tell you some websites for proofreading jobs, 

are among the most famous in this category. 

You have to fix the mistakes in printed and written materials. That’s why I said, better language skills are essential in this work. 

If you do have the grammar and language skills, online proofreading is one of the better make-money hacks on the list. 

Make money hacks #15: Maintain an online store. 

If I tell you, that an online shop is more profitable than a local street shop, do you believe it?. 

There is a reason why I said that an online store is more open to a million of a customer base while a local street shop is not. 

Shopify, a connection to take you viral. Here I’m not trying to promote any service. But Shopify is a world-famous eCommerce website builder platform. 

You can start your online shop related to a separate niche and the most popular niches are below. 

  • Beauty products.
  • Baby products.
  • Fashion and jewelry. 
  • toys. 

Even we have grocery shops as online stores. So why not start an online selling business. Most people think it is a good make-money hack compared to some other online jobs. 

Make money hacks #16: Develop websites using CMS. 

Become a website developer using software languages, which I do not think is a money hack. The reason, it is not an easy way to make money but an effective permanent income. 

Here, you have to consider, building small websites using WordPress, Squarespace, or Weebly. 

Earn some money by making websites. Many people without technical knowledge want some technical assistance in these kinds of situations. Take the chance to build a website for a small amount of money. 

You would live to roam on our blogging tools page. 


Here, WordPress is the market leader and but the other platform too has a good reputation as content management systems. If you are able to continue a better business portfolio, you will understand that making websites is a better make-money hack to follow. 

Make money hacks #17: Start a transcribing service.

Starting a transcribing service is not as simple as it seems. You should have proper language skills to note down the necessary things in a session. 

Use some platforms like Gotranscript, Transcribeme, Rev, Speakwrite, Solidgigs, and flexjobs. 

Transcribing should have patience and dedication. At the same time, I would say fewer skills. You do not need high voltage skills to involve in a transcribing job. 

Suppose you are smart enough to handle a particular language (especially English), then that is more than enough to do this activity. 

I would say, transcribing is one of the better make-money hacks, if you really need one. 

Make money hacks #18: Sell your photographs.

Selling your photographs means not your selfies or portraits. It also can be done, but here I’m talking about selling your photography. 

Photography is also a skill but most people can grab it very easily. Do you know, there are big spaces for you to sell your clicks. 

Try some websites like Shutterstock, Etsy, Gettyimages,iStockphotos, and Smugmugpro. 

If your profession is photography, would have the chance to know, how an audience going to react to your photographic skills. 

Make money hacks #19: Become an Affiliate Marketer. 

Affiliate marketing is a world-accepted method of making a serious amount of money. 

This method is a connection between a shopper, a customer, and you. You have to introduce a customer to a shop. If the customer buys anything from that shop, you have the opportunity to receive a fractional commission of the purchase that you made. 

Earning money through affiliate marketing is a legal and effective way to earn money. Below are some world popular websites with affiliate programs,

  • ShareAsale.
  • Amazon associates.
  • Awin.
  • Cj Affiliate. 
  • Clickbank.
  • Flexoffers.
  • Rakuten Marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an easy way of making money if you do have a considerable audience to handle. 

Not only me, most people see this as a good one of make-money hacks. 


we have come to the end of a successful conversation. I would like to know your ideas about this discussion. 

If there are any remaining make-money hacks, please make us all know about that too. It is worth studying every inch of the subject so we can be financially stable somehow. 

Use the comment section to share your ideas and to ask any questions regarding these topics. I would love to attend and help you with this. 

I think this discussion was effective for make-money hacks seekers. So finally would like to tell you all, happy earning guys. 









If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.


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