Fashion is everywhere we see. It is another trend maker category that most people prefer to follow. So no doubt that fashion side hustles too has the capacity to enhance your income volume. The ones who involve in this earn more than some permanent day jobholders.

A professional employment opportunity needs academic qualifications. But a side hustle like this needs skills plus a little more dedication. Developed skills and dedication can bring you the money you need in making a better financial status.

A side hustle means a way of making an extra income apart from the mainstream. This is basically what we do by involving in a side hustle. A fashion side hustle is making a secondary income by involving in a fashion-related task.

It may be more beneficial if you process some academic or professional qualifications. If yes, you only have to involve in what you know most. At the same time do not want to feel bad if you do not have any qualifications to involve in a fashion side hustle. There are hustles which do not really necessary for your professionalism. Go through the below list and find the most suitable one for you.

Pros of having a fashion side hustle.

* A field with higher opportunities. Skills will make your way up.

* Easy to manage time just like most of the other side hustles.

* Fashion is a field with higher customer volume worldwide. It will be easier to grab your customer.

* The initial investment is lower. Can start with a little basic investment.

* Social media, the Internet, and technology have given higher attention to fashion. So it is easier to reach a vast amount of customer base.

* While you perform as a fashion maker, you will have the chance to grab social attention as a better trend maker.

Cons of having a fashion side hustle.

* you have to dedicate more because people love to take advice from the experts in the field.

* Have to be more aware of personal fashion because people first try to compare your fashion. This can cost a bit more when you go into the fashion field.

Examples of fashion side hustles.

01. Become a social media marketing manager.

social media marketing

As I told above, social media give a huge space for fashion-related marketing efforts. Actually, it has not given but with the trend, it has been created inside social media. You can try becoming a social media handler to increase the market capacity of a certain product.

Many people are there who search for talented, skillful, and creative personnel to maintain a social media platform on behalf of their company. You can get the benefit of that chance to earn some extra income without wasting more time on that same social media. Below are the reasons people search for individuals to appoint for this task.

* unavailability of time to involve in social media marketing because of their tight schedules.

* Most elders do not have the knowledge to interact with new technology like the younger generation.

* Paying a third party is more effective than appointing a member from the same office.

Because of the above reasons, customers can come to you seeking the service. All you have to do is fulfill their targets by using your skills as the main gun.

02. Resell your old clothes.

old clothes

This is one of the fashion side hustles that can save you some money rather than giving you the opportunity to make money. Perhaps you would not be having the idea that it is the same as making money which absolutely helps your personal finance to stay strong.

You would have the feeling like, “who the hell wants to wear my junk”. Wrong, many will be there to buy your junk and you will notice it as soon you start selling your old clothes.

Is there fashion hidden inside old clothes? I know that is your second question. I would like to tell you that, nowadays fashion is with old and simple clothes than expensive high rated clothes. There is a separated community who love buying old clothes because of price or because of the fashion they see inside those junkies.

So can recommend that reselling old clothes comes under the category of high-income fashion side hustles.

03. Become a shopper.

clothing shop

Open your own shop to sell clothing and other fashionable items. Some of you might think, this could be a full-time profession because have to stay in the shop to do the business.

Of course, you can do this as a full-time business. You will make some higher profit by doing this business.

Think like this, there are three things you can do to make it one of your fashion side hustles.

* use one of your family members to keep them during day time till you come.

* Open your store after 6.00 p.m so you can attend side hustle works after the day job.

* Take another person to work in your shop. Still, it should look better when you calculate the budgets for profits and losses.

04. Become a fashion influencer.

social media influencer

If you can work as a fashion influencer for a particular brand, you will likely to make good money. Most people have this misunderstanding that, to become a fashion influencer there must be strong social media follower volume. If your work has the engagement which It needs, that is more than enough to do social media influencing as a fashion side hustle. If the fashionable brands get to know you, they will reach you to make the deals. After that closing, the deal is up to you by fixing the time schedules to do your daily work as well.

05.  Selling handmade jewelry.


Hand-made simple jewelry has a better market than most expensive brands in the market. You can choose this as a profitable fashion side hustle. The ideas can be taken from internet sources like google and youtube.

Sell online or even you can sell them to your friends. I have seen many people love such simple ornaments and they wear them as they see them as fashion. Hand-made simple items are there to sell on roadways. Once I spoke with a seller, and he said me that he can earn more than $100 per day by selling that jewelry.

But anyhow as a fashion side hustle, you can use social media to save time. Most social platforms have made it easier for sellers to do their business via the platform. So this is definitely a high-profit fashion side hustle if you have the interest due.

06. Flipping clothes for high rates.


Flipping clothes means not selling your old clothes. Flipping means selling the ones you bought by keeping a margin in between. If you buy a pair of trousers for $25  you can sell the same one for $30 by keeping a marginal profit of $5.

There are people who make more than $1000 per month by doing this as a side hustle. The best example we can provide is drop-shipping. Drop-shipping is one of the flipping methods, you may know how much they earn per month by doing this as a side hustle.

So I can recommend that flipping clothes are a good fashion side hustle to do if you have free time after day work.

How to start dropshipping through Shopify for beginners. 

07. Maintain your own DIY sewing place.

sewing shop

This is obviously a good side hustle as well as a better hobby to do. If you are a person who loves making new fashion trends, this opportunity can be used to showcase your talents. You will only need a sewing machine and a little bit of knowledge about sewing.

Use this fashion side hustle to do the following things,

* Put some of your products to the local market and sell them.

* Promote and sell your handmade designs via social media platforms.

* Help your local area people and earn some bucks by sewing the designs they want.

* You can DIY your own fashions using the skills you process.

Above are the things you can do while maintaining a sewing place. I think it is a better fashion side hustle to do while searching for some more money.


Previously we have discussed some online side hustles as well as the best side hustles to do in the current economic world. I do think this is the first time we discuss fashion side hustles as a money-making method.

You also may have some ideas about making money. I think there are people who love to read those methods and love to earn some extra bucks using those ways. Use the comment section below to share your ideas with us. It will be a great experience for the ones who seek money.

As I mentioned above, fashion side hustles are evergreen money-making efforts that anyone can do with fewer skills. Hope to see many people using these methods to make money.


If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.


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