If you are looking for an online data entry job, We have shorted your search list so you can find the best place to work from home.

What Is an online data entry job?

First, let me take you through the definition of a data entry job. In data entry, people use computers and data processing programs to enter information into a database or a regular documentation system. This is what people do as data entry operators.

Today’s topic is a bit different from data entry jobs. We try to consider online data entry jobs so we have broadened our usual form of data entry jobs. When it comes to online, online data entry jobs can perform using an internet connection but the same task as I mentioned above. An online task can be done by sitting in our living room while having a hot cup of coffee.

Online data entry job

People who get involved with online data entry jobs, earn more than $500 per month with an extra effort. Many have trained to involve in such side income so they can help their family finance to stay strong. The main aim of most of these people is to boost their family financial goals up to a certain level.

Online Data Entry Job as a side hustle.

Most of you must have something in your mind like, ‘Is an online data entry job a side income, or else it is a permanent income.’ In here it is better to be aware of the numbers more than the comfort.

Data entry is a good field to involve but when it comes to financing it showcases some negativity with the numbers. If any income cannot exceed $1000 per month we have a definite call for such an income, “Side income”. So keep in mind unless you are well settled in a third-world country $1000 means only pocket money. The field online data entry job, will not suit as a permanent income.

Not a main income means obviously a secondary income, So have to tell you online data entry job is a trending side hustle in 2022.

The best participants of online data entry are college students, housewives, the disabled community, elderly people, and also we can see the day workers involved in the task when they are free. So we can assume that many folks are involved in online data entry jobs with the intention to flat the surfaces in personal finance.

Top 10 websites for online data entry jobs.

01. Freelancer.

Going with the name Freelancer, you can have an idea of what we are stepping on. Yes, of course, a freelancer is one of the world’s leading freelancing websites with online data entry jobs in hand. Freelancer takes a place within the top 10 positions of leading online data entry job sites.

This platform has arranged for you the facility to search for the best match. You can search what you need, like languages and skills to filter so can reach the best suit with a few clicks.

The famous bidding is the procedure to catch your bait so your buyers will get attracted to you with your bids. Freelancer is a better place to earn some bucks with an online data entry job.

02. Indeed.

Another awesome place to start your play as a data entry operator. As per the reports this site has more than 250 million monthly visitors. This site is also armed with 1000+ online data entry occupations which pay solid.

Like most of the sites Indeed is also a free registration site. Just after registration, you have to upload your resume to meet customers.

Email notification procedure will bring your job to your doorstep. Indeed is more of a transparent site and I s because they have designed the platform to make it easier to develop the mutual relationship between employee and company. You can see company details, day-to-day work, salary, and job responsibility details with a few clicks.

03. Upwork.


Upwork is the best and most rated freelancing site which provides space for data entry operators too. The registration to the site is totally free. Here you will find the job roles like data entry, data transcript, and data translations.

There are more than 5000+ remote data entry jobs available at Upwork. The site has been designed so as to make you feel comfortable and easy in finding your online data entry job. Upwork is a 100% legit and sure money site because most of the leaders like Microsoft, Airbnb, and Cotty have their faith in Upwork.

04. Fiverr.

Yes right, Fiverr is also a freelancing site with many freelancers going around. Fiverr has its publicity in graphic designing and software-related freelancing work. But we have the opportunity to join online data entry jobs via Fiverr.

Data entry, data transcript, and data translating are some data-related opportunities inside Fiverr. Fiverr is the most recommended online data entry site which has many positive customer feedbacks as a freelancing website. Your registration is totally free, after the registration you have to enter your qualifications, about written exams and enter your own gigs portfolio so the customers can identify yourself easily. If you are a beginner Fiverr is the best place to start it.

05. Rev.

Rev is a better mutually related online platform for data entry operators. I mentioned that because this platform has skilled data entry operators and genuine customers.

This website has a weekly payment role, so the candidates can work at home by adhering to a friendly schedule. Rev has data entry jobs, data transcription jobs, data translation jobs such as opportunities for anyone who wants to involve with data.

Like most of the sites, Rev is also a registration-free website to involve as a worker in an online data entry job.

06. Transcribe me

Transcribe is also one of the best among their category. You may have the chance to get into data entry, data transcription, data translation jobs. Time schedules have been made flexible so the attending people can work as they have time.

This platform always seems direct about its payment criteria. The constant payment criteria have made it much easier for the data entry operators to work for the site. No, initial registration fees are involved. Transcribe me is a better platform than any other else because it has directed the way for many professionals.

07. MTurk

If you have an amazon crowd-sourcing platform it might be an additional trust uplifting fact. Amazon Mechanical Turk or in other words MTurk is a legit platform. In MTurk a person can find online data entry jobs, data processing jobs, and data analyzing jobs.

Many outsource companies meet in this space so they can find the best aligning with their task. Like many online data entry jobs, MTurk also has the ability to allow you to select your own working time. This flexibility in working is one factor that many love about online data entry jobs.

08. Lionsbridge.

Like the name, Lionbridge is also a professional data entry website that is totally free to register. In this platform, you can find job opportunities like online data entry jobs, Data annotation jobs, and also online translation jobs.

If anyone is in need of a steady secondary income this is the place. You will have flexibility in working hours, and also 300+ languages to work with.

09. Scribie.

If anyone has the intention to become a data entry professional then you have to look in this space for an opportunity. This site is more popular for online data entry jobs, translation services, and data transcribing services.

English communication skill is a definite one to have in a space like this. Inscribe, you will find more audio-related transcribing jobs like audio into text, by correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

10. Megatypers.

This particular platform is an online data entry platform that is free to register as many of the sites. This is a legit website if you have any doubt about that. You need to have a PayPal or western union account in the cash-out process.

As per some analytics, a person using this website has a maximum capacity of making $250 per month.

Pros of having an online data entry job.

  • Ability to work from home.
  • Flexibility to choose the work schedule.
  • A side income source apart from the primary income.
  • Have the opportunity to develop your typing skills.
  • Knowledge about varieties of working platforms and industries.
  • Have the chance to handle high end customer base.

Cons of having an online data entry job.

  • You have to do your best in handling over the work within given time line.
  • Will not be able to reach a constant permanent income.
  • Diversity of working profiles.
  • Has to move with varieties of customer and sometimes with rude.

Who can involve in an online data entry job?

Anyone who has the intention to make some extra bucks can join one of your preferred platforms. But there are some people who want this badly. The ones who like to gain their family finance would love to have an opportunity like this.

01. College students.

Most college students do not want to discuss their financial matters with their parents so they are in need of a side hustle to earn the money they want. As they are in need of a financial gateway college students usually attend in these types of side hustles. Side hustles for college students can help them a lot in such instances.

Online data entry jobs also can play a relief role in making financial stability within college students.

02. House Wives.

Housewives, especially moms with babies are really in need of some kind of income method to help their husbands. An online data entry job may be a better suggestion for those in need of such an idea.

This is working from home job, no need to take your babies with you, you can sit in your living room by being comfortable, and having a flexible time schedule means more effective than anything. Online data entry jobs are perfect for those with the idea to help their husbands.

03. For disabled people.

Disabled is a group of people who has a high intention of being involved in a job but cannot afford risky jobs. They do not have the ability to go to a job or to do self-employment.

Most probably they can involve in a money digging process by sitting in front of a computer. So we can highly recommend this particular online job is perfect for a disabled person. Anyone in need of money can involve in online data entry jobs.


An online data entry job is a definite side income. Now you know that for sure. Nut something is better than nothing right? Instead of wasting your free time, you can involved in a side hustle like this. Involving in a side hustle is better in every hand so you can learn and earn at the same time.

An online data entry job is a perfect side hustle so you will be able to gain lots of knowledge as well other than money. A side hustle like an online data entry job can produce a maximum monthly income of $700- $800 but maybe enough as it is a side hustle.

Some people may have an idea like is it worth doing such work for $700. But as I said something is better than nothing. Other than online data entry jobs you also have the opportunity to use passive income apps in making some extra money. Anyhow try to get the uppermost advantage of the free time you have.


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