Today we are going to discuss an important topic. A topic which every one of you would like to know more about. This could be a life matter for sure. The first day of work can always matter when a person starts his or her career path. Stepping into a career without jamming should be the last outcome you receive by reading this discussion.

You know that the first impression is the best impression. So the first day of work is also a kind of first impression. An employee starts a career to stay on it for at least a year or more. Remember, the face you show them on the first day of work will decide many things.

I do not want to focus on that, everything will mess up by not attending on the first day of work with confidence. But you will understand after this discussion, there is some influence to the journey by the first-day impression. The reality is the first week of your work will directly affect the rest of your time at the office. So try to be more effective and helpful at work beginning from the first day itself.

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How to behave on the first day of work.


01. Dress.

The first and most important thing to consider attending work on the first day as well as on the entire working period. The dress can showcase our personality to the outside world which we cannot tell them within a day or two. The outsiders trying to measure our personality and social range through our dress code. It would be better to wear a formal dress on the first day of the office. You have the chance to discuss with your HR department about the official dress code because we see some diversity in dress codes from company to company. But the most common one is the formal dress code which can be accepted at any office. So try to pay attention to your dress from the beginning and it would only be an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

02. Prepare time gaps in order to be on time.

Being on time at the office every day is important. But do not ever be late to the office on the first day of work. Keep your estimates away and ready to be on-road at least 30 minutes before the real calculations. I said that because you have no idea about the on-road disturbances which can arise ahead of you. There might be traffic, vehicle breakdowns, or else any other emergencies we never know. I’m not telling that these will happen for sure. But precautions before risk are always better for not getting late at work on the first day. Keep in mind, if you get late on the first day of work, that would never let your records as a black mark and I’m saying it from my own experience. So being on time is your ultimate responsibility.

03. First greeting.

“Hi, Good morning”. is the usual first greeting. Go for it, because anyone will not charge fees for greeting them in the morning. This is a good sign for you to introduce yourself as well as to identify the other co-working characters. Need to do it every day. But doing on the first day of work is a bit special because most new recruits fail to greet on the very first day of work. I have experienced this many times. Most of them are shy during the day. You have to remember greetings on the very first day is important either more people do not consider it.

04. Ask questions from your seniors and co-workers. Clear doubts.

No matter how many training sessions you followed, you have to depend on asking and learning in the first few months. Asking questions is not a crime so if you have anything to ask, just go ahead and clarify issues. Starting the procedure from the first day would be an advantage. I said that because many newly appointed employees are not stepping forward from the first day of work. Your boss or supervisor would like to clear doubts about work. They know the better one is the one who gets more and more knowledge about the workplace as well as the working field. The one who clears doubts on the first day of work will not stop until he or she finishes gathering answers. Trust me, your higher officials know that. It will be a huge advantage within the entire career period.

05. Take the meal with co-workers.

Another small thing but important point to consider on the first day of work. Some will have an idea like, taking meal is a private thing so I would take it alone. Keep away the wrong idea, and be polite to invite co-workers to take the meal. It doesn’t matter whether they accept or not, you can invite them.

Most of the time you will receive the invitation to join the meal during the meal break. Accept the invitation and sit with them to have the meal. This can be considered as a one-point that can strengthen the relationship between communities. It would be easy to start the relationship from the beginning on the first day of work.

06. Attend supervisor calls.

You will definitely have some calls from your immediate boss on the first day. Most of the time these calls may be about giving some advice to showcase a better career at the office. Your responsibility is to attend to calls without getting late. Do not make a bad image of yourself in your supervisor’s mind. The first black marks will not leave the surface for a long time. You should have the time because you are new and the first day of work will not be busy for anyone as I know.

Do not get into decisions like “I do not care about anyone”. You may be recommended by a higher level than your supervisor but keep in mind, that you have to work with them for another long time. So try to attend as earliest to the supervisor’s calls and maintain that habit until you work in the company. Consider this as more important because it is really very important.

07. Pay attention to your body language.

The first day of work will be weird. A common feeling to have on the day. But do not showcase your feelings. Unknowingly you may reveal your feelings via body language. Do not allow that. Stay a confident person. There will be lots of lessons on the first day of work. Getting panic is normal but you should have the courage to hide the panic inside without expressing it through your body language. You have to gain others’ trust. To do that maintaining fine body language is the key.

Stay confident about your knowledge. Maximum confidence can help you to maintain fine body language. Try to behave like a newcomer at the place.

08. Relax.

I know this would not be easy. Relaxing on the first day of office? A bit difficult but you have to. Sometimes this can be for your own good. I have seen new ones who stopped coming to work from the second day itself. The main reason may be confusion and lack of confidence. Being relaxed is the answer for confused minds as well as for tired minds. I know this is not easy. But anyhow, you have to allow things to flow freely without grabbing more than you need to grab in the first couple of days. A relaxed mind can show you a long-distance of your future. Do not become an unlucky person to regret working from the first day of work. Relax and work free.

09. Do not forget Onboarding, Orientation, and documentation.

You are going to step on the ship. Documentations are common and filling up the things is very important. You will have to do the onboarding, orientation, and documentation activities starting from the first day of work. Better to do first things first. Very important to focus on documentation works because some can affect directly to late your monthly salary to your bank account. Try to finish them all within the first week. Consider this as important and pay the earliest attention to paper-works related to your career path.

10. End of the day.

The beginning was beautiful, so the end should be. “goodbye” the common end greeting. Start using the end greeting from the first day of work itself. Your co-workers will be happy about you with the things you have done up to now. Ending the day also should be done with respect. Use the common end word and leave the office so you have the advantage of winning the hearts of co-workers as well as your boss. So end it well and those are the main things you have to consider on the first day of work.


If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.

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