Why people are unable to save money? In this little discussion, we will see the main reasons which can fall apart one saving ideas forever. A doctor gives prescriptions by investigating the disease. Here also we are doing the same. If we know the reasons, we are so close to avoiding them and reaching our saving goals.

I think it not necessary to explain to you the benefits of saving money. If you can’t save money, you will never know the importance of saving money in your life. Imagine you are making a budget template at the beginning of every month. You can insert emergency spending in one column. But what if that emergency spending exceeded the estimated amount. There will not be any other option than spending saved money.

Let me get your attention on another fact. Most of us consider a retirement plan. But with this inflation and other economic rate enhancements, we never know how much it will take to spend our last few years of life with a free mind. That could be another occasion we feel the importance of saving money. If you can’t save money you will not have that marginal benefit of using that money at retirement.

Things you can do to save money.

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Okay, this is also important. Perhaps you might not show the necessary interest in saving money. I think that could be the closest reason why you can’t save money. Try following keys to unlock the door. It will work.

* Automate your money. Discuss with your bank to automate your money. By this, you can use two separate accounts for spending and savings. This could be a better way to become a money savior.

* Save money through utility bills like electricity, water, satellite, internet and etc. You know how to minimize your usage. Bill amount is directly proportional to the amount of money you save in using those facilities.

* Open a high yield savings account. A better way to save money.

* Try to avoid dinner outs, use homemade food. You will definitely save more money by using homemade foods.

* Consider buying simple clothes other than high-rated fashions.

Above are some tips to start your money-saving habit. You will also love to read Exact money-saving tips to save $10,000 within 6 months to take some idea about saving money.

Well, we had a short discussion about how to save money. but our main discussion is not that. We have to mark the reasons why you can’t save money. I personally think that could be the best way to start saving money from today itself. Perhaps you may have some ideas about our topic today. I love to see those ideas in the comment section.

Reasons why you can’t save money.

Saving money is not just another work you have to do. Prioritize saving because it is another investment you do on behalf of your future. Let’s forget retirement, suppose you had to face an emergency like medical. In such a position what if your emergency funds are Zero? Nothing can be done without touching your saved money to use in such a situation. You will feel sorry for yourself if you do not have the extra money in savings. So it is better to identify the reasons and start saving money from today.

01. Lack of interest in saving money.

One of the main reasons why you can’t save money. Lack of interest means you will not have the feeling to save money. You will not think it is necessary to save money on behalf of your future.

Lack of interest can originate because of the following reason categories.

* Because you have no idea about the benefits of saving money.

* Because you have no time to think of a saving plan.

* You haven’t met anyone to explain to you what will happen if you fail to save money.

Above are some issues you would have as an individual who hasn’t interested in saving money. But keep In your mind that, your life will come to a point in which most such people felt bad about their own selves.

My opinion is, to try to stick to a plan and execute. A plan which can upgrade your interest in saving money. However, try to read these types of articles as soon as you forget about the future consequences going to happen if you can’t save money.

02. Income getting equals expenditure.

Most people have this issue. They actually do not earn enough money to use it for savings or investing other than essential needs. I meant, it can be their debt payments or another essential spending, they have to spend 90% of income on these things other than focusing on savings.

What will happen to the remaining 10%, a question right?. In most of the houses, this 10% is for entertainment. It may be for a dinner out, a house party, or even for a trip. People think this entertainment is more important than saving money. We can’t blame them because the ones who dance in this commercial life circus want some time for themselves too.

So what happens if your total income is not enough to involve in some saving activities. You can take some actions like,

* Involve in a side hustle to increase your income volume. (best side hustles for 2022).

* Do over time in your workplace if you are allowed to.

* Cost-cutting, Cut down some unnecessary expenses you feel like no use.

* No need for entertainment. Use that 10% for investing and savings.

Well, finally if you can increase your earnings, you will not have an answer to my question, Why you can’t save money?.

03. Not maintaining a well-planned budget.

How to maintain a monthly budget planner read this first. You will have a rough idea of what I’m saying now. A budget planner is necessary for someone who is in need of financial freedom.

A well-planned budget can give you a prior assessment of the next 30 days if you can create a budget from the beginning of each month. Here the source of light is your income. You have to divide that light source into expenditure + savings + investing.

I think budgeting theory is pretty simple but applying practically will not be easy unless you divide each into respective separate partitions. Start your budget from zero at the beginning of each month. Separate needs, savings, and investing portions from the beginning.

A smart income plan will be easier for you to make the budget decisions at the beginning. Remember to include your savings target. By that, you will not lose the hope to save money. No excuses after that like I can’t save money.

04. Lack of fixed life goals.

Each and every one of you must have goals to achieve in this lifetime. We are traveling for a small period of time like 75 or 80 years. Having goals to achieve may encourage you to save more and more.

I told you that savings can help you in retirement or else in an emergency situation. Other than that, savings can help you to get closer to a lifetime goal like,

* Buying a house.

* Buying the dream car

* Having a grand wedding

* spend saved money for the studies of your child.

Likewise, dreams or goals may differ from one to one. However, saving money can give you the financial boost needed to fulfill that goal. Suppose you need to buy your dream car. But without money no need to keep hopes about buying a new car. Then you should have to follow a money-saving plan for a minimum of 1 year to make the initial down payment. After that paying monthly debt can do monthly by adjusting your monthly budget planner format.

Like that most dreams need a down payment. Down payments become the reason to save money. Now you know what can happen to your goals if you can’t save money. Also, you know you need life goals to inspire yourself about saving money.

05. Excessive subscriptions, spending, and arrogance lifestyle.

Well, another most important topic to discuss under our main topic. First, let’s take excessive subscriptions. You may add yourself to paid services through the internet. Some services once you feel like important but now not so important to have. You may unsubscribe from those services as you have to save money. It may be 1$ or 2$. No matter what if you feel like not so important, please try to get rid of those services. That is one reason why you can’t save money.

Unnecessary spends, what are these?. Suppose you have practised to take the dinner from a restaurant every day, go to parties, clubs or entertainment everyday or buying new clothes twice a week. There are so many. Try to avoid from these types of money spends if you do want to save money.

You do not have to show yourself more than the reality. We should live our life as we want it. I do not think it as a good idea to showcase more than what we have. You have no idea how bad it can affect on your savings profile. You can’t save money if you try to showcase the society about what you do not have. Most financial experts advice to give up becoming the star when you do not have the capacity.


save money


Right, we have discussed the reasons which can actually behind the excuse “I can’t save money”. Once you know the reasons, it would be easier to avoid those. So yes, you can start saving money from today.

I personally think that, from above all reasons, first one “ Lack of interest to save money” is the major reason for most of you. If not the comment section is open. But with my experiences about people, I know most of them do not want to do this. I propose that, this saving habit should come from you. No any other person can do it for you. Your parents can when you are small. But they do not come across you once you pass your 18s.

Throw away the feeling, “ I can’t save money” away from you. We all know it is possible. Just a little bit of dedication and there you go. Take this serious. Save money and save your future.

The exact saving planner formats on Pinterest. (follow infinitozone)

Comment section is open for your ideas. I think you are smart enough to acknowledge people about importance of saving money. How you did was more important than how you going to do. Let’s do not say that we can’t save money. Yeah, we can save money.




If I tell you more about Salika Wijesinghe, I was a former General Insurance Analyst, a former customer service associate in a telecommunication network, Former customer service executive in a bank. Now I'm really very happy to share my knowledge with each and every one of you. Also, I represent a kind-hearted world community because I love helping people as well as animals. I hope my ideas are helpful, so you would find it easy to step forward in this life journey.

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